There is an invisible invader all around us that can go through air, people and even walls with ease. Over the last several decades this invader has increased astronomically and there are few if any places on the planet where this invader does not reach.

What is this invader and why are concerned individuals setting off alarms around the world? The invader comes in the form of Electro Magnetic Frequency’s (EMF) pollution which is being created by the electronics, science and technology industries. They create and manufacture advanced technology devices with the intention of making our lives easier and more efficient.

The key questions we should be asking are: What are the consequences to your happiness, health and harmony over your lifetime? and What are the long term costs associated with their use?

The frightening answer is that no one really knows for sure although there are some clear concerns already evident. Today we are sharing Electro Magnetic Frequency pollution solutions with the intention to advise you of identified risks and share simple ideas to minimize your exposure.

Types of EMFs

First it is important to have a basic understanding of EMF’s and where they come from so you can make educated decisions about limiting your exposure. Any source of electron transfer or electricity generates some EMF’s. There are various frequencies, sources and types of EMF to take into consideration. Other key considerations are the duration of exposure, nearness to the source and the strength of the current or EMF fields.

Wires Across the SkylineThe EMF’s we are focusing on are generated by:

  • high power lines
  • substations
  • transformers
  • radar
  • home wiring
  • microwave ovens
  • cell phones
  • cell phone towers
  • wireless phones
  • electric appliances
  • computers
  • electric blankets
  • heating pads
  • Wi-Fi signals
  • and the list goes on…

Generally speaking it is the type of EMF field strength and frequency level that cause a greater concern. You can purchase a Gauss meter to measure and monitor the magnetic field strength of EMF’s to help limit your exposure.

The EMF Link to Health Problems

There are a long list of health problems that have been linked to EMF’s including birth defects, cancer, chronic fatigue, diabetes, leukemia, headaches and tumors to name a few. Even the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has warned “There is reason for concern” and suggest prudent avoidance”.

Concern over EMF’s exploded after an article release in 1989 which highlighted numerous risks to our health. By 1990 over 100 studies had been conducted and many showed correlations between EMF’s and heath issues. Soon the Department of Energy, media and researchers were discussing the risks associated with EMF’s. The evidence is pretty clear that continual exposure to EMF’s is a serious risk to your health. There are many internet resources that share references and studies regarding the health risks of EMF’s exposure.

One of particular article of interest is Stress from Current and Radiation. Even though you cannot eliminate your exposure there are many steps you can take to greatly reduce it.

[colored_box title=”Top Ten Things Your Can Do to Avoid & Reduce EMF Exposure” variation=”teal”]

Turn off appliances or unplug them when not in use. Many appliances when turned off still use phantom electricity for various features and quick start up. Unplug your washer, dryer, computer, printer, power tools etc. when not in use. This phantom electricity still emits EMF’s and is also a waste of energy and your money.

Keep your cell phone away from your body and head. Even original wired ear buds act as an antenna to carry the signal to your ear and brain. Use an EMF shielded ear piece, air tube ear bud or speakerphone mode when talking on your cell phone. Bluetooth devices also emit EMF’s. Some new cell phones also act as a receiving and transmission device so be aware and avoid using them. Keep infant monitors away from them. Young children should not have cell phones near their head. Children should be taught to use cell phone for important calls only and not as chatting devices. Electronic DVD, laptops and play devices should be kept away from the body and not held in your lap. Turn off your cell phone at night

Move all electric items such as cables, cell phones, clocks, extension cords, radios, recording machines, wireless phone units and wires at least 6 – 8 feet from your bed to minimize exposure while you sleep. Be especially diligent with all sources of electricity close to your head.

Avoid using any electric blankets, heating pads and hair dryers. Stand away from appliances when they are in use.

Avoid living near any high power utility power lines, substations or large transformers.

Avoid living near cell phone towers and airport radar domes.

Avoid using wireless phones in the home and choose a land line instead. Or at least keep the recharging signal base away from your bedroom.

Replace and update old computer monitors with larger and newer versions that emit less EMF’s. Move the CPU, printer and peripherals as far away as the cables will allow. Avoid using Wi-Fi in you home by using a cable connected to your modem.

Stop using a microwave oven. Most people are well aware that Styrofoam and plastic are very dangerous when heated in a microwave oven. Most people are not aware that the molecules in food and water are changed and disrupted when heated in a microwave oven. In addition the delicate antioxidants, enzymes, minerals, trace elements and vitamins are broken down and destroyed which robs you of the best value of the foods you eat.

Be sure that all extension cords, power strips, surge protectors and electronic devices are properly grounded. You can also ground yourself while using electronic devices so the electricity and EMF’s are grounded into the earth and do not build up as static electricity within you.[/colored_box]

Read Disclaimers, Labels & Warnings

Use common sense when considering medical technology which uses EMF’s. Read the disclaimers, labels and warnings regarding medical diagnostic and treatment devices to help you understand the potential risk and problems that may result from the EMF exposure. Even something as simple as a detoxing foot bath device may run an electric current through you that is strong enough to cause headaches and other undetected issues.

This actually happened to me when allowing someone to demonstrate their product at a health show. In the future you can be sure this guy will use more caution and common sense before becoming an experimental laboratory rat. (BTW: We do not approve or condone the use of animals for experiments and testing. We do believe the inventor should first test the product on themselves for several years to prove it is safe. We are serious about the first comment and somewhat serious about the second. Maybe this would reduce the creation and use of products which turn out to be harmful.)

Limiting EMF Exposure?

There are companies that manufacture and market devices which act as reverse antennae or shield to block and reduce EMF’s. They use various components and technologies such as ceramics, circuits, crystals, electronic chips, imprinting, metals, programming, silicon chips, wiring. Do your homework and find one you feel is beneficial.

While electronic devices and gadgets have been created as convenient and consumers best friend it is best to do your homework and read the disclosure and warnings that are available before you buy and use the product.

Almost every electronic device and product comes with printed caution, safety and warning language as well as disclaimers. Please remember the famous quote and disclaimer “Caveat Emptor” which means “buyers beware”. Not you are a more educated and forewarned consumer regarding Electro Magnetic Frequency pollution solutions.

Our next blog post will share: Poisons and Toxins in Your Home