Last week in the Part 2: Ten Commitments to Perfect Health – Optimal Oxygen we learned the power of deep breathing and this week is about the benefits and strategies for reducing stress.

Short and long term happiness, health and harmony are easier to experience while being aware of the factors that we allow to create stress. Applying EFT and following the Part 3: Ten Commitments for Perfect Health – Reduce Stress provides rapid results.

Stress is a direct result of the behaviors, beliefs, habits, language, memories, patterns, rules and values we have to direct our actions and life.

Since most of these are learned strategies we can become better aware regarding the roles they play in our life and learn to make more conscious choices. We can always choose to be more relaxed or stressed by conditioning our nervous system with specific strategies and systems to better guide our behaviors and patterns.

You may be asking and thinking at this point what are some of theses specific strategies. Here are some of the top techniques used by master stress reducers.

[colored_box title=”14 Techniques for Mastering the Art of Stress Reduction” variation=”teal”]

  1. Mindful awareness
  2. Meditation
  3. Yoga
  4. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
  5. Being more observant and non judgmental
  6. Deep diaphragm breathing
  7. Conscious language patterns
  8. Listen, learn and love first the messenger and message
  9. Always be prepared to learn the life lesson
  10. Train your body to be relaxed and responsive
  11. Set intentions and outcomes for calm, cool and collected
  12. Maintain naturally sustainable energy and high vibration so you will respond better to any stimulus
  13. Condition your body, mind and spirit to constantly improve and progress from stressor factors towards stabilizing focus
  14. Most important of all is to learn to avoid most of the unconscious stressors from unhealthy choices in your environment


While it may not be easy at first to learn the hidden message from the factors causing the stress, with a deep commitment and desire you can do it. By constantly conditioning your conscious and subconscious mind, body spirit system you are more easily able to more away from stressors and towards more peace and tranquility.

Yoga for body, mind, spirit, fitnessLong term health and harmony are easier to experience when you reduce stress and enjoy feeling fulfilled, grateful and happy. Being aware and then applying the Ten Commitments for Perfect Health (Part 3) reduce stress strategies will help insure you have more happiness and peace for perfect health.

Mastery Action Plans

By divine coincidence the magic of a deep breathing, walking meditation and the power of breath walking also help greatly with reducing stress.

Now would be a great time to reread the Part 2: Optimal Oxygen  to really understand the power of breathing and anchor it deep into your physiology.

Our next blog post will share: Part 4: Ten Commitments for Perfect Health – Energy Elixir

PS: This article was written while sharing and speaking about the Ten Commitments for Perfect Health and MORE ENERGY and traveling in Tallinn, Estonia.