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30 06, 2011

Part 11: Earth Day, Every Day – Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) Pollution

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Last week the Earth Day, Every Day article discussed dangerous body care products and cosmetics and this week we will discuss electro magnetic frequencies (EMF) pollution and how to protect your self and family. With an intention for an eco-friendly Earth Day, Every Day we maintain the momentum for minimizing man made health risks and [...]

27 05, 2010

Electro Magnetic Frequency Pollution Solutions

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There is an invisible invader all around us that can go through air, people and even walls with ease. Over the last several decades this invader has increased astronomically and there are few if any places on the planet where this invader does not reach. What is this invader and why are concerned individuals setting [...]

19 03, 2009

Magnet Therapy for Improving Health

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Magnet Therapy is a great option to help maintain your vibrant energy and health. Every cell in our body has an electrical charge. Even our organs have a measurable megahertz of energy and must maintain that energy level for peak performance. Strong cells, glands and organs are the source of our health and vitality. Even [...]

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