Last week the Great NEWS blog post covered the Perfect Health for New Moms and this week you will discuss key distinctions for Perfect Health for Infants. This is another segment of the Perfect Health Mastery series for creating happy and healthy families.

Right before and immediately after an infant is born there are many key distinctions that will influence the child for the rest of their life. After giving birth it is essential for women to focus on extra special support for themselves to insure full recovery and the newborn infant to start them on the fast track for perfect health. This article on Perfect Health for infants provides simple suggestions for moms to be better focused and prepared.

New moms and infants experience significant emotional, mental and physical changes together after birth. No longer is she carrying the child inside where all the needs are continually met. Now it is important for mom to eat at least as well and maybe even better than while pregnant so she will receive the optimal foods, enzymes, minerals, phytonutrients, trace elements and vitamins her body needs.

Baby Formula Versus Mother’s Milk

mother kissing laughing babySince the best food in the world for infants is its own mother’s milk that is exactly what the infant should have for the early phase of life. Other than a little water as needed for hydration this is all an infant should have for a minimum of 6 months to a year or even longer. Many women are pressured directly and indirectly into not breastfeeding or weaning the infants too soon.

While I am well aware of the many stories about challenges, difficulties and issues regarding breast feeding they are simply obstacles that require more commitment and creativity to figure out a way. It is well documented that mother’s milk and nursing are exactly what our creator intended for us as the perfect solution for perfect bonding, nourishment and perfect health.

The mom will benefit as she shares her stored reserves of fat, immune boosters and nutrients while bonding with the infant. With a healthier and stronger infant she will also have less expense and hassles associated with childhood illness and doctor visits.

The infant will also receive the best food, immune enhancers, and nourishment while remaining better connected to the beating heart that it has experienced for 9 months. With the perfect food an infant will develop a better brain, healthier body and stronger immune system. Wow these are winning combinations that make breast feeding the best option and nothing else can be rationalized as acceptable or allowable.

While infant formulas are strongly promoted and pushed on new moms as being more convenient and conventional this is not true and goes against all common sense. Nothing can adequately replace or replicate the perfect nutrient dense whole food goodness of mothers milk.

It Takes a Village

This is an important time for the family members, friends and community (business, city, employer, government, municipality and health care system) to rally around mom and infant to help out and support them. Having been through the wild roller coaster ride helping to raise three children there are so many child rearing skills that require extra awareness and guidance to avoid making many of the common mistakes that have been programmed into our thinking during the last 100 years.

Love BlocksWith great help and support from the family and friends it is much easier to reduce the strain and stress associated with caring and raising a newborn infant. Everyone around the mother and infant must do their part to totally support and insure that they get the best opportunity for the mom to transition from pregnancy and the infant to start a great life full of happiness, health and harmony.

For parents that have already had children it is important to realize the lessons learned and missteps taken along the path of parenting and do your part to help share your vast wealth of experience and knowledge for the new dads, infants and moms of the world. Since these days it can be much more complicated and confusing so do your part to create products, record information and write books about the healthiest best practices you can for the greater good of humanity.

Product Education

Moms, it is essential you are extremely careful and diligent to acquire and use only the best and safest items for your self and newborn. There are many cheap and harmful products on the market these days from companies more interested in making a profit even if there is a potential health liability to you and your infant.

Remember there are many factors to be extra cautious and diligent about:

  1. There over 75,000 man made synthetic chemicals and compounds in our environment.
  2. Much of the bed linens, clothing and fabrics for infants are treated with chemicals to make them fire retardant, stain and wrinkle resistant
  3. Also avoid harmful dyes, genetically modified cotton, plastics, synthetic fabrics and other products which may be treated with harmful chemicals.
  4. Plastic bags, packaging, formula bottles and liners, nipples, sippy cups, teething rings and utensils may contain BPA, phthlates and PCB’s or other chemicals which are harmful. Many additives are hormone disruptors so they can do significant damage and disruption to your health, hormones and well being.
  5. Busy parents with infants may be tempted to eat fast foods, junk foods and highly processed foods which are often loaded with synthetic and harmful additives, colorings, flavorings, GMO’s and preservatives. Besides being unhealthy these compounds will end up in the infant from breast feeding. Whatever you eat they eat so choose carefully.
  6. Stuffed animals may have items such as accessories, attachments, collars and eyes that can come off and pose a serious risk for choking.
  7. Furniture, mattress and toys may contain harmful paints, products or present other health risks.
  8. With tens of thousands of synthetic compounds used in body care, cleaning and household products it is easy to understand the potential for harmful poisoning and toxicology.
  9. Read all the ingredients and warning labels in order to understand what is in or on a product before you use it. Once it goes inside of you or is on your skin it may easily become a part of you and do much harm. Once it is in your home it is can silently begin to affect you and the infant.
  10. Have your spouse or family member inspect the home and remove any questionable products you may have forgotten to remove prior to being pregnant.
  11. Be sure there are no EMF emitting devices in or near the infants’ room.
  12. Avoid harmful talc baby powder and use a natural alternative like calcium bentonite clay
  13. Ditch the toxic baby shampoos and soaps and chose Dr Bronner pure castile soap instead.
  14. Paint the child’s room with no or low VOC paints. Better yet is a calcium bentonite clay treatment you put on the walls.
  15. Be sure to eat significant amounts of unprocessed and uncooked foods with lots of enzymes, minerals, nutrients and vitamins. Probiotics are also very important for the mom to derive the optimal benefits from food in order to deliver them to the infant via breast milk.
  16. Continue to do you homework on vaccinations that may contain contaminated ingredients, live virus or harmful preservatives and make an educated decision on if, when or which ones. Adverse reactions can be life altering and life threatening.
  17. Continue to learn about vaccinations since there is incredible pressure from doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies promoting these.
  18. Moms and dads should find ways to avoid prescription and over the counter medicines which frequently have serious side effects and cause many adverse reactions for adults and infants. Many are being linked to birth and health issues.
  19. Avoid infant formulas which are made with improperly prepared and unnatural ingredients which are likely to be very harmful because moms for tens of thousands of years have known breastfeeding is best.
  20. Focus on time to nourish and nurture your body and your child so you both recover quickly from childbirth and begin a happy and healthy journey together. Consume plenty of fresh nutrient dense organic whole foods with minimal heating and your infant will get everything it needs.

Only the Best for Our Babies

It is up to the mom and dad to read and research the information to insure making the best choices for the family health. There are too many toxic chemicals, compounds and corporate creations out there capable of harming dads, infants and moms that must be avoided. Remember the Perfect Health mantra is “buyer beware” to help protect you from the insure you from the short and long term risks of science experiments gone crazy where you and your family are the guinea pigs.

To create perfect health for infants the dads and moms everywhere must become better educated regarding the health risks in order to make better informed choices. We all share the same air, foods, plants, and water and whatever happens to these environment factors will directly and indirectly affect each one of us. We must be vigilant to stop buying harmful products and start using safe ones. Perfect health for infants starts with moms focusing on their own health first and then they will have the awareness and energy to take care of the family also.

Mastery Action Plan

To read a helpful article on the various plastics, click > Even BPA Plastic Not Always Safe .

The Environmental Working Group has data showing upwards of 287 synthetic chemicals in the umbilical cord of newborns. Many products such as plastic bottles, nipples and pacifiers, synthetic formula and most baby wipes have significant synthetic chemicals in them. Even those cute blankets, infant outfits and toys have many which are endocrine disruptors and nerotoxins. They provide many helpful tips on avoiding potentially toxic and finding safe products for infants.

To visit, click > The Environmental Working Group

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