Many people around the world are struggling with an addictive habit and desperately want to quit smoking now. This problem is not just health impact of cigarette smoking but also second hand smoke risks.

It is imperative to look at all forms of tobacco use (cigarettes, chewing tobacco, cigars, dipping snuff & pipe smoking). Since my father was a smoker, my brother has struggled with it and I also used tobacco products in the past this has been a major influence on my life. Therefore years ago I committed to learning more about how to help others deal with these issues.

The Ball & Smoking Anchor Chain

Sign to Stop Smoking NowMany people do not realize that using tobacco is just one link in a long chain of links that create a strong smoking anchor chain that is hard to break for many people. What is a smoking anchor chain and how can one be free from being chained and imprisoned?

As you will soon discover any addictive behavior has many emotional, mental and physical variables. While we will be focusing primarily on smoking there are many common aspects that apply to other addictions and addictive behaviors.

List of common addictions:

  • Alcohol
  • Bread and flour products
  • Caffeine (coffee, caffeine energy drinks, sodas, tea)
  • Chocolate (cooked with sugar vs. raw chocolate which is acceptable 🙂
  • Drugs (prescription & recreational)
  • Excessive shopping (compulsive & impulsive)
  • Fast foods/ Junk foods
  • Gambling
  • Gossiping and trash talking about others
  • Gum chewing
  • Over eating
  • Pornography (books, magazines, internet, video)
  • Refined Sugar (cake, candy, cookies, donuts, sodas, etc)
  • Table salt and salty foods
  • Television (more than 12 hours a week)
  • Weight gain and weight loss with yo-yo dieting and more

Many of these may hit too close to home for many people’s comfort.

Many activities, beverages and foods contribute to the addictive behaviors. It is well known that certain behaviors, drinks (alcohol, coffee & sodas), and junk/ snack foods are linked to the smoking habit. Any one of these factors could be a trigger to fire off the smoking urge beyond your will power to resist.

These actions may be anchored into your conscious and sub conscious mind in the form of association anchors or chain anchors that are deeply embedded in your emotional, mental and physical being. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Energy psychology, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Qi Gong, Timeline Therapy and other techniques are very effective at collapsing these anchors, blocking the triggers and reprogramming you body.

Behavioral Based Health Tools

You may notice that many of the challenges mentioned contribute to the use of tobacco and cross link to other addictive behaviors and substances. This starts a chain reaction which tends to reinforce and trigger other forms of unhealthy behavior. Uncovering these physiological, psychological and programming connections during an intervention is important to successfully eliminate the undesirable issues.

Many stop smoking programs focus on a quick fix with filters, gums, patches, pills and potions that do not address the core emotional issues which trigger the smoking habit. Many programs attempt to use gimmicks and will power to deal with the problems and fail to address the underlying emotional, mental and physical challenges. It is imperative to provide the necessary solutions, strategies and suggestions that deal with the core underlying issues to eliminate the unwanted behaviors.

Focusing on Behavioral Based Health strategies and systems that cover the emotional, mental and physical factors which control your beliefs, behaviors and body greatly increase your probability for success.

At the atomic, cellular and quantum level you will crack the code to help you rewire your nervous system. With creativity and curiosity you will soon discover there are over 101 different techniques, therapies, tips and tools to help you reprogram and rewire your mental operating system and software. Your brain and nervous system are more complex than any computer so it is essential to create a new paradigm and transformational shift that focuses on your head, heart and habits.

The True Cost of Smoking

True Cost of Smoking Remember smoking like any addictive behavior involves identifying the hidden emotional bugs, parasites, spyware, Trojans, viruses and worms that have infiltrated your body and are wrecking havoc. With the methods and modalities mentioned previously you can resolve the core issues. Look for a support program that offers a buddy system, group coaching, holistic health, multiple modalities, natural nutrition and total immersion for the greatest chance of success.

Can you guess the true cost of smoking? Many people might guess it is around $4.00 per pack.

Would you believe a recent story in the Chicago Sun – Times titled “The Amazing, True Cost of Smoking” estimates the true cost of smoking is $40.00 per pack?

That adds up to a lot of money for an addictive behavior that many people are struggling to eliminate from their life.

To learn more about a unique technique to help quit smoking go to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) For Quitting Smoking

Smokers have tried many things in the past yet unfortunately many have not been educated, empowered and energized with the 101 techniques, tips and tools we share to help one to release this behavior for ever.

When a person lets go of the story that holds them back from finding the solution and solving the puzzle they are more likely to release the chains tobacco created in their life.

As you can plainly see smoking and all addictive behaviors are very challenging and complex issues. Even though it is an addictive habit and many desperately want to quit smoking now they have not yet found the comprehensive strategies and systems to help them deal with the emotional, mental and physical aspects. Now you have more information to help someone you love to deal effectively and efficiently with this major health problem.

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