21 07, 2011

12 Actions for a Sustainable World: Going Green

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Last blog post highlighted insights on how global shift happens and this week will celebrate the great news regarding the rapidly growing going green movement for sustainability. As we shine more light and love on the dark and dirty challenges created by the harmful forces of destruction, greed and war we will transform our world [...]

22 07, 2010

Less Greed and More Gratitude

By |2012-02-08T21:52:09-06:00July 22nd, 2010|Happiness|0 Comments

In the article Ten Toxic Threats to Human Health and Happiness the tenth threat involved the problems create by the illusions and seductions created by ego, greed and power. Based on the conquest for domination over nature and driven by financial greed and political power a few are responsible for the problems of many. We [...]

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