alkaline healthy beverages

3 01, 2020

Top Eleven Tennant Therapies

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I was very fortunate to hear Dr. Jerry Tennant speak recently. As a medical doctor who had to overcome his own personal health challenge, it was inspiring and motivating to hear how diligently he researched and resourced a variety of health and immune enhancements to regain his health. By sharing some of his messages my [...]

22 05, 2014

Alkaline Healthy Beverages or Acidic Unhealthy Beverages

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The previous Great NEWS post shared EFT Tapping for Emotional Health and today we focus on Alkaline Healthy Beverages or Acidic Unhealthy Beverages. How well do we understand the consequences of beverages being consumed? Not as well as we think we do. Most of the beverages being consumed today are stealing our health and wealth. [...]

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