Now that Valentines Day has come and gone it seems appropriate to reflect on the quality of our relationships to ensure we give and receive lots of love. The most important person to have a great relationship with is your self. Therefore unlike many advertisements and promotions focused on buying cards, candy and trinkets, this newsletter is dedicated to simple ideas you can use now to give yourself special treats and lots of love.

Enjoy the following extra bonus tips for extending love.

Tips for Extending Love

Restoring Emotional BalanceInvest a few minutes to reflect on how you treat yourself each day. While Valentine’s Day is special do you give yourself the gift of love all year long? When you learn to love yourself even more you will experience many more magic moments from partners, spouses, family and friends. They will notice the shift and enjoy being around the happier and healthier you. When you are more happy and loving on the inside it will definitely show up on the outside for all to see.

Instead of being stressed about things to do or buy, a great gift for anyone you care about is to say “I thank you, I appreciate you and I love you”. Do this first for yourself by looking at the mirror and into your eyes as you say this each day to acknowledge yourself first. Then begin complimenting and spreading the love to your family and friends. Imagine how much better each day will be when you begin the day by saying kind words to yourself and then the people in your life.

Healthy Treats

If you are going to buy some chocolate treats consider raw chocolate (cacao beans), dates and raw nuts. The raw cacao is bitter, dates are super sweet and the nuts provide the great essential fats. When combined you get a great taste which is much healthier for you than commercial processed chocolate. Most people today know that cooked chocolate, refined sugar, additives and chemicals are not healthy for us. Raw bars, raw candy, raw cakes, raw cookies, raw pies and other raw treats give you a delicious decadent desert that is a healthy alternative.

Growing Greens

Instead of spending money on cut flowers that will soon wither and die consider buying and planting a flowering plant, herb garden or fruit tree that you can enjoy all year long. This way you do something great for yourself, family and the environment.

Dinner for Two

Table for TwoOr consider preparing a delicious and nutritious living cuisine whole food feast. Almost any unhealthy meal can be improved and modified by using all natural, nutrient dense raw whole foods. This provides better quality meals that are more economical and healthier than the highly processed, refined and unhealthy prepared foods and fast foods that most people consume.

Messages That Convey Love

Find your favorite poem, quote or saying and create an electronic format to display or printout. You can put it in a frame or on your computer screensaver or wallpaper to brighten up your day. You can write a poem or love letter to your partner, spouse or family to share some great memories. It is easier than ever to create a picture album and share digital pictures of magic moments and memories. It is also great to help children develop the habit of sending artistic cards, emails and pictures to brighten up the day for parents, grandparents and friends.

Extending Gratefulness

Make a note in your daily gratitude journal about 5 things you are grateful for. Then review your notes weekly or monthly and see what a difference this makes in your life. If this does not bring a smile to your face than what will? Decide to be more open, honest and direct in your communications with others about your desires and needs. They are not mind readers and will greatly appreciate you sharing your inner thoughts and wishes. Often it is the small things that make the big difference

Terrific Loving Care

Luxury Bath GiftTo make your Valentine’s Day even more special focus on pampering and Terrific Loving Care (TLC). Indulge in a clay facial, foot massage and gentle yoga to refresh, rejuvenate and revitalize. Follow up with a therapeutic bath with calcium bentonite clay, sea salt, essential oils and soothing music to really relax. A special weekend home spa treatment is an easy, effective and economical way to sooth your body, mind and spirit. Be careful to avoid products with harmful ingredients and toxic chemicals.

Magic Moments

Before going to bed do a few rounds of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping to release any upsets from the day. Focus on what you are grateful for and any magic moments that occurred during the day. Now look in the mirror or reflect in your minds eye and say, “I love you”.

Remember you deserve lots of love, so give it to your self first and watch it spread to others.

Next week the Great NEWS Letter will share: Going Green is Great!

Please share with your friends and families to spread the message of great nutrition, emotions, wellness and success.

My Wish for You is Health, Love, Abundance and Time to Enjoy Them.

To Your Perfect Health,

Michael Morningstar