Now is a great time to focus your New Year – New You on health and wellness. Consider giving your body the gift of a therapeutic wellness weekend cleanse, detox and mini fast. Holiday seasons often lead to the over indulgence of unhealthy foods, sweet treats and excess libations.

As a result the body and digestive system need some extra tender loving care (TLC). An excellent way to give your body a rest and help eliminate accumulated waste products and toxins is to treat yourself to a simple cleanse, detox and mini fast.

It is easy to create a wonderful wellness weekend. It is even more beneficial if you can set aside several days for TLC. Many people overload the body and digestive system the majority of the year. Pampering yourself for several days each quarter is a small investment which will yield long term dividends as you help maintain the health and wellness of your body, mind and spirit.

To prepare for a cleanse, detox and mini fast wellness weekend you will want to have the following items available: Blender, red grapefruit or oranges, lemons or limes, fresh ginger root, powder Super Greens, cinnamon, powder cayenne pepper, sea salt and sweetener (agave, dates, honey or stevia).

Morningstar Cleanse & Energy Elixir

A great cleanse, detox and mini fast recipe is:

Morningstar Cleanse & Energy Elixir- Peel a grapefruit or orange, lemon or lime. In a blender with 4 cups of water add 1 inch piece of ginger, 1 grapefruit or 2 oranges, 1 lemon or lime, 1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper, cinnamon, pinch of sea salt and small amount of agave, dates, honey or pinch of stevia (herbal sweetener) and 1 tsp. Mega Greens powder. 

Next, blend on high in stages and enjoy this great tasting energy elixir all day long. Let your body decide the optimal amount for you each day. Drink additional warm water as needed to stay satisfied and fully hydrated.

Creating a Wellness Weekend

Creating a Wellness WeekendAfter starting with this basic program many people find it beneficial to add natural detoxing formulas, herbs and teas during future cleanse, detox and mini fasts.

Before and after a wellness weekend it is important to focus on eating healthy meals such as fresh fruits and greens for breakfast, salad with avocado and raw or lightly steamed vegetables for lunch and vegetable juices and warm live food soups for dinner. Live foods are prepared below 118 degrees.

It is important to slow down and unplug in order to relax, rejuvenate and rest during a wellness weekend. While most people feel great, others may feel a bit sluggish as they eliminate some of the unhealthy toxic things they put in or on their body during the year. Be sure to treat yourself to pampering and quiet time.

Enjoy soothing activities such as: aromatherapy, bath (sea salt), breath walking, clay facial, deep breathing, journaling, massage, meditation, reading, rebounding, reflexology, sauna, sunshine, yoga and watching a funny movie. Adding these bonuses during a healthy wellness weekend helps you rest, rejuvenate and revitalize your entire body, mind and spirit.

After the Cleanse

Remember for several days after a cleanse, detox and mini fast it is very beneficial to eat light and enjoy healthy nutrient dense live whole foods such as: fresh fruits, herbs, vegetables, salads, soups, sprouted whole grains, raw nuts and seeds. As you continue to focus and maintain a balanced lifestyle of healthy eating, energizing and exercising notice how other areas of your life begin to align with your new values and vision to create health and wellness.

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