Last week the Earth Day, Every Day article discussed dangerous body care products and cosmetics and this week we will discuss electro magnetic frequencies (EMF) pollution and how to protect your self and family. With an intention for an eco-friendly Earth Day, Every Day we maintain the momentum for minimizing man made health risks and begin improving our global ecosystem and environment.

Focusing on Earth Day, Every Day for twelve issues is deliberately designed to empower millions of citizens around the globe with practical information. By highlighting the risks to our delicate ecosystem and then suggesting simple solutions, strategies and suggestions we can stop the destructive behaviors and start creating massive action plans to reclaim and restore our essential ecosystems. Simple steps encourage people to implement small shifts in behavior which will have a ripple effect of creating closer connections with our ecosystems and environment. All actions and baby steps supporting Earth Day – Every Day awareness helps develop an even happier, healthier and more harmonious lifestyle.

The benefits from expanding our actions and awareness through an Earth Day, Every Day mindset will significantly shift our focus towards solving our challenges with sustainable solutions. What are you doing to improve your behaviors for a healthier today which will produce compounding benefits for an even healthier tomorrow? Remember to think about our generation and seven generations into the future when you consider environmental health risks and the consequences to the quality of our lives and our families. As we redirect our thinking and direct our destiny on the path to perfect health we will rediscover the paradise we were meant to enjoy.

Invisible EMF Pollution

A major issue causing concerns for citizens around the globe is the exponential growth of Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF). There is significant evidence to indicate the harmful effects from the frequent use of high technology devices, energy and information transmission systems.

This includes body scanners, cell phones, cell phone towers, electric appliances and devices, digital signals, electricity transmission and wiring, high power lines, medical devices, microwaves, radar, radio, satellite, transformers, WiFi.

Of all of these the proliferation of cell phones, electric current and WiFi may be three of the most harmful trends to affect our overall health and well being.

Government agencies, manufactures and technology companies seem to be in a race to design and produce ever more sophisticated EMF generating devices regardless of the consequences to the consumers, environment and other organisms.

This dramatic shift in the number and types of EMF generating products being manufactured is hard to keep up with and has been shown to be causing harmful chain reactions to the physical health and well being of consumers. The current awareness of harmful side effects to the consumers and ecosystems is just the tip of the iceberg.

Consumers are being kept in the dark and even misinformed about the health and safety risks associated with the use of these devices and systems in order to convince them to purchase and use them without concern. The companies manufacturing and providing EMF technologies are willing to trade your long term health and well being for their short term profits and stock gains.

The Body & EMF Exposure

EMF from Cell Phone Towers

EMF from Cell Phone Towers

There are many issues to be concerned about from the use of these EMF devices, systems and technology. As the EMF’s are absorbed they can affect your DNA, endocrine system, nervous system and reproductive organs causing massive complications and health risks. More and more people appear to be developing EMF sensitivity with a wide range of emotional, musculature and neurological ramifications.

There are so many factors to consider such as: age, area exposed, duration, intensity, proximity and type of EMF transmission that it is extremely difficult to determine or know the amount of actual or potential damage caused. There really is not enough information to determine when and what reactions will occur in the future. Therefore EMF’s are like treacherous ticking time bombs waiting to go off in the future.

Current findings report increased incidence of cancer, DNA disruptions, hormonal imbalances, infertility and even sterility. What good is it to have longer chats on a cell phone, medical diagnostic testing and more wireless connectivity for your computer if you end up with brain damage, cancer or other health problems and die prematurely?

Disruptive Effects Found in Nature

It is also important to be aware of the numerous ecological, environmental and health issues associated with EMF’s. Closer examination and independent research is needed to examine the complex natural systems which may be disrupted by EMF’s. EMF’s have been identified as the potential cause/ contributor for bat deaths, bee colony collapse, bird deaths, dolphin and whale strandings.

Determining which of the federal agencies: the US Department of Health and Human Services, Center for Disease Control (CDC), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Federal Communication Commission (FCC), FDA, National Institute of Health or Occupational Safety and Healthy Agency (OSHA) are responsible for regulating these devices and technology is complicated.

The bottom line is you must be responsible for educating yourself and be extremely diligent in choosing the safest products and services among the many offered. Being aware of the dangers and risks are key first steps to making more informed choices.

EMF’s in Your Personal Environment

Most people are exposed to a wide range of EMF’s in the home, office and community environment. There is no way to even calculate the complicated interactions that can take place with daily repeated exposure. The accumulations of these various EMF exposures over time are contributing to an abundance of emotional, disease, hormonal, mental and physical health issues. In addition these EMF’s eventually end up altering our cellular, DNA, genetic and reproductive systems which cam cause further damage and destruction over time.

Additional issues are evolving as the world population increases and technology use expands even further. As people have shifted away from older technologies and adopted newer features in products we have rapidly altered the natural environment and created a world filled with cell phone transmissions, high voltage electricity, electronic code, data, microwaves, radar, satellite beams, transformers and WiFi.

Many people are now sensitive to the artificial energy and signals surrounding us in daily life. This has also started a chain of ecological disruption and harm for many other species which depend on sensitive skill sets for survival. All humans may end up paying a very high long term price regarding ecological and human health issues all occurring from our quest for cheaper, easier and faster EMF technology.

EMF Dependent Technologies

Body Electric BookcoverIt is imperative to look at some of the known and potential problems with our current EMF dependent high technology and look for ways to reduce our exposure and risk. While it may not be as convenient as WiFi you can still use an Ethernet cable to access your router for internet connectivity. There is always a fine line of balance between using more technology and finding safer solutions.

The cell phone, Internet Service Providers (ISP), computer manufacturers and medical diagnostic equipment companies are using their technology products on humans like a giant laboratory experiment risking your happiness, health and future well being while they are profiting immensely. It is up to you to educate your self and choose wisely what equipment and technology you allow and use in your car, home, leisure, schools and work environment.

Depending on the circumstances any EMF’s you are exposed to can cause a wide variety of reactions, risks and responses regardless of what you are being told. Remember they are your living cells and lifeline and limiting your exposure and protecting yourself will likely determine the level of your current and future health and well being.

Investing in Redesigning the Dangers

As you have read previously when we invest our money and vote with our massive purchasing power it is essential to stop buying and using the harmful EMF products when feasible and start using safer applications when available. One should definitely limit the use of high tech wireless devices by young children and teenagers since this group is often at the greatest risk for harm due to over use and prolonged exposure which can have a greater affect on young and rapidly growing bodies. This will help protect our youth by safely shifting towards more protective technology to insure a greater degree of health and safety.

We must stop allowing high technology companies from flooding the markets with dangerous products and EMF systems until more research and development is completed to help insure our health and safety. We must demand full product labeling and usage guidelines and warnings so we can make better informed choices.

Avoid using technology to the extend you become dependent and distracted from the potential consequences and risks that may come back to haunt you in future years. By then it may be too late and you are left suffering the consequences from the damaging and harmful side effects of EMF’s when you could have chosen safer options instead.

As we expand our Earth Day, Every Day awareness we build our momentum for improving our happiness, health and long term well being. This week we learned about Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) Pollution from dangerous high technology gadgets and gizmos and why we should avoid them when possible.

Manufactures and suppliers will change their products when we demand full disclosure, safer options and change our purchasing patterns with safer alternatives. When we all do our part to embrace even better Earth Day, Every Day habits we enhanced our choices now and for future generations to come.

Mastery Action Plan

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Video Discusses Invisible Dangers of EMF

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Remember you are paying for these products and deserve to enjoy our long term health and safety to learn more and choose wisely.

Next week the Great NEWS Letter will share: Part 12: Earth Day, Every Day – Lousy Lifestyle Choices