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16 02, 2012

What to Avoid, What to Embrace: Perfect Health for New Moms

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Last week the Great NEWS blog post covered the Perfect Health for Pregnant Women and this week you will learn about creating Perfect Health for Moms. This is an ongoing segment of the Perfect Health Mastery series for creating happy and healthy families. After a birth it is essential for women to focus on extra [...]

28 07, 2011

Perfect Home for Perfect Health

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Last week shared some great news regarding the rapidly growing going green movement for sustainability and this week we will focus on how to create the perfect home for perfect health. When you stop and think about sustainability one of the most important considerations that most people give inadequate consideration to is the blueprint and [...]

6 05, 2010

Caustic Chemicals Cleaners and Cancer Causing Compounds in the Casa

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Did you read the last blog post and use the Healthy Home Checklist to audit your home for harmful products? Did you also take action to help a family or friend by suggesting they read our helpful blogposts and share the checklist? If you did use the checklist great! (If not, you can get a copy today by [...]

29 04, 2010

Protecting People, Plants, and the Planet Begins at Home

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This article is inspired by my Earth Day commitment to promote and provide great green strategies and suggestions to reduce toxic threats to human health. Be ready for more Great NEWS at the end of this article with a helpful link that provides a healthy home checklist to conduct a healthy home audit. Our focus [...]

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