Did you read the last blog post and use the Healthy Home Checklist to audit your home for harmful products? Did you also take action to help a family or friend by suggesting they read our helpful blogposts and share the checklist? If you did use the checklist great! (If not, you can get a copy today by scrolling to the bottom of this page.)

During the current financial challenges it is great to have a resource that will actually save your health and money at the same time. If you have not shared this resourceful healthy home guide yet then now would be a great time to do a good deed during the Earth Day activities and help share this healthy message. This blog post is a gentle reminder regarding the caustic chemicals cleaners and cancer causing compounds in the casa (house) and how you can begin small steps to change to healthier choices.

Facing the Consequences

Unfortunately we live in a world where people are creating harmful synthetic chemicals faster than we can keep up with them. Most of them are not tested for long term consequences and toxicity. In addition the advertising, disclosure and labeling for most of these products is confusing and often misleading at best.

Product manufacturers want to sell you a product even if it has possible harmful consequences to you and the environment. With a little bit of investigation it is easy to learn about the abundance of economical, natural and safe alternatives that are available.

Your Home is Your Castle

Checking Your KitchenRemember your home is your castle (safe space) and where you spend a large potion of your life (up to 12 hours per day) breathing, eating, relaxing and sleeping so any chemicals or compounds that are harmful are a real threat.

Remember this includes your clothes, furniture, home and surrounding landscape. For many of us our commuting and work environment (often 8 -10 hours) causes even more toxic exposure. Therefore it is your responsibility to learn more about chemicals and health risks and then take appropriate actions to clean up your environment and minimize your exposure.

With the advantages of the internet and helpful websites it has never been easier to discover helpful information to maintain your happiness and protect your health. The key is making a decision to put your happiness and health at the top of your priority list and begin making better choices and take action to insure your well being. Once you eliminate the long list of mindless distractions that eat up your valuable time you will find it easier to focus on being educated and empowered to protect your self and your family.

Since our last blog post contained so much important information on improving the quality of life for all of us on our planet, we want to keep this post short and sweet.

To save you time and encourage you to participate in Earth Day health and wellness promotion, click to download > The Healthy Home Checklist 

Remember eliminating caustic chemicals cleaners and cancer causing compounds in the casa is your responsibly and is a key first step to protect your happiness and health. Give yourself and family the gift of a naturally clean and green home.

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