19 02, 2009

Ideas for Sharing Lots of Love

By |2012-01-29T22:51:59-06:00February 19th, 2009|Happiness|0 Comments

Now that Valentines Day has come and gone it seems appropriate to reflect on the quality of our relationships to ensure we give and receive lots of love. The most important person to have a great relationship with is your self. Therefore unlike many advertisements and promotions focused on buying cards, candy and trinkets, this [...]

29 01, 2009

Basic Cleanse, Detox & Mini Fast

By |2012-01-27T21:21:03-06:00January 29th, 2009|Cleansing and Detox|0 Comments

Now is a great time to focus your New Year - New You on health and wellness. Consider giving your body the gift of a therapeutic wellness weekend cleanse, detox and mini fast. Holiday seasons often lead to the over indulgence of unhealthy foods, sweet treats and excess libations. As a result the body and [...]

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