It is often said that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Unfortunately it seems that few of us consistently acknowledge the inner and natural beauty of ourselves, other people and the wonderful world we live in.

Many of us have become brainwashed and hypnotized by the fashion fools and followers industry. It’s likely that many of you are already offended and ready to click off because this topic is touching a sensitive nerve and it is easier to run and hide than face the facts.

Glitz & Glitter VS Comfort & Value

It appears the majority of what we perceive in relation to people and beauty is the glitz and glitter of the external stuff consisting of clothes, fashion, makeup and shoes. Instead of shopping for items based on comfort, durability, easy care, lasting value and classic styles we are frequently influenced by the designers, fashion icons and retailers to choose the latest fad or trendy look they want to promote this season.

They value you spending for a fake façade and financing with credit more than they do your friendly face and familiar features. They put intense effort into persuading people what to think, buy and wear to look chic and flashy. When you chase the changing seasons of fashion passion they convert your dollars, euros, and pesos into their delusions, empires and profits. They prefer to have everyone focus on the outside package and not the inside person that is unique and a magnificent gift from our creator.

Recently this was made very apparent after the major movie industry awards and again attending a wedding and reception. During the awards and wedding it was evident that fashion and not common sense directed the significant money that is being spent on the evening gowns, wedding dresses, brides’ maid dresses, tuxedos and other guest dresses.

In addition there are the closets with boxes and shelves of special shoes. These trendy torture devices with dazzling colors, high heels and pointed toes may put the buyer into a total trance of self delusion with that sexy, slimmer and taller mantra. However the truth reveals they are a sad attempt for women and men to compensate for any self esteem and self worth issues regarding their height, looks, poor eating choices, relationship status, sex appeal and weight concerns.

Unfortunately the women seem to be the most manipulated and taken advantage of when it comes to choosing clothing and shoes. Women may want to rethink the wisdom of spending big bucks for dresses that may only be worn one time or seldom and the shoes that hurt to stand and walk in. While they may say and think that those high heels or pointed toes make them look better and sexier the truth is that most of them have difficulty walking eloquently and look less than graceful.

Long Term Effects of Fashion

Bad Shoes Cause Foot ProblemsIf you want proof have someone video you from behind and from the side as you walk. Typically their posterior (buttocks) stick out and many waddle like a duck. Also the bones, joints and ligaments are tormented and twisted with serious long term consequences to your health and posture. Just look at the bunions, corns, deformities and hammer toes that plague peoples feet to the delight of the orthopedists and podiatrists.

Modern shoes act more like a torture device from a dungeon rather than practical padding and protection for your foot. It is also evident that many of the colors and dresses are less than flattering to their figures. You can put a fancy wrapping on the outside to deceive others but you cannot hide from the mirror on the wall which always reveals the naked truth. Now would be a great time to ask yourself if your clothes and shoes fit well and flatter you or are they part of a wardrobe of designer deceptions.

Natural Beauty & Long Term Health

My goal is to help you focus on your natural beauty and long term health as a higher priority than wasting your financial future on fake fabrics and flashy fashions that degrade you and lower your core self esteem. These powerful fashion icons combined with the manipulations of the advertisers, apparel manufactures, media and public relations giants are able to dictate what is beautiful and constantly attempt to hypnotize you into believing they know real beauty better than you do. Every season they come out with new attire and designs to replace last year’s models.

Speaking of models what type of message does the fashion industry obsession for slim models strutting down the runways send to our children and subconscious mind? You can bet a lot of the women’s self esteem issues start early due to not being born with the Barbie doll figure. (We will address the consequences of cosmetic vanity liposuction, reconstructive and plastic surgery in a future issue).

How often do you stop and realize the stress, strain and weight gain that result from stressing over your wardrobe? Or consider the impact to your health and vitality when flashy fashion is a higher priority than natural nutrition and well being? What about the 20+ pairs of shoes with heels that cause your body to be out of alignment instead of investing in several pairs of comfortable and ergonomically designed shoes. Our feet need great protection and support for the bones, joints and tendons which allow us to dance, run and walk for a lifetime? It seems like an easy and obvious choice between your body and health and some fancy fabrics and faux foot fashions.

Often you are asked to pay a premium for a designer logo that only serves to flaunt their fashions and flatten your finances. This contributes to more elitism and peer pressure to “keep up with the Jones”. Imagine the big bucks to be saved and reduction in frustration and stress when children in school chose from classic and comfortable uniforms. As adults we can also choose comfort, quality and value and avoid the elitist logo lunacy. We could then invest more for our empowering education and financial freedom. Imagine what a better world we would create with a focus on being frugal and practical with the purchase of quality clothes that look great and last longer instead of stressing out over the fabricated fashion flamboyancy and fuss.

Every day the streets, stores and shopping malls are filled with people looking to be distracted, hypnotized and mesmerized by the latest fashion industry hype. Many of them would benefit and be happier from focusing on the areas of their life that need a little quality time and tender loving care instead.

Did you know that many of the fancy fabrics are made with synthetic compounds, chemicals, and treatments that may be harmful to your health and well being?

Be sure to look for natural fibers such as organic cotton, hemp, linen, silk and wool as your first choice. It is best to avoid fabrics that require dry cleaning and harmful chemicals whenever possible to avoid plastic bags, protect the environment, reduce chemical exposure and save money.

Imagine what a safer and simpler world we would live in without wasting our energy, money and time with the follies of the fashion fools and followers industry. Remember that comfortable, classic and well made attire is the best long term value and makes it easy to feel fantastic and look great for less.

Our next blog post will share: Empowering Emotions