Last week we shared the Part 3: Ten Commitments for Perfect Health – Reduce Stress and this week is about the Energy Elixir of life which is water. In the previous article we discussed the many issues which result from stress and how to greatly reduce stress using Energy Psychology and more specifically Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). This week we will focus on the essential energy from Part 4: Ten Commitments for Perfect health – Energy Elixir which is pure water.

A Sacred Resource, Fresh WaterAs great as Emotional Freedom Techniques is for releasing and resolving emotional energy blockages and issues it is common knowledge that when a person is significantly or even moderately dehydrated it is much more difficult to achieve optimal benefits and results. In fact when you invest a minute to think about anything important in your life it is fairly easy to see how important it is for you to be properly hydrated since it is well documented that we are 70% water and depend on our river of life the blood and lymph to keep use healthy.

It is essential to understand how important optimum hydration is to every area of your life for health and peak performance. Long term happiness, health and harmony are easier to experience when we understand and are consistently applying the Part 4: The Energy Elixir of Life.

Drinking Water Concerns

Now that you understand the Energy Elixir of Life is water it is important to discuss some key tips. Water, water everywhere but most is not safe to drink. Clean water and proper hydration are essential for energy, health and vitality and yet the water quality in many cities and towns is contaminated with harmful chemicals, pollution and toxins. Obviously this type of tap water is not optimal for your health and should be avoided or filtered.

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  1. Recycled water contaminated with antibiotics, birth control and other prescriptions.
  2. Polluted surface water from lakes and rivers
  3. Well water contaminated with harmful agriculture run off
  4. Water from wells that may be contaminated from oil and gas drilling
  5. Contaminated water from industrial and hazardous waste
  6. Water from outdated pipes, pumps and water towers.
  7. Well water from wells with too many minerals such as calcium or iron.
  8. Municipal water treated with fluoride and chlorine.
  9. Water that is so processed it is considered dead water
  10. Water in small plastic bottles (plastic compounds and pollution)


When looking for great sources of water focus on finding spring water which is usually a great choice. Clean alpine streams or glacial water can be excellent. Deep fossil water from aquifers is another good choice. Well water can be good if not contaminated. There are some parts of the world that have clean lakes which can be used however more and more of this is being contaminated by pollution.

Drinking Treated Municipal Water

Many people in cities are therefore left to rely on treated municipal water so it is important to understand what is in the water and deal with it accordingly. Chemical additives and bacteria require some form of filter and treatment.

Without a filter you become the filter and this is not best for your long term health. There are entire books written on water filters and lots of information on the internet and elsewhere so rather that address all the filtering issues it is important to state that you must really do your homework when it comes to water filters and find reliable sources and review of the products being promoted. There are so many types of filters and prices that it is really essential to educate yourself first before you start shopping.

Messages in Water Calendar CoverBe aware that there are numerous things you can do to greatly improve the water quality that are very inexpensive and can make a big difference. So rather than get confused or frustrated and do nothing, be sure to take some baby steps towards improving your water quality.

Our essential energy comes from water so (Part 4) elixir of life is a very important topic for you to focus some energy and time to begin understanding what is in your water and how can you make it even betteryou’re your future health.

While you may not have enough information at this point as to what filter is best for you right now at least you know that you probably need to do something to begin improving the amount and type of water you consume.

Mastery Action Plan

  • Consider reading the Messages from Water by Masuro Emoto to really expand your awareness regarding the amazing properties of water.

Our next blog post will share: Part 5: Ten Commitments for Perfect Health – Eliminate Unhealthy Choices

PS: This article was written while sharing and speaking about the Ten Commitments for Perfect Health and MORE ENERGY and traveling in Helsinki, Finland