14 05, 2021

Seven X Seven Smart Stability Stamina Strength Systems – Part 3

By |2021-05-21T18:22:19-05:00May 14th, 2021|Exercise & Fitness|0 Comments

Whether you are 27, 47, 67, or 87 it is essential to develop a regular regimen of diverse exercise, fitness, and movement activities to help prevent disease and promote health. Many people are struggling with health, immunity inflammation, and weight issues. As we age we can be at greater risk for many health challenges when [...]

1 10, 2015

Monkey Bar Gym for Fabulous Fitness and Fun

By |2015-10-01T14:20:04-05:00October 1st, 2015|Exercise & Fitness, Improving Health|0 Comments

The 2015 Great NEWS posts share Healthy Habits to enhance our fitness, flexibility and fun. Today’s post on Monkey Bar Gym for Fabulous Fitness and Fun will share some great examples of exercise and lifestyle that will help improve your health with body weight exercise and training.  Body weight exercise is easy to do any [...]

28 03, 2013

Energizing Exercises & Fascinating Fitness Menu

By |2013-04-03T23:37:36-05:00March 28th, 2013|Exercise & Fitness|2 Comments

The previous Great NEWS post discussed the benefits to saying Yes to Yoga and today be cover wide choices from the Energizing Exercises & Fascinating Fitness Menu. The original post on Maintaining Alignment, Muscles and Posture expanded into a ten part series with additional content to help educate, empower and excite more people. Maintaining Alignment, [...]

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