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22 05, 2020

A B C of E F T to Boost Emotional Mental and Physical Health

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What are you doing to boost your emotional, mental, and physical health and reduce stress during this current coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic? Too many people are over medicating and self-medicating. Our body is constantly tuned in to what the brain is feeling, hearing, and thinking. Therefore now is a great time to discover Emotional Freedom Techniques [...]

15 05, 2014

EFT Tapping and Emotional Health

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The previous Great NEWS post shared Emotional Health Hazards and today we follow up with EFT Tapping for Emotional Health. How would you like to have an easy, fast and terrific technique in your tool bag that is available any place and any time? Now you will. When emotional health issues are adversely affecting your [...]

8 05, 2014

Emotional Health Hazards

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The previous Great NEWS post shared Skin Infection and Skin Issue Health Hazards and today we look at Emotional Health Hazards. Have you ever felt emotional issues and stress was adversely affecting your happiness and health? Join the crowd. Most people intuitively know that anger, anxiety, emotional upsets, overwhelm, stress and worry is detrimental to [...]

20 12, 2012

Cold and Flu Prevention Prescription Part 2

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The previous Great NEWS post was on Cold and Flu Prevention Prescription Part 1 and today we share Cold and Flu Prevention Prescription Part 2. Many people are concerned about catching a cold or flu. This blog is designed to help you avoid spending your money on expensive vaccinations, OTC and prescriptions that do little [...]

12 01, 2012

EFT Tapping Benefits

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Last week our blog post was dedicated to New Year, New Youth Cleansing to slow the aging process and regain some youthful vigor and this week we will learn about EFT Tapping Benefits. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) has been shared many times in these articles and is a great strategy to help banish those old [...]

21 04, 2011

Part 1: Earth Day, Every Day

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What are you doing to celebrate, improve and promote green living and holistic health in honor of Earth Day, Every Day? April 22nd is officially Earth Day. The next twelve blog posts are dedicated to sharing specific strategies and suggestions for education, empowerment and excitement in honor of planet earth. Are you ready to join [...]

20 05, 2010

Becoming Free: Empowering Emotions

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In the article Ten Toxic Threats to Human Health and Happiness the first threat stated “We are what we think”. Destructive feelings of low self esteem and low self worth in conjunction with disempowering emotions such as aggression, anger, depression, despair, fear, greed, hatred, hurt, loneliness, rejection, sadness and suffering rob of us of the [...]

19 11, 2009

Top 10 Tips to Banish Excess Body Fat Forever

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With another year coming to an end and the holiday season in full swing it is a timely opportunity to share some simple strategies to help people banish excess body fat forever. When you avoid being caught in the manipulative billion dollar weight loss industry maze of never ending deceptions, diets, gimmicks, hype, pills and [...]

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