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What have you heard about the benefits of frequency medicine? If you have not heard much, that is not a big surprise because it is labeled as far out there or fringe by many with a modern medicine mindset. While there appears to be a long history of Allopathic approaches to medicine many people over the last one hundred years have been detoured, directed, and diverted away from the long history of frequency medicine and other natural health methods and modalities.  This blog is dedicated to simple steps anyone can do to begin making frequency medicine a regular part of a healthy lifestyle. Frequency medicine can help you naturally recharge, renew, rejuvenate, restore, and revitalize your body, mind, and spirit. The different forms of frequency medicine can be vital parts of your happy, healthy, holistic, and in harmony lifestyle.

At this point, you may be asking what is frequency medicine and how can it help you. Frequency medicine refers to the various forms of energy, frequency, information, impulses, intentions, pulses, resonances, signals, sounds, tones, vibrations, and waves of healing power. Making frequency medicine a part of your lifestyle can help you maintain your body, mind, and spirit in the happy and healthy state that most people are seeking. Today’s blog on energy psychology is focused on the benefits of frequency medicine to boost your learning, lifestyle, and longevity, Our energy psychology plays a major role in boosting our energy, performance, physiology, and psychology.

Energy psychology is the art and science of tapping into the wealth of wisdom that exists to help us be happier, healthier, and in harmony. Frequency medicine can help our DNA and RNA at the core of our genetic coding. Our creator created us as magical and miraculous beings and our cells must be carefully maintained for peak performance. Frequency medicine can help support our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.  Remember our energy psychology has a direct bearing on our happiness, harmony, and health because it controls the choices and decisions we make.

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to help people with education, information, inspiration, and motivation to discover the best that energy psychology has to offer. With so many people feeling sad, sick, stressed, and struggling, maybe it is time to access frequency medicine as a regular part of your lifestyle. Frequency medicine consists of both being aware of helpful energy and frequency medicine as well as being aware of its opposite which is energy and frequency health hazards.

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Frequency Health Hazards

Some forms of energy transmission on certain wavelengths are health hazards due to their effect on our cells. Many EMF health hazards are referred to as invisible poison or invisible pollution because we can not see them but they are still harmful to our cells depending on their proximity and strength. It is important to learn more about these health hazards and exercise extreme awareness and caution to avoid being around them or using them as little as possible.  Some simple examples of energy, frequency, radiation, and transmission sources that can be health hazards and frequency madness include the following.

  • Cell phones and cell towers. Carrying a cell phone on your person or sleeping near one is like living with a tiny cell tower by your brain.
  • Computers, electronic devices, and electric motors
  • Dirty electricity in your home or office
  • Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) of a harmful and health hazard type
  • 5G antennae and towers
  • Florescent lights and compact florescent lights
  • High-power electric lines
  • Microwave appliances, towers, and transmitters
  • Smart meters
  • Wifi and other Wireless transmission devices

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Frequency Medicine

When our cells are healthy they run at -20 to -25 milli-volts. Anything that can disrupt our energy current and flow can lead to energy and frequency disruptions and health issues. Now that we have a basic understanding of the energy and frequency health hazards listed above we can focus our attention on energy and frequency medicine.

  • Acupuncture focuses on the energy and frequency of our meridians.
  • Barefoot connections to the earth’s magnetic fields (earthing or grounding) are just as important as the electrical wiring in your home being grounded.
  • Biodynamic farming and food as described by Rudolf Steiner provides a subtle energy and frequency medicine.
  • Bio-photons are energy particles in sunlight that our bodies receive with bio-photon receptors. We then store this energy and information to process various functions in our bodies, cells, and mitochondria. Professor Fritz Albert Popp Ph.D. is one of the top experts in biophotons. Biophoton energy, information, and light emits in and out of our cells and DNA directly.
  • Crystals have a specific frequency and vibration. Crystals were used in early radios and televisions.
  • Drumming is a fantastic form of frequency medicine. Jim Donovan can explain for hours all of the health and well-being benefits.
  • Electromagnetic waves are how energy is transported in the world around us whether in a gas, liquid, plasma, or solid.
  • Essential oils are believed to contain beneficial frequency medicine.
  • Etheric Life Energy as described by Wilhelm Reich
  • Flower essence like Bach Flower Remedies is a form of frequency medicine. developed by Dr. Edward Bach.
  • Homeopathy is a form of frequency medicine.
  • Kirlian photography is used to create a picture that depicts the energy and frequency of things being photographed.
  • Life Force Energy is a natural phenomenon known as “Qi” One method to access this life force energy is following a Qigong practice to access the energy inside and around us to energize our body, mind, and spirit.
  • Magnetic fields and magnets can provide health support by way of frequency medicine.
  • Megahertz and Hertz Hz are measurements of electromagnetic radiation and vibrations such as sound frequencies. For example, 432 Hz and 528 Hz are considered beneficial for healing.
  • Music (some types) is referred to as Sound Healing because the music frequency and vibration have a multitude of effects and influences on us. Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration”.
  • Orgone energy was described by Wilhelm Reich as an esoteric form of radiation and a constituent manifestation of the ether, which he labeled orgone energy.
  • Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) devices provide frequency medicine support to our body. PEMF systems evolved alongside decades of brainwave entrainment research and stem cell research.
  • Quantum physics is based on the universe being made up of energy fields on a fundamental level. Energy medicine is defined as any form of energetic or informational interaction with a biological system to restore it to homeostasis. You may want to also look into scalar waves.
  • Radionics is based on cells being subjected to high-frequency emanations that could only be described in their day as electromagnetic radiation as the only available nomenclature at the time. Dr. Albert Abrams could justifiably be called the Father of Radionics in America. Radionics affects our Etheric Life Energy fields.
  • Radio-physics and Quantum Electronics are areas of deep science that involve radio astronomy, plasma astrophysics, ionospheric, atmospheric, and oceanic physics, radio wave propagation, quantum radiophysics, physics of oscillations and waves, physics of plasmas, electrodynamics, acoustics, and solid-state electronics. Search Google for a Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation (SCIO) system and learn more about how these Quantum Biofeedback devices work.
  • Red light therapy is a natural energy and frequency medicine provided by the sun. The sun provides 42% red light during the day and all eukaryotic animals evolved to capture and use this red light to run mitochondrial metabolism. Red light therapy devices have been created to attempt to replicate the red light benefits of the sun.
  • Resonant and bio-resonance frequency are in close relation to the TCM meridian modalities and is also referred to as frequency medicine therapy. Tuning forks are one example. Mantras are also a set of specific frequencies with health benefits. Using a Calibrated Frequency Monitor it appears a healthy body frequency is 62-72 MHz. The resonance of the earth is called the Schumann resonance and is 7.83 Hz which is why being grounded is important for health.
  • Rife device was built and designed by Royal Raymond Rife in 1934 and was used to kill pleomorphic microbes that caused cancer and disease.
  • Structured water also called EZ water is a form of frequency medicine with many health benefits.
  • Sunlight provides infrared energy and frequency medicine our body needs for health and well-being.
  • The Tennant device as designed by Jerry Tennant, M.D. is called a Biomodulator. It provides microcurrent therapy to help restore energy and frequency issues in the body. Dr. Tennant has discovered exactly what the body needs to make new, healthy cells and it all starts with proper voltage.
  • Thermography can help identify areas of the body that can benefit from energy and frequency medicine. It is a noninvasive tool that uses an infrared camera to produce images that show the patterns of blood flow and temperature in the body.
  • Tuning forks are designed to restore your frequency to that of the Earth which is 528Hz frequency. The Earth’s energy vibrates at 528Hz frequency so by rebalancing the energy of your body we can restore our health and retune our human consciousness to its full potential and power.
  • Ultrasound therapy is a simple procedure that uses sound waves to aid healing by increasing blood flow, reducing pain, and relaxing muscle spasms, for faster pain relief.
  • Vibration energy and vibration therapy are forms of frequency medicine. Power Plate equipment is one example of whole-body vibration therapy.
  • Vril compendium or virl energy as described by Gerry Vasillatos who referred to this radiation as a component of Vril energy, which he describes in his published volumes known as The Vril Compendium.
  • Water can provide a frequency medicine with the right harmonic vibration. Water provides the capacity to hold and store energy, frequency, and information. It is important to understand that the memories stored in water must be protected and pure for a beneficial frequency medicine as demonstrated by Masaru Emoto Ph.D.
  • Wind chimes are a simple example of the beautiful benefits of frequency medicine resulting from the sound and vibration created by metal tubing.
  • Zapper is an electronic device that sends a frequency medicine signal into your body. The idea started with Royal Raymond Rife and continued with Hulda Clark, Ph.D.

As the actor, directors, and producers of our lifestyle and life story, we must be responsible for our belief systems, choices, and decisions that determine our level of health and well-being. I hope this long list of frequency medicine research and resources will inspire and motivate you to apply this wealth of wisdom to your benefit.

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Frequency Madness, Vampires, and Zombies

Artificial energy fields can negatively affect our cells, cause cancer, and cause disease. The impact of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) on the blood’s biofield and functions is documented in the book The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life by Robert Becker M.D. He based his conclusions on using a Calibrated Frequency Monitor to study the human body and how different factors impacted us. We are being bombarded with so much unnatural electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that science knows is dangerous but the FCC and industry spin doctors are hiding the truth in order to put profits before people.

Call to Action

Most people can benefit from energy psychology and frequency medicine to enhance their happiness, health, and longevity. Consider watching Resonance – Beings of Frequency a documentary film). Consider investing one hour per week to learn more about frequency medicine if you feel happiness and health are important. You will be amazed at what you will learn that can benefit your health and well-being.

Helpful Hint

Frequency medicine is not some hocus pocus woo-woo mumbo jumbo but is based on decades of research and scientific investigation into the quantum universe. Remember, our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being depends on our belief systems and behaviors so choose wisely the actions and thoughts you embrace.

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Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of reading and research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration. This blog serves as a reminder to access your energy psychology and adopt a fountain of youth lifestyle to help your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

“Focus on your biofield first for healing.” —Beverly Rubik PhD

“If you could eliminate certain outside frequencies that interfered in our bodies, we would have greater resistance toward disease.” —Nikola Tesla

“As we continue to build antennae, cell towers, dishes, electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) 3G, 4G, 5G signals, GPS, microwave units, microwave towers, radar stations, radio towers, smart meters, TV communications, and wifi signal senders it should not be a surprise that cancer, chronic inflammation, diabetes, disease, and mental health issues are rapidly increasing as our happiness, health, and well-being are rapidly decreasing.” —Michael Morningstar

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