2 06, 2011

Part 7: Earth Day, Every Day – Toxic Chemicals

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Last week for Earth Day, Every Day the article shared risks from the modern disease dilemma resulting from the outdated thinking of germ theory mania, dependence on pharmaceuticals, modern medicine monopoly and a sick-care mindset. This week we will learn about the dangerous and toxic chemicals harming our health and polluting our world. Focusing our [...]

22 04, 2010

10 Toxic Threats and Health Hazards

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This month and in particular this week many people around the world are focused on Earth Day and a greater awareness for living a greener and healthier lifestyle. Therefore is seemed like the perfect opportunity to reflect on the top ten toxic threats to human health. Becoming aware of the problems is the first step [...]

15 04, 2010

Billions on Beauty and Bad for Body

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Based on recurring feedback over decades it is easy to see how the multi-billion dollar beauty industry seems to be a primary factor for women feeling insecure, unattractive and unhappy with their natural beauty and unique looks. This is done deliberately in order to manipulate women (and men) into buying their over priced and potentially [...]

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