Last week we shared the Part 6: Ten Commitments for Perfect Health – Natural Nutrition and this week we will discuss the importance of (Part 7) exercise. In the previous article we discussed the many advantages to avoiding the foods which are associated with the Standard American Diet (SAD) and making healthier choices on a consistent basis.

This week we will focus on the key benefits of exercise and how to design a great exercise strategy and system which will help maintain a commitment for exercise, fitness and vitality on a consistent basis. Next to what you put in your body one of the most important steps for creating an energetic, healthy and vibrant life is to implement well thought out mastery action plans focusing on agility, balance, endurance, exercise, fitness and flexibility, resilience and stamina for life

After you have read (part 6) natural nutrition and you are applying these ideas you will have a much better understanding of the importance of choosing healthy foods which will fuel your body and maintain your health. Now as you apply these great natural nutrition principles and you are eating healthier the next step is to learn and apply exercise strategies which will provide a wide range of benefits in the least amount of time so you will be able to fit them into your busy schedule.

The quality of your beauty, health and longevity depends on the quality of choices you make on a consistent basis.  The Ten Commitments for Perfect Health and specifically (Part 7) exercise is essential to maintain your body, mind and immune system for peak performance.

Adding Green Leafy Veggies to Your ElixirsOnce you understand the importance of organic nutrient dense whole foods for natural nutrition and optimal fuel it is then time to explore great exercise and fitness habits. Exercise is essential to help improve fitness, reduce stress and train your body to deal with the everyday demands we must face. While many people are fairly familiar with the concept of exercise it is a great idea to open your mind to the possibility of learning some new concepts and routines which help the body become more adept and well rounded after you apply new strategies, suggestions and systems for even better health and vitality.

80/20 Rule Applied to Exercise

Remember the 80/20 rule which is based on the hypothesis that 80% of our results come from 20% of our decisions and actions. Therefore it is essential to make great core exercise choices regarding ways to develop optimal agility, balance, flexibility, stability, stamina, strength, and symmetry, which increase your chances for perfect health and vibrant longevity.

This translates to 80% of all the exercise and fitness results you attain can come from the 20% of the time you invest in effective and efficient exercise and fitness programs. By keeping your fitness programs focused on family, friends, flexible, fun and freedom from injury and pain you are much more likely to maintain a healthy exercise and fitness program for life.

22 Exercise & Fitness Strategies

Major areas to insure a consistent mastery action plan for exercise and fitness include:

  1. Enjoy some physical activity every day. Be sure to have a blend of aerobic, anaerobic, interval training and flexibility activities. Ten to fifteen minutes each day is better than nothing and helps keep you accountable and consistent. Even a few days of inactivity reduces your metabolism and can contribute to lower energy, irritability and moodiness.
  2. Plan your fitness activities in advance and find a series of routines that work well for you whether you are at home or traveling.
  3. Proper hydration is an important consideration prior to exercise. Also deep breathing, form and proper structural alignment are important considerations.
  4. Be sure to warm up and limber up the muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons before engaging in strenuous exercise and cool down at the end to prevent injuries
  5. It is important to raise your heart-rate during exercise in order to train your blood, heart, and lungs to perform better on demand.
  6. Even while on vacation it is important to build in exercise and fitness time into your itinerary since many people tend to indulge in eating more foods and less healthy choices.
  7. Speaking of vacation it is important to maintain at least 80% healthy foods and limit your indulgences to 20% so you maintain your healthy routines. Even when traveling you can find fantastic fresh foods which and nutrient dense whole foods which with provide culinary delight and variety
  8. It is not necessary to join a fitness club or gym in order to enjoy staying in great shape. There are many pieces of exercise equipment which can create a great fitness program at home.
  9. Carrying a back pack with some weight while you walk is a great way to enjoy a beneficial workout without additional time needed.
  10. Create a fit, energetic and sexy identity for yourself to help avoid the temptation to skip your exercise commitment due to excuses, procrastination and rationalization such as the time or weather factors which causes many people to get side tracked.
  11. When you eat foods that are cleansing, detoxing and energizing it is so much easier to focus on exercise and fitness. Fast food and junk food robs you of the desire and drive to maintain your body, mind and spirit at the level you deserve.
  12. Be sure to consume a good balance of carbohydrates, fats, green leafy plants and proteins to fuel, maintain and repair your body. Eat green leafy plants during every meal to help remain alkaline.
  13. High quality fats and oils are essential to energy and health so choose the best.
  14. Quality clothing and shoes can make a big difference on the level of enjoyment you feel while exercising. Special clothing also can be a a source of inspiration and motivation.
  15. Early morning from 05:00 until 08:00 is an ideal time to participate in physical exercise and fitness training. The afternoon period from 17:00 to 19:00 is another window for exercise as long as it is not too intense or prevents you from having your evening meal completed by 20:00.Anything later begins to impact the quality of your optimal nutrition and digestion for the evening meal whcih can also impact the quality of your sleep.
  16. There are so many types of exercise and fitness programs to participate in that anyone can find several varieties that are beneficial and enjoyable: backpacking, bicycling, canoeing, cross trainer, dancing, elliptical trainer, heavy-hands, isometrics, jogging, kayaking, medicine ball, Nordic skiing, Nordic walking, pilates, plyo-metrics, pushups, rebounding, rowing, running, snow shoeing, step training, sprints, squats, stairs, stair master, swimming, Swiss ball, tai chi, TRX sling training, walking, weight lifting and yoga,
  17. Look for exercises that engage your core muscles and provide balanced conditioning of opposing muscles groups.
  18. The more muscles you can engage during a repetition the more benefit you can receive in less time so look for full body routines that can help maximize the overall demand on your entire muscle and skeletal system.
  19. Interval training which alternates between high exertion and low level demand are great for high level conditioning in a minimal amount of time.
  20. Be careful to avoid excessive jarring, jerking, over-extending or torqueing the body in a harmful way. Injuries can restrict your activities for months and undue years of progress. Always use common sense and good judgment to protect yourself from accidents and injuries. When engaged in certain activities be sure to wear a helmet and padding to protect your body and head from potential injuries.
  21. Standing while watching TV or a movie is a great way to burn calories and avoid becoming a couch potato.
  22. Even carrying children and pushing a stroller is a great way to exercise and educate children about the benefits of exercise and fitness.

There are many more strategies to help make exercise and fitness more enjoyable and beneficial so take a few minutes to think about what else you would do to add additional ideas to the list.

Energy, Health & Vitality

There are numerous ways for you to greatly improve the quality of your fitness and health which are fairly easy, efficient and inexpensive. A basic routine can make a huge difference in the quality of your energy and life. Rather than allowing yourself to become confused, frustrated or overwhelmed and avoiding exercise begin taking baby steps towards regular exercise and fitness routines.

The quality of our energy, health and vitality is a direct result of the choices we make on a consistent basis so choose wisely. The outcome for this article is to highlight the importance of maintaining healthy exercise and fitness routines.

While you may not have enough information at this point to totally overhaul your exercise program you have a great foundation to build on. Once you realize that are bodies are beautifully designed for agility, endurance, movement and strength, you can make massive improvements to your core conditioning , stamina and strength which will help keep your immune system strong and free from impairments. A strong body is important for a well developed brain so remember to get some great physical activity every day.

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Mastery Action Plan

Keep expanding your awareness of various exercise and fitness routines.

Our next blog post will share: Part 8: Ten Commitments for Perfect Health – Rest and Rejuvenation

PS: This article was written while sharing and speaking about the Ten Commitments for Perfect Health and MORE ENERGY and traveling in Thalwil, Switzerland near Zurich.