Have you been craving some spicy or tangy treat? Maybe you’re thinking about spicing up some area of your life. This is more that just a coincidence. Herbs and spice exist as more than just additional aromas and flavors to our everyday beverages and foods. They offer many benefits and bonuses for our overall happiness, health and wellness.

With a little culinary creativity you are able to access a wide range of abundant plants to add aroma, color, essential oils, flavor, minerals, phyto-nutrients, trace elements, vitamins, and zest to your beverages and foods. An added bonus is that most herbs and spices have been found to offer many natural medicinal properties along with their great tastes. Could there be a hidden connection between our cravings for herbs and spices to improve the taste of foods as they also improving our health and well being? Maybe this is something we should think about more often.

Spice Up Your Life

Herbs and spices come from all over the world and have been documented since the beginning of recorded history to have been widely traded and transported. Common herbs and spices come from a wide range of plant parts which includes the roots, stems, bark, flower, seeds, leaves and fruit. Imagine the benefit of knowing that every time you add some great tasting herbs and spice to your beverages and foods you are doing something great for your health.

Hippocrates is commonly referred to as the father of Medicine. He is quoted to have said

Let thy food be thy medicine and they medicine be thy food”

This is especially relevant when one thinks about the role of spices and herbs.

Turmeric and Other Medicinal HerbsBy now many people have heard that many herbs and spices have been found to provide natural medicinal properties which includes anti-oxidant, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic and even anti-cancer benefits. With all these fantastic benefits it seems obvious that we should all want to spice up our foods and beverages even more to receive the fabulous bonuses for our long term health and wellness.

Health Benefits of Most Common Seasonings

It would require a book to write about all the herbs and spices used by various cultures around the world. However since your taste buds may be tantalized at this point it seems only fair to mention some of the most common and well known seasonings available and some of the discovered benefits.

  • cayenne, cilantro and cinnamon to help prevent obesity
  • bay leaves, lemon grass, nutmeg, rosemary, and saffron for calming your mind and mood
  • aloe, basil and thyme for healthy skin
  • cinnamon and coriander for blood sugar regulation
  • cinnamon, garlic, ginger, holy basil, thyme and turmeric for boosting the immune system
  • turmeric for anti-cancer properties
  • oregano offers benefits as an anti-fungal
  • chicory, garlic and mustard seed for healthy heart properties
  • black pepper, cayenne, coriander, dandelion and rosemary for improved digestion, mental state and thermogenic properties.

As you prepare to enjoy the great taste of your next meal be sure to spice up your food and life with great herbs and spices. There are many ways to enhance the sight, smell and taste of your beverages and foods for better enjoyment and health. Remember to give thanks to the person who grows and prepares your food and for the tasty plants which provide delicious seasonings and bonus health and wellness properties. When it comes to more pure pleasure with great family, friends and food adding herbs and spice is nice

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