Last week the Earth Day, Every Day article discussed electro magnetic frequencies (EMF) pollution and this final week will cover how to stop making lousy lifestyle choices and start making more Loving Lifestyle Choices. When setting an intention and implementing actions for manifesting Earth Day, Every Day we help to minimize man made health risks and begin improving the global ecosystem and environment we all share.

This is the twelfth and final week of the Earth Day, Every Day theme. This series of articles has been deliberately designed to empower millions of citizens around the globe with practical information and simple steps to awaken advanced awareness. By spot lighting the risks to our delicate ecosystems and then providing simple solutions, strategies and suggestions we will accelerate making better choices.

We will stop the destructive behaviors and start creating massive action plans to remind ourselves to reduce, reuse and recycle in order to protect our environment. Baby steps encourage people to implement small shifts in behavior which will create a ripple effect for our environment. Earth Day, Every Day is an attuned awareness and way of being to create an even happier, healthier and more harmonious lifestyle.

An Earth Day, Every Day mindset will benefit everyone on the planet as we significantly shift our focus to solving our challenges with green and sustainable solutions. How have your behaviors for a healthier today begun compounding into benefits for an even healthier tomorrow? Remember to embrace the seven generations sustainability wisdom of the Iroquois as you consider environmental health risks and the consequences to our families and friends.

As guardians and stewards of all precious life on earth our decisions direct our destiny along the path to perfect health and help us rediscover the paradise we were meant to enjoy.

Lifestyle Choices & Consequences

Choices Ripple

Consequences of Our Choices Ripple to Impact Others

Most of the major challenges facing citizens around the world are the result of lousy lifestyle choices being made which do not serve them or our collective well being.

While freedom of choice is a basic fundamental right we must use that freedom wisely remembering the Seventh Generation sustainability philosophy of the Iroquois.

Every decision should be evaluated by considering the consequences today and for seven generations. When we only think based on short term effects today we often lose sight of the long term consequences of our decisions and make lousy lifestyle choices. There is significant evidence to identify the harmful effects from the short sighted thinking of people focused on consumption and profits without due consideration for the people and the planet.

Some of the most harmful lousy lifestyle choices and decisions being made that when updated and upgraded with consciousness and sustainability will benefit you and your loved one with a new level of ingenuity, insight and intuition for better happiness, health and well being.

Reexamining 11 Choices

  1. Over consuming fast food, junk food and highly processed foods.
  2. Chewing, dipping and smoking tobacco loaded with hundreds of chemicals. Cancer, emphysema and the other health issues are a huge financial drain on society.
  3. Over consumption of alcohol, beer, juice, sodas and wine.
  4. Not reading the ingredient labels on foods before eating them.
  5. Buying excessive accessories, appliances, clothing, electric gadgets and gizmos, furnishings, gifts, shoes and toys.
  6. Building and buying excessively large, inefficient and poorly constructed and designed homes. The suburbs of the US are poorly designed and planned for resource and transportation efficiency which results in harmful energy, emotional and environmental effects.
  7. Wasting precious resources like our clean air, land, plants, soil, water and wildlife.
  8. Permitting unsustainable farming, fishing and food practices which are rapidly destroying our diverse coral reefs, forests, grasslands, rivers and wetlands.
  9. Dumping chemicals, pollution and waste products into our lakes, rivers, streams and oceans.
  10. Using body care, cleaning and cosmetic products loaded with synthetic toxic chemicals is a catalyst for destruction, disease and disaster waiting to happen.
  11. Harmful chemicals and toxins used in clothing, furnishings, homes and yards are damaging the environment and your health simultaneously.

10 More Choices to Consider

Petrochemical RefineryIn our quest for cheap, unsustainable and wasteful energy sources we allow digging for coal and drilling for gas and oil which is causing massive damage to our environment. Burning fossil fuels is releasing the carbon that took plants hundreds of years to create. We must stop using dirty energy and simply start making clean energy the highest priority and focus our resources and talent there.

We are allowing our pure fossil waters to be wasted on feeding factory farm animals and growing crops with huge water footprints that would be much better served for consumption by humans. We are rapidly depleting our pure fossil water sources. Our bodies are 75% water and we deserve the best. Humans often end up drinking the waste water of the community upstream from them.

Growing massive mono crops which destroys topsoil and requires massive fossil fuel usage instead of focusing on diverse organic sustainable family farms is harming small farmers, families and communities.

Allowing cruel, inhumane and toxic Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) and factory farms to feed and treat animals as a non living commodity without regard for the environment or quality of life. They are fed unnatural synthetic antibiotics, chemicals, foods and hormones while being turned into cannibals eating animal parts, fecal material, feathers and fish.

Many people are having children before they can care for them with adequate education, finances, food, health and shelter. Densely populated countries, impoverished single moms and parents with large families with many children are putting a massive strain on their communities, countries and global resources.

Allowing the development of GE and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and use of massive toxic fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides contaminates our food sources and pollutes our environment.

Many agencies, companies and mothers are not providing and promoting breastfeeding which is one of the most important needs for infant bonding, development, health and immunity. The use of formula may turn out to be one of the worst ways that parents have not served the higher needs of their children.

The excessive use of prescription and non prescription medicines are harming human health and contaminating our water ways with harmful chemicals such as antibiotics, antidepressants, artificial hormones, chemotherapy, pain killers and Pandora’s box of harmful substances. Illegal drugs are another bane of society.

Our insatiable quest for electronic gadgets and gizmos that electronic manufactures are producing for mega profits without adequate health and safety features being developed and deployed to protect people and the planet. EMF’s from appliances, cell phones, electrical devices, electrical wiring and WiFi are a major issue with short and long term ramifications. We must demand safer products and leverage our purchasing power for the safest alternatives available.

Allowing the negative emotions of aggression, anger, depression, fear, guilt, hatred, oppression, revenge and sadness to rule our behavior and ruin our lives. We all know that cooperation, faith, forgiveness, happiness, joy, love, peace and understanding are the solutions to our challenges and for creating a great global community.

Empowering Education

It is hard to imagine anyone choosing to waste valuable education, money, opportunity, resources and time by not capitalizing on the many chances for an empowering education.

We have adults and children that are given an amazing opportunity for learning life long skills of communicating, comprehending, problem solving, reading and writing which are allowed to go to waste due to a refusal to learn and self sabotaging behaviors. We must find ways to make learning fun and interesting in order to get people eager and excited to learn.

Now that we have focused on expanding our awareness for Earth Day, Every Day for twelve weeks we have built a solid foundation and strong momentum for improving our happiness, health and harmony for long term well being.

This week we learned how to replace our lousy lifestyle choices with more Loving Lifestyle Choices for better Earth Day, Every Day behaviors which will improve our life now and for even beyond seven generations sustainability.

Mastery Action Plan

Review any areas of your life that are not yet in alignment with the life you were meant to enjoy.

Then create a written mastery action plan and vision board to help you manifest your future life vision even easier and sooner.

Watch some great documentaries

  1. Food Inc
  2. Food Matters
  3. Seeds of Deception
  4. A Sacred Duty
  5. A Delicate Balance

You will gain a great understanding of the issues we face and what we must do now to deal with them.

Watch A Delicate Balance Movie Trailer

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Our next blog post will share: Global Shift Happens