As we make plans for a New year, now is a great time to discover the many benefits of Living Cuisine Foods to help manifest a happy and healthy fresh start.

Living cuisine and raw foods consist of natural and nutrient dense whole foods carefully prepared to preserve the natural compounds, enzymes and megahertz of energy they contain. Most raw foods are easy to digest and supply our bodies with the valuable nutrients we need to maintain and sustain our energy, health and vitality.

Cooked Foods VS Raw Foods

Assortment of raw vegetablesCooked foods lack many of the beneficial phyto-nutrients that are abundant in nutrient dense raw whole foods. As you cook food it begins to change the molecular structure of the complex compounds that exist within the food. The very act of heating food begins to destabilize and destroy the delicate amino acids, antioxidants, enzymes, minerals, trace elements and vitamins in food.

When cooking food above 106 degrees Fahrenheight enzymes begin to break down. Past 118 degrees F most of the valuable components in foods are damaged and destroyed. Living cuisine and raw foods seem to maintain a significantly higher nutrient dense composition than foods that have been cooked.

Role of Digestive Enzymes

Research dating back to the late 1800’s began to focus on the role enzymes play in digestion and health. Many experiments showed that animals became sick on cooked foods and scientists concluded that eating cooked food contributes to health problems. Laboratory cats and rats fed cooked foods developed disease, immune issues, neurological degeneration and organ problems.

Enzymes are essential to the digestion of foods. When the enzymes are not present in the foods the body must access or generate the enzymes from within the body which requires the body to waste energy and work harder than necessary.

Additional research has demonstrated that a 100% raw diet worked very well for athletes. Under a program of intense physical training the athletes demonstrated improved flexibility, speed and stamina. The researchers concluded that raw foods increase cellular efficiency and respiration.

Diet and Evolution

The theory has been proposed that humans are the only mammal which cooks and processes its food which may be the cause of chronic poor dental and health issues. It is believed that eating cooked and processed food reduced the size of our jaw through evolution but not the size of our teeth which has resulted in the need for extensive orthodontics. Convincing research suggests that eating uncooked and unprocessed food is more conducive to health.

Maximum Energy, Minimum Effort

The benefits of eating mostly vegetarian and consuming living cuisine and raw foods are quite compelling. Raw foods have been found to be easier to digest, absorb and assimilate and provide the maximum amount of energy with minimum effort. Research has shown that living cuisine and raw foods promote health and longevity. They have been shown to help deal with many issues including allergies, Candida, fungus and yeast challenges, digestive disorders, high blood sugar, low energy, obesity, weakened immune system and especially weight problems. Real life experiences and extensive research have concluded that people can prevent healthy cells from turning into cancerous cells by consuming mostly organic living cuisine and raw whole foods.

Be sure to include lots of great Living Cuisine Foods in your daily nutrition program.

Remember you are what you eat so choose the best fresh fruits, grains, greens, herbs and vegetables available!

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