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Have you heard the great news that hemp makes a fantastic fabric, fiber, food and fabulous health supplement yet? Did you realize that cannabidiol (CBD) is just one of many natural compounds from these potent, prolific and powerful plants? Articles, research and stories are regularly reporting on the numerous health benefits of natural compounds from both commercial hemp and medical cannabis. Both are being promoted for help with a wide range of health issues as well as helpful health supplement. It appears our body and brain may be pre-wired with cannabidiol receptor sites that may offer an interesting insight into how and why we may be happier and healthier by consuming commercial hemp or medicinal cannabis. As we focus more on various natural compounds in our body, brain and foods we are making some amazing discoveries and distinctions. Researchers and scientists are learning more every day about the health benefits of natural products derived from commercial hemp and medical cannabis. There seems to be an abundance of information that shows they both positively affect our quality of  life and maybe even our longevity. Today we will focus on the benefits of avoiding harmful chemicals and synthetic compounds and choosing better natural plant based products as alternatives. If your mind is open to better behaviors, beliefs and benefits regarding CBD from commercial hemp and medicinal cannabis these plants pack potent phytonutrients which may offer a more affordable, renewable and sustainable model for our healthcare and well being.


Researchers and scientists are learning more every day about the health benefits of natural products derived from commercial hemp and medical cannabis.

Many people are experiencing major health issues from the chemical poisons, synthetic compounds and toxic lifestyle they embrace. So many factors are contributing to and damaging our health and well being. My information and intention is shared to help educate, inspire and motivate more people to learn about the benefits of commercial hemp and medicinal cannabis so we invest our money wisely in better fabrics, fibers, foods and formidable supplements for health. When we avoid buying, consuming and supporting the Big Fake Food and Big Pharma big ripoffs we begin to minimize the detrimental effects from these harmful and unsustainable suppliers. As a long term personal fitness, health and nutrition coach I discovered a variety of solutions, strategies, suggestions and systems to promote healthcare strategies and  systems that are natural and sustainable. It is important to research various health hazards and learn strategies like commercial hemp and medicinal cannabis to better serve my present and future clients including those who visit our Belize Eco Village wellness project.

Problems: Big Fake Food and Big Pharma

Big Fake Food and Big Pharma companies are dependent on new consumers and constant consumption and driven by profits and Return On Investment (ROI). Even if their process is destructive, harmful and unsustainable long term they push their product rather than natural and safer alternatives. Many researchers and scientists have discovered that the toxic chemicals and synthetic compounds used by Big Fake Food and Big Pharma are harming us and the inhabitants of our planet. While many companies and people want us to believe these toxic products are beneficial, necessary and safe, we should know better and be questioning the total insanity of poisoning the people, plants and planet.

It is well documented that a wide range of synthetic additives, chemicals, coloring, drugs, flavorings, preservatives and synthetic compounds pollute the planet as it damages our biosphere, bodies and brains. Evidence indicates they can lead to accelerating aging, disease, hormonal issues, immune system dysfunction, sickness, weakness and even death. Chemicals used by Big Fake Food and Big Pharma companies are causing serious harm and even death depending on various factors. All chemicals and synthetic compounds have serious considerations and side effects to people, plants and planet over time. By buying and using their harmful synthetic compounds we destroy Mother Nature, keep them in business and poison our selves. Does that seem like an insane habit?

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People are quickly learning that using chemicals and synthetic compounds in foods and drugs to improve our health is self sabotage and slow suicide.

People are quickly learning that using chemicals and synthetic compounds in foods and drugs to improve our health is self sabotage and slow suicide. As many people search for better and new alternatives commercial hemp and medicinal cannabis continues to excite people with the amazing benefits and uses for these powerful plants. We are being harmed by the over use and misuse of chemicals in most foods, medicines and processed products we consume. Significant evidence indicates that chemicals and synthetic compounds are major source of health hazards, poisons and toxins contributing to the large increase in death, deformities, disabilities and disease we see around us. We are experiencing an flood of health challenges since companies and scientists began unleashing a tsunami of harmful chemicals and synthetic compounds into almost every food, medicine and product we use. We are being poisoned from external and internal exposure to harmful chemicals and synthetic compounds in our air, foods, medicines and water.

As mentioned in previous blog posts advertising, government agencies, marketing and public relations organizations produce an abundance of disinformation, misinformation and outright lies designed to prevent us from knowing the truth about these harmful chemicals and synthetic compounds that are serious health hazards. Therefore it is important to seek alternative and complimentary ways to enhance our happiness and health. My years of research for better health, nutrition and wellness practices and protocols has lead me to some great ideas, insights and inspiration for preventing and protecting against synthetic chemical health hazards. My research has directed me to finding great resources and role models to help improve our health in a holistic way long term. CBD may be one of the best natural products and biggest game changers the world has experienced since the dawn of civilization.

Solution: CBD for Holistic Health

We know we must avoid the health hazards and seek the health helpers that are natural. Where do we begin? Start with the basics like organic natural fabrics, fibers, foods, medicinal plants and products like commercial hemp and medicinal cannabis to create a happier and healthier world. Would you like to easily enhance your endurance, energy and immune system as you reduce anxiety, inflammation, free radicals and stress in addition to supercharging your body with adaptogens, antioxidants, phytonutrients and better sleep? Maybe CBD from hemp and medicinal cannabis is just what you are looking for. I recently ready a lot of great information about these on the Medical Marijuana Inc. website and strongly encourage you to do the same. As a new student to CBD myself it makes the most sense for you to go to the experts to do your homework and research.

CBD is a Simple Strategy


Only buy nutrient dense organic whole foods and supplements when possible.

The first step to protecting yourself is to stop buying non organic foods, medicines, supplements and other products. That means avoiding most products with chemicals and synthetic compounds in them. Avoid them if they do not show all the details about ingredients, packaging and processing. Only buy nutrient dense organic whole foods and supplements when possible.

  • Begin learning more about CBD products from an organic and reliable expert resource.
  • As a public company Medical Marijuana Inc. must have the financial backing to act, be accountable and communicate to a higher standard than other non public companies.
  • The next step is to join an online community or network to exchange ideas and information with other like minded people. Begin discussing this topic at your Community Food Association (CFA), organic co-op or organic farmers market. This way you can have access to a great selection of organic choices and connect with a more health conscious community.
  • Another option is to  join together with other like minded individuals to cooperate and share what you learn. Rick Simpson seems like a great resource for learning about medicinal cannabis for severe health issues like cancer.
  • Look for a health coach or mentor who has several years of first hand awareness and experience in CBD from hemp and medicinal cannabis. Consider a search for someone who used CBD successfully to help a client or themselves using CBD oil with a personal health issue.
  • Erin Elizabeth with Health Nut News reports she has dealt with several health challenges using CBD oil and is willing to share the details. Go to Health Nut News for the details..
  • Most people have little to loose and much to gain from giving CBD oila try for 90 days to see if they fell or notice a difference.

Healthy Habits & Habitats

In 2017 Morningstar NEWS will continue our 50% focus on Healthy Habits and 50% on Healthy Habitats and Sustainability Systems. As our new Belize Eco Village wellness center evolves we will research and role model proven principles. Our vision will attract a wide variety of eco-conscious and passionate people to help design, build and live in our eco friendly, healthy and sustainable community. Imagine the advantages of exercise, fitness and health routines to stay healthy as we invest, live, retire, travel, visit and work better while enjoying an even more happy, healthy and heavenly lifestyle. We will focus on ideas, insights and inspiration as we provide more progress pictures and vivid videos on Facebook. Stay tuned for progress posts with more solutions, strategies, suggestions and systems to develop the 149 acres of Caribbean pine ridge and broad leaf forest with the intention to teach about the benefits of CBD.

Where is Your Gap?

What actions, behaviors, beliefs and decisions regarding your habits and habitats are harming your happiness and health? What will it take for you to better protect your family and self from the damage, degradation and destruction occurring right now due to chemicals and synthetic compounds? What unhealthy habits are you willing to stop being a part of the problem in order to start being a part of the solution instead? Could using CBD for your body, mind and spirit health be the beginning of a new chapter in your health journey? Only your investment of energy, money and time to embrace CBD will tell.

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

It is well documented that our daily habits and habitats greatly impact our happiness and health. There is a wealth of wisdom regarding healthy habits to start and health hazards to stop. What are you willing to do differently to protect your self and family with better choices instead of harmful chemicals and synthetic compounds? Creating a healthy habits and habitat code of conduct and mastery action plan will enhance the quality of life now and in the future. We cannot sustain our happiness and health with a lack of proper exercise, fitness and nutrition. Are you ready to change your old habits and add some new and empowering ones? Learn more about the benefits of CBD from Dr. Mercola. For those looking for inspiration and motivation to take action see what Regeneration International says.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding healthy habits and habitats? Are you ready to learn more and join our terrific team?

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