Last week we shared Part 5: Ten Commitments for Perfect Health – Eliminate Unhealthy Choices and this week we will discuss the importance of (Part 6) natural nutrition.

In the previous article we discussed the many issues which result from low quality foods and harmful products and how important it is to make helathy choices. This week we will focus on the how to make great choices and maintain a commitment to plan, shop and prepare healthy foods on a consistent basis. One of the most important steps for creating an energetic, healthy and vibrant life is to implement well thought out mastery action plans focusing on natural nutrition and whole foods.

After you read Part 5: Eliminate Unhealthy Choices you have a much better understanding of the risks associated with unhealthy foods and products. The next step is to learn new strategies to create a solid foundation with natural nutrition. The quality of your beauty, health and longevity depends on the quality of choices you make on a consistent basis. Long term happiness, health and harmony are easier to experience when we consistently apply the Ten Commitments for Perfect Health and specifically (Part 6) natural nutrition.

80/20 Rule Applied to Food Choices

Once you understand how important it is to eliminate unhealthy choices it is essential to learn new strategies, suggestions and systems for ongoing healthy choices. As mentioned in the previous article the proven principle associated with the Rule of 80/20 states that 80% of your results come from 20% of your decisions and actions.

30 Day MakeoverTherefore, it is essential to make great core choices regarding locally produced nutrient dense organic whole foods. This means that 80% of all the foods you choose are the highest quality healthy foods you can find and 20% of the time you allow yourself to be a little more flexible and make small exceptions to your high standards and enjoy some culinary flavors, fun and variety.

Natural Nutrition Choices

Major considerations to insure a consistent mastery action plan for natural nutrition includes:

  1. Enjoy at least 70% of your food as high water content, nutrient dense and living/ raw foods prepared with minimal heating. (Below 118 F degrees)
  2. Plan your meals in advance so you do not find yourself famished and at the mercy of the fast food or junk food industry.
  3. Shop for food at your local farmers market, health food stores and produce markets that focus on providing the freshest and sustainably produced choices.
  4. Avoid the highly processed food, junk food and packaged food aisles. Most foods should come from the produce section.
  5. Eat foods prepared with tender loving care (TLC) rather than those cranked out by cheap uncaring laborers and fast food providers set on a quick profit.
  6. Harvest or purchase food fully mature and naturally ripe for peak nutrient value.
  7. Look for native varieties and wild foods in your community
  8. Choose ancient food types and heirloom varieties (Kamut wheat, rye, quiona, amaranth, chia) over hybrid versions.
  9. Seek organic and beyond organic food choices.
  10. Grow your own foods, herbs and spices when possible and practical.
  11. Visit and support your local organic farmers year round
  12. Select native and natural varieties and avoid the hybrids which are genetically weaker .
  13. Consume raw nuts and seeds and avoid the roasted and salted ones.
  14. Be sure to consume a good balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Remember that excess heat destroys enzymes, minerals, phytonutrients, vitamins and trace elements
  15. Quality fats and oils are essential to health so choose the best and avoid the heated and processed ones.
  16. If you eat grains be sure they are whole grains that have been soaked / sprouted and prepared without yeast. Sourdough is also helpful for reducing gluten.
  17. Beans and legumes are a great source of fiber and protein. Sprouting can add excellent variety and more quality nutrition.
  18. Be sure foods are prepared with natural flavorings, ingredients, seasonings and spices.
  19. Eat green leafy plants during every meal.
  20. Use natural sweeteners such as date sugar, honey and stevia.
  21. Choose room temperature or warm water as your primary beverage. Herbal teas and infusions are fantastic. Drink water before meals and only a minimal amount during the meal.
  22. Replace unhealthy beverages with a natural version.
  23. Sprouting is a great option that requires very little energy, space and time.
  24. Cultures foods are fantastic for providing high quality foods and probiotics. While eating be sure the TV is off and the environment is quiet, relaxing and serene which is more conducive to a pleasant meal. High fiber foods are important for cultivating healthy bacteria in your gut.
  25. Be sure to eat a wide variety of foods from all the colors of the rainbow.
  26. Juicing vegetables is a great way to enjoy nutrient dense foods and take a break from excessive chewing and
  27. Be extremely careful with condiments and salad dressings which often contain many unhealthy ingredients.
  28. Use high quality equipment, pots and utensils for food preparation.
  29. Eat your biggest meal at around noon and smaller meals in the morning and evening.
  30. Be sure to eat in a calm, peaceful, relaxed and unstressed state of being. Do some Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) prior to eating if necessary to reduce any anxieties, emotional upsets or stress.
  31. Be sure to sit quietly, chew thoroughly and fully enjoy the foods.
  32. Bless your food and people who contribute to producing and preparing it.
Now that is a long list to choose from!  But, there are many more strategies to help make better choices so take a few minutes to think about what else you would do to add additional ideas to the list.

Quality Food Choices = Quality Energy

The Raw GourmetThere are numerous ways for you to greatly improve the quality of beverages and foods you consume which are fairly easy, efficient and inexpensive which will make a huge difference in the quality of your life. Rather than allowing yourself to become confused, frustrated or overwhelmed and making unhealthy choices begin taking baby steps towards eliminating unhealthy choices and adding healthy choices for outstanding natural nutrition.

The quality of our energy, health and vitality is a direct result of the quality of food choices we make on a consistent basis so choose wisely. The outcome for this article is to highlight the importance of making healthy choices regarding natural nutrition.

While you may not have enough information at this point to totally overhaul your nutrition program you have a great foundation to build on. Once you are aware of the problem you can focus on solutions and begin educating yourself in order to improve your natural nutrition choices you make each day.

Mastery Action Plan

  • The Raw Gourmet by Nomi Shannon
  • 30 Day Health Makeover by Mary Lou Henner

Both books are great resources to expand your awareness regarding the amazing potential of locally grown and nutrient dense organic whole foods.

Our next blog post will share: Part 7: Ten Commitments for Perfect Health – Exercise

PS: This article was written while sharing and speaking about the Ten Commitments for Perfect Health and MORE ENERGY and traveling in Cosenza, Italy and visiting the National Library of Cosenza in Calabria