Last blog post highlighted insights on how global shift happens and this week will celebrate the great news regarding the rapidly growing going green movement for sustainability.

As we shine more light and love on the dark and dirty challenges created by the harmful forces of destruction, greed and war we will transform our world back to the Garden of Eden we were meant to enjoy.

The sooner people join into the going green evolution and share the message with their families and friends the sooner we will stop the destruction and start the restoration.

Creating A Sustainable World

Sustainability Through CooperationAs the food animals and human population grows beyond the effective and efficient carrying capacity of the earth based on exploitation and over consumption it accelerates destruction and disruption of ecosystems.

This would lead us to experience excessive disease, despair and hunger. We must shift our habits, intentions and thinking to protect the planet and reverse the harm done to create a sustainable world based on balance, coexistence and harmony.

As even more companies, organizations and people decide to:

  1. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle at least 90% of all products used (cardboard, clothes, electronics, glass, metal, paper, plastic & wood)
  2. Replace plastic bags with reusable recycled bags.
  3. Replace inefficient gas guzzling vehicles with electric, fuel efficient and hybrid vehicles.
  4. Stop driving alone and start car pooling and using public transit.
  5. Stop using small plastic water bottles and start using glass or stainless steel bottles. Eliminate plastic bottles by using water filters.
  6. Stop using toxic chemicals, fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides and pesticides and start using locally grown, organic, permaculture, Reduce our consumption of animal products and fish and increase our consumption of fruits, green plants and land and sea veggies,
  7. Replace dirty diesel with cleaner fuels.
  8. Stop wasting valuable federal, municipal and state land, resources and water harmed by destructive farming, fossil fuel systems, grazing, mining and timber cutting and then start protecting fisheries, nature, waterways, wetlands, wilderness and wildlife habitat.
  9. Stop promoting GE, GMO and giant mono crop industries and start sponsoring organic family food farms, soil conservation and victory gardens
  10. Stop planting yards with labor intensive and non native bushes, grasses and ornamental trees and start planting food bearing trees, flowers, great gardens and healing herbs.
  11. Stop building inefficient buildings and homes and start building better ones using energy efficient double pane glass, green roofs and solar panels
  12. Stop pumping our precious aquifer and fossil water for animals and wasteful irrigation farming and start providing this clean and pure water for human consumption.

Many More Magic Moments Will Manifest!

We will all enjoy time to celebrate the great news as many more people are joining the rapidly growing going green movement for sustainability. As even more people become the change they wish to see in the world and inspire others to do the same, the sooner more people will join in the going green evolution.

As you commit to share the message even more enthusiastically with families and friends we pass the tipping point sooner for a going green evolution to stop the destruction and start the restoration of Mother Earth.

Mastery Action Plan

If you have not yet watched the documentary on The Story of Stuff you absolutely must watch it now to learn more and do you part.

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Watch: What is Sustainability?

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Ask yourself

  1. How did developed countires fall behind developing countires on renewable energy resoures?
  2. Does it seem we are falling behind on economic and job growth opportunities?
  3. Are we allowing dirty fossil fuels to drag down our economy and create short and long term health issues?
  4. Did you know that people in the US can invest in clean solar energy and receive a tax credit?

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