Last weeks article was dedicated to Ten Life Lessons learned while on the Great NEWS Perfect Health EU Tour 2011 and this week is devoted to shining light on the dark side of envy, which is like a harmful virus affecting people around the world.

This virus seems to have been around since early man first began coveting his neighbor’s fields, harvest, livestock, wealth and yes even his wife. Once we understand the harmful affects that the dark side of envy and greed has on the global happiness, health and well being we will be more likely to embrace the light side of gratitude instead.

You might be asking yourself at this point if this topic is really worth reading because you feel that envy is not like a virus and does not play that big of a role in your life or those around you. Before you dismiss this hypothesis totally it might be very insightful for you to invest a few minutes to read further and see if it is possible that envy and greed has similar effects on us as a virus.

Is That a Cold or a Virus?

A cold or viral infection is usually identified by the symptoms one experiences such as: achy joints, aches in body and muscles, congestion, coughs, exhaustion, feeling tired, fever, headaches, itching eyes, inflammation, irritability, lack of energy, moodiness, runny nose, skin irritations, sneezes, swollen lymph glands, upset stomach, weakened immune system and weakness.

When we live in a state of envy and greed we face many similar consequences and side effects which often includes: depression, emotional upsets, financial drain, greater stress, loss of productivity, mental fatigue, relationship issues, sadness, turmoil and upsets which all take a major toll on our overall health and well being. So envy does appear to mimic a virus to a great degree.

Just consider for a few moments as you look a bit closer to determine if envy by the less well off and greed by the more well off may play a much bigger role harming than you and the world than first realized?

Is the Grass Greener On the Other Side of the Fence?

Is the Grass Greener On the Other Side of the Fence?

Maybe it is one of the main reasons that the majority of people appear to be emotionally, financially or physically sick and suffering and for many it is a combination of these symptoms.

When you take a closer look at the tough economic, emotional and energy crisis we are experiencing at this point in history it seems there is a deep connection to our eating habits, emotional states and lifestyles.

Many people allow envy and greed to control them and few people seem to be happy and grateful with what they have and the many blessings in their life.

The Have’s and the Have Not’s

There appears to be a major struggle brewing between the have’s and have not’s of the world. Is it possible the “Jones” living in the developed countries are deliberately using more than their fair share of the commodities and resources than the “Zinpats” of the developing countries? Is it possible too many people are being brainwashed into emulating a more affluent and unsustainable lifestyle than the planet can support by trying to keep up with the wasteful ways of the Jones?

Many people seen to be green with envy thinking the field is greener on the other side of the fence, another’s lifestyle is better across the border or having access to more stuff is important and as a result we create chaos and conflicts. Mass marketing and media deploys envy and greed as it plays a major role in manipulating us into believing that a food, product or supplement from another part of the world is exactly what we need and perfect for us and the health of the economy.

Many wrongs have been waged against mankind throughout history in the name of doing the right thing for a certain cause or condition that has been used to manipulate the masses into mass hysteria and mass destruction. Tune into your higher intuition and wisdom as you ask yourself “who really benefits the most from this marketing or media promotion and what are the consequences and real risks?”

Silent SpringPeople buy most products with minimal evaluation or research even though there may be serious consequences such as:

  • Destroying the health of an ecosystem and our environment
  • Highly heated, processed and treated foods which breaks down the natural nutrients
  • Manufactured with harmful chemicals and toxins
  • Foods which are picked early before being fully ripe which means a greatly reduced nutrient and vitamin content
  • Transported long distances which is more costly and detrimental to the environment
  • It costs more than a similar local item which can deliver comparable or better benefits and quality without the downside consequences.
  • Some additional examples of highly promoted products that cause a harmful impact to the environment and are not sustainable include:
  • Shipping plastic bottles filled with water to distant countries is a big waste. We must preserve and protect all clean and local water sources.
  • Shipping hybrid bananas and GMO fruits treated with toxic chemicals around the world is crazy. We should consume the local and non GMO versions of berries, fruits and melons.
  • Destroying tropical jungles and using toxic chemicals to grow hybrid pineapples with higher sugar content does not make sense. Local trees bearing foods makes a lot more sense.
  • Using massive orange groves for producing orange juice which is a super refined sugar and claiming it is a healthy drink is illogical and immoral. We know that the whole orange with the fiber was created perfect and is the perfect way to consume oranges. Hybrid oranges with more sugar and without seeds are not healthy. It is better to eat whatever berries, fruits and melons are grown locally.
  • Cutting down tropical rainforests for growing palm oil trees or GMO soybeans is a crime against humanity and the planet. We know that the forests are the earths lung to exchange CO2 for Oxygen and a massive carbon storage system and home to unknown number of species of flowers, herbs, insects, micro-organisms and plants that may have life saving properties.
  • Plastic bags, bottles and containers made from petroleum that are used once and discarded are an environmental disaster and financial waste. We must learn to reduce, reuse and recycle everything.

While the mass marketing and media conglomerates make mega profits promoting consumerism, disposables and over indulgence it is obvious the global ecosystems and environment are in great danger. When our ecosystems are in danger that means we are in danger. Now that we have a better understanding of the harmful affects the dark side of envy and greed has on the global happiness, health and well being we can see the benefits of embracing the light side of gratitude.

Mastery Action Plan

Take some time to read a good book:

  • Read Silent Spring by Rachel Carson
  • The Toxic Sandbox by Libby McDonald

Next see one or more of the excellent documentaries or movies such as:

  • Food Matters
  • Food Inc.
  • Farmageddon
  • Seeds of Deception
  • King Corn
  • Erin Brockovich
  • Medicine Man

Then find a secluded place in the great outdoors and enjoy the beauty and majesty of Mother Nature in harmony.

Our next blog post will share: The Power of Truth