Last week we shared Part 4:Ten Commitments for Perfect Health – the Energy Elixir of Life which is water and this week we will discuss (Part 5) Eliminate Unhealthy Choices. In the previous article we discussed the many issues which result from poor quality water and how to find better qualities of water.

This week we will focus on one of the most important commitments to master in order to totally transform the quality of your life which is to Eliminate Unhealthy Choices.

It is essential to understand how important it is to eliminate the unhealthy choices, foods and toxins that are destroying the quality of life you desire and deserve. As great as it is to focus on harmony, happiness and health in your life if you continue to make unhealthy choices this is very likely to limit the quality of life your experience.

Fruit BasketEverything in life boils down to the quality of choices and decisions you make on a consistent basis. Long term happiness, health and harmony are easier to experience when we understand and are consistently applying the Ten Commitments for Perfect Health and especially (Part 5) Eliminate Unhealthy Choices .

The 80/20 Rule

Now that you understand how important it is to Eliminate Unhealthy Choices it is important to discuss some key strategies, suggestions and solutions to the many unhealthy choices that surround us.

One of the most important proven principles is the Rule of 80/20 which states that 80% of your results come from 20% of your actions.

Unfortunately in our modern societies the cost of progress has been a major increase in contamination and exposure to harmful chemicals, fake foods, pollution and toxins.

Obviously exposure to chemical compounds, electromagnetic frequencies, fast foods, fake foods, Frankenfoods, harmful industrial compounds, heavy metals, preservatives, synthetic substances and toxic emotions are a major risk and not optimal for your health and longevity and should be avoided to the extent possible.

[colored_box title=”15 Unhealthy Choices For Which to Be Most Concerned” variation=”teal”]

  1. Lifestyle factors which cause high levels of risk and stress. Using recycled and polluted water contaminated with antibiotics, bacteria, birth control, chemicals and other prescriptions. (See previous (Part 4) article on concerns with water)
  2. Plastic bags, bottles, compounds, toys and trash.
  3. Excessive Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF)
  4. Avoid fried foods, fast foods and fake foods.
  5. Avoid all Frankenfoods which include Genetically Engineered (GE) or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).
  6. Avoid foods with synthetic additives, chemicals, colorings, flavor enhancers, and preservatives.
  7. Steer clear of most alcohol, carbonated beverages, caffeinated drinks and sugary drinks including juices.
  8. Avoid refined sugars and artificial sweeteners
  9. Reduce excessive television watching and become engaged in living life to the fullest.
  10. Stop using products which are made with high fructose corn syrup.
  11. Be extremely careful with any over the counter or prescription medicine.
  12. Read all labels and ingredients and be sure to investigate all substances which may be in foods such as additives, antibiotics, chemicals, hormones and unnatural feeds.
  13. Avoid heavy metals and cooking utensils with aluminum and Teflon.
  14. Be sure to carefully check out all cosmetics and personal bodycare products.
  15. Of course we all know to avoid tobacco and drugs which can ruin our life.


There are many more things to help make better choices so take a few minutes to see what you would add to the list.

Making Quality Choices

Be aware that there are numerous things you can do to greatly improve the quality of beverages and foods you consume that are very inexpensive and can make a huge difference in the quality of your life. So rather than get confused or frustrated and do nothing, be sure to take some baby steps towards eliminating unhealthy choices and begin making healthy choices in all areas of your life.

Sunfood Diet SystemThe quality of our life is a direct result of the quality of choices we make on a consistent basis so choose wisely. The outcome for this article is to highlight how essential it is for you to focus the energy and time to really understand the risks and them invest the time to really think more on part (Part 5) Eliminate Unhealthy Choices.

It is such a very important topic that it is valuable to suggest again for you to focus some energy and time to begin understanding what choices you are making regarding beverages, foods and products and how can you make it even better ones to insure your future health.

While you may not have enough information at this point as to what products are the worst for you right now at least you know that you probably need to do something to begin educating yourself and improving the choices you make each day.

Mastery Action Plan

  • Consider reading the Sunfood Diet Success System by David Wolfe
  • Fit for Life by Harvey Diamond is another good choice.

Both resources can help you to really expand your awareness regarding the amazing potential of nutrient dense and locally grown organic whole foods.

Also check out the Environmental Working Group website ( for additional information.

Our next blog post will share: Part 6: Ten Commitments for Perfect Health – Natural Nutrition

PS: This article was written while sharing and speaking about the Ten Commitments for Perfect Health and MORE ENERGY and traveling in Cosenza, Italy and visiting the National Library of Cosenza in Calabria.