The previous Great NEWS post asked Are Mammograms Health Hazards and today we answer Are X-rays Health Hazards? This post is important for children, men and women due to the potential problems from excessive X-rays.  How many times have you had X-rays and how many times have you had any caution or warning?  Ionizing radiation can be harmful to humans so we must be cautious and monitor our x-ray exposure.  Excess ionizing radiation exposure can harm our health.  This post will answer Are X-rays Health Hazards and what you can do to minimize excess X-rays and ionizing radiation.

The Great NEWS Coach Health Hazards series is designed to alert us to risks that rob us of our happiness and health. X-rays can be a major contributor to excess ionizing radiation and can cause damage to cells, DNA, glands and tissue.

Consultation with Doctor

Our common sense knows excess ionizing radiation is dangerous so we must learn how to eliminate and reduce it whenever possible.

Most doctors, researchers and scientists have known for many decades that excessive ionizing radiation can increase problems associated with: aging, cancer, cell damage, disease, DNA damage, genetic issues, hormone issues and immune dysfunction.  Since many x-rays are taken my hygienists and technicians it is imperative for us to know the basics for our protection.

Our common sense knows excess ionizing radiation is dangerous so we must learn how to eliminate and reduce it whenever possible. Unfortunately many people place too much trust in other people that may not be thinking about our best interest.

Are X-rays Safe?

While the majority of people in the medical industry will tell you that diagnostic X-rays are safe there are many reasons for caution since they may not be as safe as believed.  Here are some of the main concerns to consider carefully before undergoing X-rays because ionizing radiation can:

  • Cause cells to mutate.
  • Damage our DNA.
  • Cause cancer
  • Damage our endocrine glands which disrupt hormone production.
  • Damage us in unseen and undetected ways.
  • Lead to disease and health problems later in life.
  • Have a cumulative effect which increases our risk over time.
X Ray

X-rays generate big bucks and are big business for all providers involved.

Remember diagnostic centers, dentists, doctors, hospitals and X-ray equipment companies make millions of dollars from using X-rays each year.  X-rays generate big bucks and are big business for all providers involved.  There are so many reasons to use x-rays they have become very accepted and common place.

We and our diligent health advocate must be detectives and diligent as we become educated and empowered with the latest information for our health and well being.  Our common sense and unconscious mind must always be our health advocate committed and confident to ask the tough questions and champion our best interest.  We all need a protective health advocate before receiving any X-rays.

Many people feel the x-ray technician is looking out for our best interest.  They are just doing their job and following orders.  We must ask better questions and demand better answers to prevent excessive levels of x-rays from being used that may damage our body and wreck our health.   We must do our homework and research in advance so we make informed decisions.

Stop Excessive X-rays and Start Shielding

  • Ask the dental hygienist check the records before doing routine x-rays.
  • Always wear a lead apron on the areas not being x-rayed.
  • Ask for the minimum number of x-rays possible.
  • Ask for alternative diagnostics first like sonograms, MRI and thermography first.
  • During dental x-rays always wear the thyroid gland shield.
  • Mammograms are x-rays. Thermography is not.

BTW Ionizing radiation from various sources is one of the greatest risks we face. Depleted uranium, nuclear accidents, nuclear waste and nuclear weapons are some of the greatest risks to our very survival. Depleted uranium is used in high technology weapons like armor and bunker piercing projectiles and armor protection. Nuclear accidents like Chernobyl and Fukushima released a large amount of radioactive material into the air, land and water that produces ionizing radiation which affects animals and humans around the world. Nuclear waste is accumulating around the world from spent nuclear fuel rods that must be stored forever.  The world is full of ionizing radiation and we must take whatever steps are necessary to protect ourselves.

X Ray

The world is full of ionizing radiation and we must take whatever steps are necessary to protect ourselves.

Today we discovered some serious concerns regarding “Are X-rays Health Hazards.” Now we have some simple steps to protect our self.  Being educated and empowered with this information will help us avoid excessive x-ray exposure. If we damage one part of the body the entire system pays the price.  We must learn to read and research the key information before we allow diagnostic procedures that may harm our health.

This Great NEWS post …Are X-rays Health Hazards is written to alert children, men and women to the health risks associated with X-rays.  The goal is to help people be more cautious and use more shielding with X-rays in order to maintain a healthy life.  Choose wisely what procedures you allow because only you can prevent potential problems from diagnostics and mistreatments.  Reading “Are X-rays a Health Hazard” will help you protect your self and family from excessive X-ray ionizing radiation.

What is your current Gap?

How many X-rays are too many and harmful? No one knows. The average person is receiving more ionizing radiation exposure than they realize.

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What mastery action plans will help you reduce ionizing radiation from X-rays?

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding ionizing radiation and X-rays?  What else can you do to start making healthy lifestyle choices and stop doing harmful habits for even better happiness and health?

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