In the article Ten Toxic Threats to Human Health and Happiness the tenth threat involved the problems create by the illusions and seductions created by ego, greed and power.

Based on the conquest for domination over nature and driven by financial greed and political power a few are responsible for the problems of many. We are at a point in history where we must no longer tolerate the abuse of animals and people as well as the misuse of our precious resources and the ecology of our planet. What we need now is more love, less greed and more gratitude around the globe.

Corporate, government and political agendas are often the driving force for economic, educational, environmental, financial, nutritional, racial and natural resources abuse. They are also closely linked to social deprivation, devastation and war. It is essential for each of us to conceive and manifest a world founded on the proven principles and fundamental rights to education, equality, freedom, health, peace, religion, safety, social justice and long term sustainability.

Safe and Sustainable

Grateful, Healthy, and HappySince feeding the world population is an essential primary need we must develop safe and sustainable global agriculture and permaculture programs committed to restoring the ability of the earth to yield abundant locally grown organic whole foods.

A great philosophy to adopt every day is being less of a mindless consumer and spender and more of a mindful contributor and saver. In other words stop spending on fake foods and frivolous fluff and start investing in fresh foods and financial freedom. We must design a better society focused on less greed and more gratitude.

We must treat every day as Earth Day rather than just one day in April. In a society with strong core values and a global vision for harmony and peace life will shift for the greater good of humanity. When the global society is centered and grounded on less greed and more gratitude we can do anything we put our hearts and minds on.

We can build cars that run on fuel cells, harness the immense energy of the sun, tides and wind to safely power our world. We can grow enough organic food that all may be fed, clean up the poisons, trash and toxins and reclaim and repair the damage done to the forests, land and waters of the earth.

A Legacy for the Future

Imagine the legacy we will leave for the future generations of the world as we solve the current problems and become the solutions generation and the great guardians and stewards of planet earth. Each of us must become better informed of the challenges and issues that are threatening our health and the health of the planet.

Once we are better educated it is essential to share this information with others and begin to make better decisions and promote new guidelines and laws to preserve and protect our global bio-diversity, precious resources and natural treasures.

Initially it will require some short term sacrifices to change our erroneous beliefs and unsustainable habits in order to enjoy the long term benefits. The sooner we see the consequences of our poor choices in the past and become more enlightened with the benefits of global collaboration and cooperation the sooner we will begin to enjoy the long term fruits of our labor.

We can all begin today by setting the intention to enjoy more happiness, health and harmony in our lives and the lives of others. Hold the vision for honoring the beauty and mystery of our complex global ecology of all animals, people, plants and life on earth. Remember all we need is more LOVE and less greed and more gratitude around the globe.

Our next blog post will share: Life and Love Lessons Learned