This article is inspired by my Earth Day commitment to promote and provide great green strategies and suggestions to reduce toxic threats to human health. Be ready for more Great NEWS at the end of this article with a helpful link that provides a healthy home checklist to conduct a healthy home audit. Our focus this week is sharing specific strategies and suggestions to help protect people plants and the planet.

We are Earth Stewards & Guardians

We are all Earth StewardsWe all share planet Earth as our home and sanctuary for life and each one of us must accept the responsibility to be a great guardian and steward. When we invest the energy and time it is easy to implement simple steps to be less harmful and more mindful of our delicate ecosystem. As our global population increases it is essential for every being on the planet to take positive steps to reduce, recycle and reuse the precious resources we depend on for a quality life.

We must also regenerate, renew and respect our relationships with the people, plants and planet to make more conscious choices. Every ecosystem and living organism has a vital role to play. While you may not be fully aware of the symbiotic relationships, all algae, animals, coral reefs, forests, oceans, rainforests and fresh water sources play a vital role in our diversity and survival.

People, Plants & the Planet

Let’s look at the three key connections between the health of people, plants and planet.

People have basic human survival needs for air, food, health, safety, shelter and water. Plants provide various natural products and resources that help to meet every one of these survival needs.

Therefore, we are totally dependent on plants for our very survival. We must not allow the major sources of algae, sea weeds, rainforests and trees to be burned or destroyed. They are the lungs of the planet necessary to absorb the carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. In addition to providing the oxygen for us to breathe they also provide the vast abundance of foods we need everyday to live.

The planet is the source of all land and water which is essential to meeting our survival needs. Excess soil erosion has depleted much of the land and topsoil necessary for growing healthy crops. Around the world more land is being degraded and turned into a barren wasteland which can no longer feed the local animals and humans. We are also wasting too much precious fresh water to grow genetically modified and hybrid plants such as cotton, corn, soy and wheat which creates a major water footprint deficit. A large portion of these plants are used to feed animals or provide low quality food for humans.

There are many more effective and efficient plants such as amaranth, chia, quiona, coconuts, fruits, grasses, green leafy plants, hemp, herbs, nuts and seeds (flax, sesame, sunflower) that can provide for many of our fabric and food needs and actually help us be happier and healthier. These ancient and natural foods grow easily and more efficiently around the world compared to the weak commercial monoculture hybrid plants and Genetically Engineered (GE) plants loaded with toxic chemicals (fertilizer, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides). The weak commercial crops promoted by the global giants of big agribusiness require government subsidies and waste significant amounts of fossil fuels, land and water which further destroy our eco diversity and quality of life.

A Rainforest Walk The current burning and processing of fossil fuels every year is releasing the equivalent of 400 years of carbon accumulation in organic matter (plants). This is referred to as the carbon footprint and the world is spinning out of control with air, land and sea pollution. The people, plants and planet are suffering irreversible damage as a result and we are all paying a higher price and watching our overall quality of life deteriorate further. We must all make better conscious choices for a green and sustainable lifestyle everyday with every choice and decision. When you educate yourself with ancient wisdom and the power of truth and begin to tune into your heart and the beauty of nature it is easy to determine what is best for you and your family.

There’s No Place Like Home

One of the first places you can begin to focus your attention to help protect people, plants and the planet is your home. Most people today are buying and using products which are toxic and cause chemical contamination for them, their family and community. When you read the labels and warnings regarding these harmful products it is easy and more cost effective to come up with healthier alternatives.

Planet Earth definitely needs more concerned and informed people like you who care about environmental issues and will take action to protect it. Please help do your part to protect our planet today by sharing your concerns and core values with your children and others. Make a commitment to do something every week to protect people, plants and planet from harm. Your family and future generations will be healthier and thank you for your guardianship and wisdom.

You can find great information at Environmental Working Group (EWG) website such as the healthy home checklist.

One of the great benefits to assist you in inspecting your house is the ability to print (click) > The Healthy Home Checklist .

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