Last week the Great NEWS blog post covered the Perfect Health for Pregnant Women and this week you will learn about creating Perfect Health for Moms.

This is an ongoing segment of the Perfect Health Mastery series for creating happy and healthy families. After a birth it is essential for women to focus on extra special strategies and support to insure full recovery and perfect health for themselves and the newborn child. This Perfect Health for moms provides simple suggestions for mom and child so the entire family and friends understands their role in supporting them.

After childbirth moms will experience significant emotional, mental and physical needs dealing with a newborn child. This is an important time for family members and friends to reach out and help. Having been very involved with my raising three children there are so many things that require extra guidance and guidelines you can easily feel like your head and life is spinning out of control. This is exactly when the family and friends can create a valuable support team to reduce the strain and stress associated with labor, delivery and newborn child.

Even for those that have had children the world is a much more complicated and confusing array of decisions and demands today. The choices and information sources have increased astronomically and the new mom and dad must be vigilant with regards everyday actions and decisions. The world is full of companies, organizations and people that are eager to supply you information and products that may or may not be in your best interest. You must be ever vigilant at protecting and providing only the best and safest choices for your self and newborn.

75,000 Man Made Synthetic Chemicals

Synthetic ChemicalsPreviously we covered the concerns regarding over 75,000 man made synthetic chemicals and compounds in our environment.

Many of these harmful products have complex consequences to your health and well being. Unfortunately we become a filter of the air, foods, products and water we consume and use. Therefore, we are all at greater risk due to huge number of combinations of chemicals that can contaminate our bodies with significant harmful consequences over time.

Even the best chemists, dentists, doctors, researchers and scientists are often confused and contradictory regarding the dangers or safety of various synthetic chemicals, prescriptions and non prescription medicines. With tens of thousands of synthetic compounds surrounding us every day it is easy to see how there is extreme risk of harmful poisoning and toxicology.

It is essential to read the ingredients and warning label and understand what is in or on a product before it goes inside of you or on your skin. Once it is received or purchased and brought inside your home it is very likely that exposure to a potentially harmful substance can begin which affects you and the newborn. Now might even be the perfect time to have someone inspect and remove any questionable products out of the home you forgot to remove before or during the pregnancy.

26 Items Parents Need to Avoid

Just like during pregnancy, moms and dads should continue to avoid the following:

  1. All body care products with harmful and synthetic ingredients
  2. Cleaning cat litter boxes. Use extreme caution regarding pets which may have problematic parasites such as bacteria, fleas, ticks, virus and worms
  3. Using any harmful cleaning chemicals
  4. Exposure to petroleum products and pollution
  5. Fast foods, junk foods and highly processed foods which are loaded with harmful byproducts and ingredients
  6. Harmful indoor and outdoor fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and pesticides,
  7. Plastic bags, bottles, containers, furniture, nipples, teething rings and toys with BPA, phthlates and PCB’s which are a serious health risk
  8. Artificial food additives, colorings, flavorings, preservatives and sweeteners
  9. Smoke, second hand smoke and tobacco including smoky fires
  10. Fabric dyes and fire, stain and wrinkle resistant treatments
  11. Industrial byproducts, chemicals, gases, solvents and waste products
  12. Antibacterial soaps and wipes which may be creating super resistant bacteria commonly called superbugs
  13. Excess Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) from cell phones, routers and towers
  14. Ionizing radiation from x-rays, mammograms, CT scans and new airport body scanners
  15. All GE and GMO products and chose healthy organic whole foods instead
  16. Consuming alcohol and use of rubbing alcohol
  17. Off gassing of chemical compounds from new products such as composite wood, fabrics, furniture, glues, lacquers, non stick pans, painters, plastics, rugs, varnishes,
  18. Micro waved beverages or foods.
  19. Heavy metals in food and water such as cadmium, lead, mercury,
  20. Chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride
  21. Cooking with aluminum foil, pans and pots
  22. Artificial sweeteners
  23. Flu and other vaccinations that may contain contaminated ingredients, live virus or harmful preservatives. Learn about vaccinations before giving birth since childhood vaccinations start at birth.
  24. Prescription and over the counter medicines which frequently have serious side effects and cause many adverse reactions. Many are being linked to birth and health issues.
  25. Highly processed synthetic minerals, supplements and vitamins
  26. Infant formulas which are made with unnatural ingredients and are likely harmful due to the various risks associated with these ingredients because moms for thousands of years have known breastfeeding is best.

Moving Toward What is Best

With all the things to avoid it is important to mention a few key things to remember.

Use clear, concise and continuous communications with regards you desires and wishes for help, involvement and support for you and your infant.

Adding Fresh Apples to Your DietBe sure to nourish and nurture the body, mind and spirit to help fully recover, rejuvenate and revitalize after the extra demands of pregnancy and childbirth. Be sure to replenish by consuming lots of fresh nutrient dense organic whole foods with minimal heating and processing. Ask for the help and products you decide best meet you needs and feel free to let others know what is not acceptable or supportive for you and your family. They are not mind readers and therefore will probably respond better to some coaching in advance of making an unhealthy or unwise choice.

Ultimately it is the role of mom and dad to look out for the family health. It is better to do your research ahead of time and create “not safe” and “safe” checklists so it is easier to make the best choices and decisions rather than get caught at the last minute trying to figure things out.

There are too many harmful chemicals, compounds and corporate experiments out there being aggressively promoted to dads and moms that have no business entering your body or home. Remember our Perfect Health mantra is “buyer beware” in order to help insure you of the greatest probabilities for long term happiness, health and harmony.

In today’s complex and consumption driven world it is easy to seek short term convenience rather than long term safety. Remember that only you can be responsible for making the best choices possible with the latest and greatest information available. So do your homework and ask for help from the best and most reliable role models available. Also be thinking what they have to gain from promoting or selling their products.

Profits Versus Protection

Not Just a Pretty FaceAnother piece of sage advice is to follow your gut instincts and intuition as you follow the money trail. Many companies care more about profits than protecting you from harm.

Many of the best products on the market today are also the least expensive since they cannot be patented. Calcium bentonite clay, essential oils and herbs are just a few examples.

To create perfect health for Moms and infants the dads and everyone must also become better guardians and stewards of the environment and to make better informed decisions. We all live on this spaceship we call earth together and whatever happens to our environment happens directly and indirectly to each one of us. Ignorance of the law is no excuse and neither is ignorance of the risks to our health and well being. We must do our part to stop using harmful products and start using safe substances.

Mastery Action Plan

  • This is a great time to watch the Story of Stuff to help remember how important it is to avoid being a mindless consumer and spending excess money on senseless stuff.
  • Another good reference is the book “Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry” by Stacy Malkan.

Our next blog post will share: Perfect Health for Infants