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12 01, 2012

EFT Tapping Benefits

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Last week our blog post was dedicated to New Year, New Youth Cleansing to slow the aging process and regain some youthful vigor and this week we will learn about EFT Tapping Benefits. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) has been shared many times in these articles and is a great strategy to help banish those old [...]

25 08, 2011

Eat to Live and Learn to LOVE

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Last week we discovered profound principles to awaken the genius within each of us and today we will share some terrific tips regarding how to eat to live and learn to love. You may think that these are such important topics that our parents, grandparents, and teachers would be sure to teach these key subjects [...]

22 01, 2009

Emotional Wellness Tips – The Benefits of EFT

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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an amazing self help process using a combination of acupressure points, emotional reformatting and energy psychology. It is frequently used to effectively and efficiently re-balance the body’s energy field and clear negative emotional disruptions. Many health practitioners use EFT for anything and everything that may be negatively affecting the quality [...]

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