Last week our blog post was dedicated to New Year, New Youth Cleansing to slow the aging process and regain some youthful vigor and this week we will learn about EFT Tapping Benefits.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) has been shared many times in these articles and is a great strategy to help banish those old Limiting Beliefs Systems (LBS) and replace them with new Empowering Beliefs System (EBS). One of the best things about experiencing EFT tapping benefits is how easy, fast and terrific the results can be.

One of the main reasons people need EFT more than ever is the constant pressure and stress in today’s complex world. People attending Great NEWS Perfect Health seminars regularly tell me that learning EFT is one of the most powerful benefits they received. EFT helps set a great foundation for them to apply the other Great NEWS strategies, suggestions, systems and solutions to help transform their happiness and health. We all need coaching, mentors and role models to guide us on the journey of life and the EFT Tapping benefits have been instrumental in accelerating my progress.

Flowing EnergyBTW: How does your 2012 New Year Vision Board look? Congratulations to those that created one. For those that have not yet created one, what are you waiting for? Do you intend to send a clear message to the universe to create a better 2012 and beyond or a fuzzy one? What will it take for you to have faith and understand how important this is for programming your beliefs and behaviors? Being determined, focused and persistent is essential for manifesting your goals and outcomes and requires emotional, mental and physical resiliency. Vision boards are well documented by many self growth experts.

EFT Tapping Benefits

This article will cover various areas EFT has been proven effective to help remove emotional blockages and replace procrastination with progress.

Old Limiting Beliefs Systems (LBS) revolving around lack or low: self esteem, self confidence, discipline, drive, education, motivation, persistence, financial limitations, hesitation, intelligence, luck, money, network, persistence, procrastination, time and worthiness issues are merely mental programming from others Limiting Beliefs Systems (LBS).

When will you wake up and realize that you can reprogram your brain and update and upgrade your mental software with new Empowering Beliefs System (EBS) using techniques like EFT?

EFT tapping benefits occur because simply acknowledging your old Limiting Beliefs Systems (LBS) is the first step to identifying the issues holding you back. After you identify this then you are ready to begin looking for guidance and ideas to help you create new Empowering Beliefs System (EBS). Old stuff and sad stories is what keeps people stressed and stuck and prevents them from moving forward with their lives. New behaviors and habits come from learning the life lessons and moving forward to the next phase in your life evolution.

One of the first steps in accomplishing your New Year goals is making clear and decisive decisions on what you feel you want and need to improve in your life. A consistent and focused lifestyle is one of the main ways we maintain our emotional, mental and physical well being.

EFT is an effective and efficient way to stop the stories and start the solutions in order to create a great life. After you identify the limiting beliefs and issues to tap on you then must create a mastery action plan. This helps create a compelling future to help inspire you as you reprogram your mind with an empowering belief system and ideas to modify your future behavior and thinking. We know our consistent actions and thoughts become our reality so it is essential to learn from our life lessons and make wise choices in the future.

Energy Psychology & EFT

EFT is a specialized area of Energy Psychology which is focused on tapping on acupressure points to release unresolved emotional blockages, issues and upsets.

The idea is to talk about or think about emotional issues while you tap on acupressure points to help reboot or reset your emotional energy field and reduce the emotional upset. It has been found to be very effective with helping most varieties of issues even when other healing modalities have not been effective.

One of the benefits that is extra special about EFT is that once learned you can easily use it any place and any time you experience an emotional upset. Imagine how great it is to have a useful tool that is always with you when you need it. Rather than depending on someone or something to help, you are able to access this powerful resource and empower yourself using an easy, fast and terrific technique.

Ongoing EFT tapping benefits are helpful in maintaining, reinforcing and supporting each area of your life to reduce feelings of stress and overwhelm. Remember to use the vision board process shared last week to provide a visual reminder to effectively program your body, mind and spirit for super success.
Boys At FoutainOnce you have applied these suggestions consistently you will begin to feel and see a difference and then be inspired to continue longer for even more additional benefits. This becomes the proverbial “carrot” to help inspire and motivate you to maintain these behaviors since you will feel more energized and happy with your Empowering Beliefs System (EBS). If you quit tapping the “stick” comes from feeling less energized and happy when you fall back to your old Limiting Beliefs Systems (LBS).

Anyone Can Participate

EFT tapping benefits can easily be accessed by an adult, child or teen as needed during the day. Whether you are at home, school or work it is great to know you will have the ability to use EFT tapping on acupressure points to deal with any unresolved emotional issues that come up during the day.

Did I also mention that EFT is great for enhanced learning, holistic health and peak performance?

Well not you have several more great reasons to learn and use EFT on a regular basis. There are some many EFT tapping benefits it would take a book to cover them all.

Mastery Action Plan

  • There are great training DVD’s and an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) book by Gary Craig and now might be a great time to locate them.
  • Also review previous Great NEWS blog posts on EFT tapping benefits or visit, click
  • Apply EFT before meals, before bed and anytime strong negative emotions pop-up to help you enjoy the amazing EFT tapping benefits.