Many people search for health and wellness tips, ideas and recipes during the holiday season. Here are some great tips to help you kick off the New Year and enjoy more energy, happiness, health and wellness now and long term.

Health Tips for Colder Months

My passion is discovering and sharing great nutrition, emotion, wellness and success tips to manifest perfect health and wellness. During the colder months (northern hemisphere) it is very important to increase your focus on health and nutrition. This is when many factors such as holiday: meals, parties, financial pressures, shopping and other stressors impact your mental and physical well being. Additional seasonal factors such as less daylight, more time indoors, colder weather and less fresh produce availability often contribute to a more acidic lifestyle which leads to a less healthy physiology and psychology.

With less daylight hours many people are not getting enough sunlight to manufacture adequate Vitamin D which is essential for absorbing calcium and overall health. Exposure to sunlight on your skin is important for your immune system and mental health during the colder, darker and more stressful winter season. This winter may be even more stressful than previous ones due to economic concerns.

When sun light is available invest some quality time outdoors and absorb the suns healing energy. Exercise is also a very important aspect for maintaining your mental and physical health and wellness. Winter Scene

Good Foods & Drinks During Winter

Remember to consume sufficient liquids, especially warm water and healthy herbal teas. Adding fresh lemon, lime, or ginger to your water adds variety and health benefits. A pinch of Celtic sea salt and Mega Greens Powder are great ideas to help maintain your energy. This is a great time to consume more heart healthy warm soups, vegetables, and seasonal fruits (oranges, limes, lemons, grapefruit, cranberries, persimmons and pomegranate).

Eating green leafy plants is especially important during this time of year to counteract the acidity created by the dietary, emotional, mental and physical stressors. Chlorophyll in green plants is almost identical to the hemoglobin in your blood and will help alkalize and energize your body, mind and spirit.

Best Natural Sweeteners

To be healthy, wealthy and wise during the holidays consider avoiding most of the sweet deserts made with processed high fructose corn syrup and refined white sugar. Both of these products are very addictive and hard on the body and immune system. Corn syrup, beet sugar and cane sugar are highly heated, processed, refined, and treated which alters their chemical structure and converts them into very unhealthy products.

It is better to use natural sweeteners such as raw agave nectar, honey, dates, carrots, beets or stevia. Stevia is a natural herb much sweeter than sugar. These health and wellness tips may help you enjoy a longer and healthier life and avoid the financial pitfalls of disease, drugs, disabilities, doctors sick care and hospital stays, Remember your health is a key component of your wealth.

Health Mastery Books

China Study BookcoverWhen you invest energy, money and time to improve your emotions, health and wellness be sure to avoid behaviors and habits that sabotage your progress. When would now be a great time to read a chapter from a health mastery book such as Fit for Life by Harvey Diamond or The China Study by T. Colin Campbell to discover more great strategies as we prepare for a great New Year?

To feel encouraged and supported with our health goals it is important to educate and inspire your family, friends and peers with health and wellness tips and recipes. Remember the team that commits to support and transition together is more likely to succeed and transform together.

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