Last week we discovered profound principles to awaken the genius within each of us and today we will share some terrific tips regarding how to eat to live and learn to love.

You may think that these are such important topics that our parents, grandparents, and teachers would be sure to teach these key subjects very early on in life. Unfortunately, many people are not being taught these important life skills and are instead being taught the Standard Anglo Diet (SAD) which harms our health and learning about anger, hurt, and violence instead of love. The concepts of eat to live and learn to love are both so closely connected and essential for health that it seems like a great time to open our awareness about them.

Many people feel trapped by their emotions and mood swings which seem to have absolute and total control over their lives and as a result, dominate their behaviors. How does someone come to the point of believing and feeling their emotions control them when their conscious and subconscious mind is responsible for creating the emotions in the first place?

Emotional Struggles

In our complex and fast-paced world many people today are struggling with anger, anxiety, depression, divorce, fear, guilt, loss of love, pain, phobias, PTSD, remorse, sadness, and trauma which seem to control their life.

As a result, many people are taking antidepressants, mood enhancers, muscle relaxants, painkillers, and sleeping pills which have harmful side effects and will complicate their life even further. At this point, many people will most likely eat poorly, overeat and abuse alcohol in an effort to stuff their feelings down and suppress their emotions to escape.

While we know intellectually that no beverage, food or pill will ever fix or replace our upsetting emotions our delicate body and mind connections seem to short circuit and we turn to alcohol, food, drugs, gambling, shopping, tobacco or other vices for relief. As a result, people start living to eat instead of eating to live and this can easily start a chain reaction that further pulls them on a downward spiral which will probably cause even more despair and pain.

Energy Psychology

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping is one of my top recommendations to help someone effectively deal with these upsetting emotions. Tapping is a segment of Energy Psychology that can help someone holistically and naturally release their negative associations and emotions in order to allow more positive emotions and feeling to replace them.

EFT is very easy, fast, and terrific when it comes to results for emotional blockages and complex issues that have been bottled up inside someone for quite a while. In fact the longer these issues compound and are not effectively and efficiently resolved then the more they can impact your happiness and health.

Love in the SandRegardless of what negative blockages, emotions, or issues a person is dealing with it is highly recommended to give EFT a try for anything and everything. What have you got to lose by using ancient wisdom that has its origin in Qi Gong and Acupuncture? What might you gain by giving this holistic and natural approach a few weeks to help rather than risking the side effects of prescription drugs?

Moving Toward or Away From

When thinking about the negative emotions that are impacting people’s happiness and health, one of the most serious condition’s that is rapidly escalating and causing major consequences is the absence or loss of love. Love is one of the most powerful positive emotions and without it, people suffer a long list of happiness and health issues which include: anger, anxiety, depression, divorce, fear, guilt, lonely, loss of love, pain, phobias, remorse, sadness, and trauma.

Do any of the emotions on the list hit close to home for you or someone you know well? It is fairly easy to see and feel that there is a direct correlation between eating issues and love issues which will normally escalate to habits, happiness, and health issues.

Love is one of our most powerful emotions and has a major impact on every area of our life. When you feel connection and love with others you feel emotionally strong, empowered, energized, enlivened, excited and exuberant. When you feel disconnected and unloved by others you feel sad, sedated, sick, solemn, sullen, stressed and struggling. The lack or loss of love is one of the fastest ways for a person to go from feeling happy, healthy, and in harmony to feeling sad, sick, and stressed so it is essential to have key strategies, systems, and support in place to ensure lots of love and avoid allowing love to slip away.

In life, we are attracting and nurturing love or we are repelling and destroying love. Where do you feel your love life is heading right now?

If it is heading in the opposite direction of where you feel you must be then it might be time to seek out some open, honest, and direct 360-degree feedback. To receive this you would access a focus group of male and female family, friends, co-workers, peers, relationship experts, and yes even some advisors and coaches to give you quality feedback. If you are not open and ready for this important step it is essential to do whatever it takes to get yourself to admit things are not the way you feel they must be, open up to new possibilities and ask for help.

Love is Our Greatest Resource

Five Languages of LoveIt has clearly been found that caressing, compliments, connections, hugs, massage and touch are a vital part of life and play a major role in our health and immune systems. Babies will not thrive without touch and neither will teens or adults so be sure you are giving and receiving your daily dosage and minimum requirement of Tender Loving Care (TLC).

Some cultures are much more likely to hug and touch daily and regularly while others are unfortunately much less likely to do so and in fact, may seldom show signs of affection and caring. This will very likely have a significant impact on children while growing up and later on as adults. Often time’s people that do not receive the attention and love they desire go looking for love in all the wrong places and frequently wind up being hurt and taken advantage of. This is especially true of children who are not freely given the connection, love, and nurturing they need.

Now that you have opened up your awareness regarding the importance of consciously choosing how to eat to live and learn to love it is time to dig deeper. Up to this point, we have only covered the top tip of the iceberg. Not it is time for you to focus on the 90 percent of the emotions and feelings that are below the surface and waiting to be dealt with. When you are ready for more happiness and love it is time to invest in some Mastery Action Plans to help you. We can all benefit from accessing additional guidance and resources to help us on our life journey as improve our habits in order to eat to live and learn to love.

Mastery Action Plans

Have you seen the movie Love Actually? It is a great movie and one that will help you observe through others some of the trials and tribulations people go through and how they can get their lives back on track for great connection and love.

Have you read the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman? This is another great resource that helps explain how people acknowledge and feel love.

Our next blog post will share: Part 1: Ten Commitments for Perfect Health – PMA