Jogging at DuskAre you experiencing any back, hip, knee, leg or neck pain? Today an ad in the Houston Chronicle said that 100 million people in the US have knee pain. Today we write about the benefits of being tuned in and turned on to various exercises, ideas, practices, protocols, routines and therapies to prevent and even permanently resolve and reverse various pains and problems. The majority of people will experience various back, hip, knee, leg or neck pain at one time or another during their life. Why? Due to a variety of actions and causes most people are contributing to the harm and hurt to their bones, cartilage, health, joints, muscles, tendons and well being which is a major motivation for writing this post to help people with simple and sustainable solutions. My intention for writing about back, hip, knee, leg and neck pain is to help educate and inspire more people to learn the causes and reasons and what they can do to prevent and reverse them. Yes, you read that right: we can prevent and reverse most aches and pains by learning some key valuable physiology, psychology and physical fitness techniques and tips that will benefit you after reading this post. As a long term personal exercise, fitness and nutrition coach and trainer first focused on my own health and well being issues I have learned a variety of skills, solutions, strategies and systems during my obsessive compulsive passion project to discover and promote perfect health success strategies. Over the years it was important to research various exercise, fitness and wellness strategies to find those that will best serve me and other people to be integrated into our Belize Eco Village fitness and wellness center project.

What Causes Pain?

Did you know that pain is our friend? Every pain offers an alert, feedback, indication, information, message, signal or warning to prevent pain and protect us. Pain can provide valuable information to help you live and survive safely in a complex, dangerous and harmful world. Pain is part of an integrated system of data feedback, information integration and sensory imput regarding the world around and within us. Pain happens because our nervous system is sending feed back that is meant to prevent harm and protect us from damage, danger and dumb stuff.

As mentioned in previous blog posts there is too much unnecessary pain and suffering in the world due to bad habits, corporate greed, disease, emotional trauma, health hazards, sadness, sickness, stress and unhealthy beliefs, habits and rituals. This is leading to a catastrophic crisis around the earth as people turn to alcohol, drugs, expensive interventions, medications, medical interventions, surgery and treatments to escape the pain. We desperately need improved methods for avoiding, reducing and treating pain with a simple and sustainable system. Most pain management is damaging to our finances, health, productivity and well being.

My years of research for the best emotions, health, nutrition, success and wellness programs and protocols has lead me to some great ideas, insights and inspiration for preventing and protecting against unnecessary pain. My research has directed me to finding great resources and role models to help improve our health in a holistic way long term. Some pain is helpful to keep us safe ayet too much pain is an indication we are doing some things that are not in our best interest and deserves our full attention.

Chronic Pain vs. Pain Free

Doctor's OfficeAs more people struggle with chronic debilitating pain and suffering it is obvious we are doing some things to cause these situations. When we dig a little deeper and put our heads together it becomes self evident that one of the most significant causes of chronic pain is lack of common sense, inadequate maintenance and poor nutrition for our bodies well being. A key wellness principle is to stop harming the body and start improving, regenerating and repairing it. For centuries Indigenous people around the world have been engaged in extensive and physically demanding strenuous activities like building, chopping, farming, hauling, hunting, lifting, running, walking and working. Many people in modern times are injured when bending over, lifting a grocery bag or picking up a pencil on the floor.

Having more people be happy, healthy, holistic and pain free will lead to more productive and profitable businesses, communities, companies, economies and families. Billions of dollars are wasted every year on disability payments, doctors visits, drugs, hospital bills, insurance costs, low productivity, medical costs, medications, physical therapy, sick leave, surgery and workers compensation that would be better invested in other areas of the economy such as education, housing, infrastructure, technology and wellness.

Be Pain Free

Bike RideThe ideas, intentions and inspiration of being pain free are a key mantra, mental attitude and mindset for me. What are the main causes of pain? Some of the main causes are accidents, disease, injury, lack of exercise and fitness, obesity, poor alignment and posture, poor nutrition and trauma. Let’s look at each of these causes and contributing factors:

  • Many accidents can be avoided with careful actions, caution and common sense. Many people are disabled, injured and killed by poor driving habits like alcohol impairment, loud music, talking on cell phones and texting.
  • Diseases related to Alzheimer’s, bronchial issues, cancer, dementia, diabetes, flu, heart disease, high blood pressure, infections, kidney, parasites, Parkinson’s, pulmonary, stroke and tuberculosis are all related to lifestyle choices. We are made with an amazing self healing and self repairing system if and when we do our part to insure it is working at maximum capacity and efficiency. When we stop the proper nutrition and maintenance it will break down like any car, machinery or truck. You are what you eat, so choose wisely.
  • Injuries account for a great deal of our pain and suffering. When a child rides a bike without a helmet or a skater does not wear elbow, hand and knee protection it is only a matter of time before an injury will occur. When kids play contact sports like baseball, basketball, football and soccer without proper protection injuries will occur. American football is one of the leading cause of injuries and long term pain and suffering.
  • Lack of exercise and fitness routines lead to weak bones, cartilage, cells, joints, muscles and tendons which sets us up for accidents, injuries and pain. It is imperative that everyone maintain a regular routine of exercise and fitness to condition our body, brain and nervous system to maintain our agility, alignment, balance, coordination, flexibility, mobility, power, stamina, strength and tone. Doing Pete Egoscue exercises and yoga regularly can greatly help with maintaining our body and minimizing pain.
  • Obesity is one of the major contributors to pain and suffering. When people are very over weight it puts tremendous strain and stress on the entire body especially the back, hips, joints, knees, neck and spine. This starts a chain reaction that leads to aches and pain which often restricts their physical activity further which contributes to more weight gain and downward spiraling problems.
  • Poor alignment and posture causes the body to over react to these new conditions, distortions and pressures which result in misalignment, pain, problems, stress and tension. It is imperative we maintain good and proper alignment and posture when we exercise, run, sit, sleep, stand or walk. Too many people have very poor posture during these activities which starts a downward spiral effect affecting many areas of our body and brain resulting in chronic discomfort and pain.
  • Poor nutrition is a major contributor to pain and suffering in the world today. When you do not give the body what it needs to maintain and repair itself it will send you signals of disease, low energy and pain as warning signals. Being overly acidic and not consuming enough alkalizing berries, fruits, greens, herbs, nuts, plants, roots, seeds, veggies and weeds is a recipe for pain, sickness and suffering. It is imperative to insure you consume a sufficient quality and quantity of antioxidants, complex carbohydrates, enzymes, fats, fibers, minerals, phyto-nutrients, protein, trace elements and vitamins to maintain your body and brain for optimal health and to be pain free.
  • Trauma can come from many sources. Emotional, mental, physical and spiritual traumas can cause varying degrees of long term pain and suffering. Regardless of the cause there are many steps you can take to eliminate or at least minimize the pain and suffering you experience. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Energy Medicine, hands on healing, massage, meditation, reflexology, Reiki, Rolfing, trigger point therapy and yoga are just some of the modern techniques, tips and therapies to release trauma and help the body rebuild, rejuvenate and repair itself.

Healthy Habits & Habitats

In 2017 Morningstar NEWS will continue our 50% focus on Healthy Habits and 50% on Healthy Habitats and Sustainability Strategies. As we design our new Belize Eco Village wellness center we will research and role model proven principles. Our vision is to attract a wide variety of eco-conscious and passionate people to help design, build and live in our eco friendly, healthy and sustainable community. Imagine the advantages of exercise, fitness and health routines to help us stay pain free as we eat, live, retire, visit and work better while enjoying an even more happy, healthy and holistic lifestyle. We will focus on those ideas, insights and inspiration as we provide more progress pictures and vivid videos. Stay tuned for progress posts with more solutions, strategies, suggestions and systems to develop the 149 acres of pristine Caribbean pine ridge and broadleaf forest.

Where is Your Gap?

What actions, behaviors, beliefs and decisions regarding your habits and habitats are harming your happiness and health and causing pain? What will it take for you to protect your family and self from the damage, degradation and destruction occurring right now? What pain producing habits are you willing to stop being a part of the problem in order to start being a part of the solution instead? Could simple steps like exercise, fitness and nutrition help stop the pain while also starting a transformation of your body, mind and spirit? Only your investment of energy and time will tell.

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

It is well documented that our daily habits and habitats greatly impact our happiness and health. There is a wealth of wisdom regarding healthy habits to start and health hazards to stop. What are you willing to do differently to protect your self and family with better choices? Creating a healthy habits and habitat code of conduct and mastery action plan will enhance our quality of life for everyone now and in the future. We cannot sustain our happiness and health with a lack of proper exercise, fitness and nutrition. Are you ready to change your old habits for some new and empowering ones? There is a great book by Pete Egoscue – Pain Free that is highly recommended for learning how to get out of pain naturally. Here are some great Pete Egoscue Pain Free videos to help you understand the benefits of proper alignment and exercise physical therapy:  Anywhere Training Exercises and Egoscue Austin Center.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding healthy habits and habitats? Are you ready to learn more and join our terrific team?

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