While traveling on vacation and business for four weeks I notice that most people are lacking in awareness of the basic eating and energizing essentials for health and vitality.

While observing people from many cultures and diverse backgrounds at seminars in Las Vegas and San Jose and a resort in Mexico it was clear that most people do not understand the importance of the “WWWWW&H” eating guidelines for health. These guidelines revolve around the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How strategies to help you easily remember simple steps and suggestions to receive the maximum benefits while eating.

Dining OutDuring these trips it was easy to observe over a thousand individuals and families as they were eating breakfast, dinner, snacks and supper. While I have focused on observing peoples eating habits for many years these trips were real eye openers. Watching these people eat gave me a clear understanding of the term “people are digging their graves with their teeth”. Due to a lack of information and understanding about how important it is to follow excellent eating habits it seemed obvious to offer some great guidelines and terrific tips on eating and energizing essentials.

You Are What Your Eat?

Most people have heard the powerful phrase and words of wisdom “you are what you eat”. This is more than just a cute saying; it is a mantra for health, happiness, longevity and wellness.

Every factor involved before, during and after eating affects every cell in your body and ultimately the quality of your emotional, mental and physical well being. Most people have developed unhealthy eating habits and are then quite surprised when they begin to experience various energy, health or productivity challenges. With a basic understanding and commitment to the WWWWW&H guidelines most people will easily see progress.

[colored_box title=”WWWWW&H Guidelines” variation=”teal”]Who you eat with is important and affects the eating experience. Food is energy and information. People are a bit like tuning forks and entrain with the people they eat with. If they are calm and relaxed your meal with be more enjoyable. Eating with chaotic and upset people will interfere with your emotional state. This includes all guests at the table, any nearby tables and even voices on the radio or television. All these people either enhance or inhibit the quality of the experience. Choose wisely who you include or exclude from your meals.

What you eat is essential to your energy, health and longevity. Many people today are overeating fast foods, junk foods and highly processed foods which are making them stressed, sick and tired. It is important to eat al least 70% live raw (kept below 118 degrees), nutrient dense and locally grown whole foods. Avoid genetic hybrids, genetically engineered (GE) and genetically modified organisms (GMO). It is important for foods to be grown in a natural, organic and sustainable fashion and be fully mature and delivered fresh to market. This will help insure that it offers the maximum amount of antioxidants, enzymes, life force (megahertz of energy) minerals, phyto-nutrients, trace elements and vitamins.

When you eat is important and helps determine what foods are optimal during that meal.

  • Breakfast (break – fast) is best consumed after morning exercise and eaten between 6:00 – 8:00. Ideal choices are fresh fruit, green leafy plants, nuts, seeds and vegetables. Unhealthy choices are coffee, pasteurized juices and dairy, processed grains (wheat, corn, white rice) sugary cereals, breads, donuts, toast, bagels, pancakes and heavy meats.
  • Dinner is the main meal of the day and is optimal between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM. This is when the digestive fire is strongest and heavier and more dense foods are more easily digested. Vegetarian choices include various beans, brown rice, green leafy plants, herbs, lentils, nuts, plant fats and oils, seeds and vegetables, If you chose to eat fish (avoid farm raised), meat (choose free range & grass fed), eggs (free range & natural) or dairy (non pasteurized & non homogenized) this is the best time and be sure to consume lots of fresh vegetables and green leafy plants with them.
  • Supper is best as a lighter meal and eaten by sunset or 7:00 PM. This enables you to properly digest the meal prior to bed time so you sleep better and be more rested. Most people eat a large heavy supper and eat too late. Often they mix lots of heavy animal products (fats & meats), simple carbohydrates (breads, pasta, potato, white rice, sugars and deserts). As a result their digestive system and organs are over worked all night long and this keeps them from easily processing the energy (food) and information (experiences) and focusing on rejuvenation, repair and rest. From 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM the digestive fire kicks in again to clear out the system. The secret to getting a great night sleep and waking refreshed is to eat a healthier and lighter supper early and then go to sleep early so the body can properly finish the digestion, assimilation and elimination of waste products and recharge for the new day.

Where you eat helps determine the quality and quantity of foods consumed. Avoid eating in front of the television, on the coach, standing up or walking around. Unfortunately these habits contribute to being disconnected from your foods and overeating. You are more inclined to eat junk foods and fast foods while parked in front of the computer, TV or standing at a bar or counter. Eating when distracted, on the go, while actively talking or working is a common cause for gulping down food without chewing it properly. This leads to digestion issues, eating too much, heart burn, indigestion, low energy, poor health and weight gain. Your stomach does not have teeth so it is essential to properly chew your food and eat at an appropriate pace for proper digestion.

Why do you eat? Do you live to eat or eat to live? Many people live to eat anything and everything they can to sedate their emotions and stress. They consume alcohols, caffeine jolts, calorie loaded, fatty foods, hard drinks, super sugary processed and refined fast foods and junk foods to put themselves into an altered state and block out their issues and worries. They want to remind their families, friends, parents and ego who is in charge. They constantly justify and rationalize they deserve these frequent special indulgences and rewards. For most people 80% of their energy, money and time are wasted on fake foods, fast foods, junk foods and processed foods which harm your happiness and heath and rob you of the quality of life and self esteem your deserve. Remember: no food will fill the emotional emptiness or fix the challenges you are dealing with. Choose to eat the best choices of live, nutrient dense whole foods that maintain your emotional, mental and physical well being. Eat to enjoy perfect health, longevity and peak performance. It is easier than you may realize to find healthy meals and treats when you have a compelling future and vision for health.

How you feel and think about your foods, health, identity and well being determine the choices you will make on a daily basis. The choices will determine the quality of your energy, health and life. If you say you are too busy, don’t have time, don’t like to shop or prepare food than that is your reality. If your excuse is its too hard or that it is a genetic trait and there is nothing you can do about it you are destined to make that your chosen reality. Remember: the profound words of wisdom that warn “whether you say you can or you say you can’t, you are right”. Also remember “you are what you eat” so choose wisely.

These tips and techniques for healthy eating could easily fill many great books on this important topic. Consider reading Fit For Life by Harvey Diamond as a great resource to start learning more about eating for energy, health and longevity.

After reading this short article you can no longer claim you are lacking in awareness of the basic eating and energizing essentials for health and vitality. Eating and health are key factors influencing your wealth so invest wisely.

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