This month and in particular this week many people around the world are focused on Earth Day and a greater awareness for living a greener and healthier lifestyle. Therefore is seemed like the perfect opportunity to reflect on the top ten toxic threats to human health.

Becoming aware of the problems is the first step to finding the solutions. With these helpful guidelines we can all take steps to stop being a part of the problems and start moving toward the solutions. A one percent shift in our behavior compounded on a daily basis and then shared with family and friends will help minimize our environmental impact and even begin reversing many of the most harmful health problems.

There are many health challenges in our homes, communities and the world for us to eliminate. Unfortunately there are so many issues it is easy to become disheartened and overwhelmed with the illusion of permanent and pervasive threats to our health and happiness. This article is intended to help you regain your focus on transforming yourself and the world for great happiness and health.

It occurred to me that all the toxic threats to human health basically fall within ten categories. While ten still seems like a lot, it is much easier to deal with ten and discover actions that you can take daily to make real progress in one or more of those areas. Awareness of the solutions for the top ten toxic categories will help you focus your energy, money and time to feel empowered and proactive to make constant and never ending improvement.

As with other areas of our lives some of our problems are self made and some of them are the result of actions taken by others. Regardless of the origin of the health risk we are still part of the problem until we take action to be part of the solution. This means we must first accept responsibility for any way we contribute to the toxic threat and take action to change our behaviors and positively influence others also.

Every choice we make and penny we invest/spend is a vote for a better world or more toxic one. Remember to choose wisely regarding the little actions and decisions you make each day. These actions and decisions are made by billions of people each day and therefore little shifts in behavior have major impacts which are significantly compounded.

The 10 Toxic Threats to Human Health and Happiness

EMF from Cell Phone Towers

EMF from Cell Phone Towers

“We are what we think”. Destructive feelings of low self esteem and low self worth in conjunction with disempowering emotions such as aggression, anger, depression, despair, fear, greed, hatred, hurt, loneliness, rejection, sadness and suffering rob us of the joy and happiness we desire and deserve. Adopt an attitude of gratitude, happiness, joy, love and prosperity every day to help steer your life to a fantastic future

Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) which are disruptive to the human cells are produced by Cell phones, Cell phone towers, Microwave ovens, Wi-Fi, Computers, High Voltage Power Lines, Wireless phones, Transformers, Appliances etc. pose a significant health risk based on duration, intensity and proximity of the EMF waves emitted. Be sure to minimize their use and access protective technology when ever possible.

Poisons & Toxins are present in many products created and used by our modern society. This includes Chemicals, Heavy Metals, Petroleum Products & Plastics and Radioactive waste by products. Educate yourself on what products you currently purchase which are harmful and stop buying them. There are always natural and safe alternatives. Be sure to abstain, buy local & organic, cleanse, detox and eliminate all harmful compounds from your body, home and work environment,

Healthcare System & Treatments. Unfortunately our modern society is plagued by a increasing level of dangerous health risks and expensive healthcare treatments and systems to deal with Accidents, Disabilities, Disease, Pathogens (bacteria, fungus, molds, virus and parasites), Sickness, Hospitalizations, Medical procedures, Prescriptions, Over The Counter Drugs (OTC) & Vaccinations. While we have made massive progress in some areas new problems are evolving faster than we can effectively and efficiently handle them. Glaring examples include how the over use of antibiotics and antibacterial soaps has lead to an abundance of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

“We are what we eat”. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food Pyramid and the Standard American Diet (SAD) has become a way of life for many and contributes to many of our health problems. Fast Foods, Junk Foods, Highly Processed & Refined Foods, Refined Sugar, Hydrogenated and Heated & Treated Oils and Synthetic additives are creating a significant threat to our health and well being. The frequent consumption of factory raised animal products also has many harmful consequences. Choose sustainable locally grown healthy fresh whole foods when ever possible. At least fifty percent of your foods should be natural and kept below 118 degrees to maintain the antioxidants, enzymes, mineral, trace elements and vitamins.

Our body is made of about 75 – 80 percent water. Remember “water” and not coffee, milk, soda or most commercial processed beverages today are designed to benefit the manufacturer at the expense of the consumer. Alcohol, Artificial sweetener, Caffeine drinks, Coffee, Diet drinks, Pasteurized Juices, Sodas & Sports Drinks are basically cooked, synthetic and treated concoctions that do more harm than good. In addition they are very expensive when compared to water. Clean water is the elixir of life so become involved in water conservation, protection and purification.

High Fructose Corn Syrup and Refined Sugars are highly processed and very addictive substances. Their use in foods in expanding and consumption is increasing which is significantly contributing to the health problems like diabetes and obesity that many are experiencing. Refined sugars have been found to be more addictive then heroin in rats. What does that imply about humans and their cravings for sugar and sweets? Reduce your intact of refined sugars and increase your enjoyment and intake of fresh fruits, herbs, green leafy plants, legumes, nuts, seeds and vegetables

Big Commercial Agriculture (using synthetic antibiotics, fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, hormones, insecticides, pesticides) & Biotechnology companies (creating Genetically Engineered (GE) & Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) are radically altering aspects of nature. By tampering with nature we risk them destroying the natural balance and symbiosis of the environment and staring a chain reaction that may risk our very survival. The harmful consequences are beyond our limited ability to understand and have probably changed the course of life on earth forever. It is in your best interest to avoid all foods and products that may contain GE and GMO’s such as beet sugar, corn, cotton, papaya, soy, wheat, farm raised fish and animal products which consumed them. Many factory famed animals and fish are feed these unnatural foods which in turn puts you at significant risk. Read the labels and do your research before you contaminated yourself further.

Chronic stress by day and the lack of quality sleep at night leads to severe strain and stress on our physical body and mental state. This is a significant problem for children and adults alike as we become further addicted and influenced by technology. Living in an almost constant state of stress affected our happiness, health and immune functions. Artificial lights, computers, homework, TV and staying up late have altered our natural sleep patterns and our natural biorhythms are way out of balance. The farmer’s wisdom of rising with the sun and settling down with the sun has great merit. Remember “early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise”.

Power over others. In the human conquest for domination, greed and power we experience the abuse of animals and people as well as the misuse of our precious resources and the ecology of our planet. Corporate, government and political agendas are often the driving force for Economic, Educational, Environmental, Financial, Nutritional, Racial & Natural Resources manipulation and the root cause of Social Deprivation, Devastation and War. It is essential for each of us to contribute and manifest a world founded on the proven principles of education, equality, family, freedom, health, love, peace, prosperity, safe technology, social justice and sustainable locally grown organic whole foods. A great philosophy to adopt this Earth Day is being less of mindless consumer and spender and more of a mindful contributor and saver. In other words stop spending on fake foods and frivolous fluff and start investing for fresh foods and financial freedom.

Together, We Can Start a Positive Chain Reaction

Starting a Chain Reaction

Together We Can Start a Chain Reaction

Now that you are aware of these ten categories it is quite apparent that these ten toxic threats are also closely connected and influenced by each other. By changing your mindset and behavior you can consciously begin to improve in one area, which in turn starts a positive chain reaction that begins to benefit other areas and everyone. (Well everyone except those destructive, greedy, harmful and misguided beings that need our light and love to help them transform).

By the way if the list of ten toxic threats and health hazards left you feeling a little down then a little Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping may help you feel better fast.

In previous blog posts we have highlighted some of these topics and shared specific strategies to help solve the problems. Be on the lookout for future articles where we will be outlining more strategies and suggestions to help you greatly improve your happiness and health as you transform your life and the world.

Remember a one degree shift in behavior, eating and thinking is all it takes to reduce and reverse the top ten toxic threats to human health. Education and empowerment are the foundation upon which we can build a better world. Namaste

Our next blog post will share: Protect People Plants and Planet