Alkaline Healthy Beverages or Acidic Unhealthy Beverages

//Alkaline Healthy Beverages or Acidic Unhealthy Beverages

Alkaline Healthy Beverages or Acidic Unhealthy Beverages

The previous Great NEWS post shared EFT Tapping for Emotional Health and today we focus on Alkaline Healthy Beverages or Acidic Unhealthy Beverages. How well do we understand the consequences of beverages being consumed? Not as well as we think we do. Most of the beverages being consumed today are stealing our health and wealth. Today we take a closer look at Alkaline Healthy Beverages or Acidic Unhealthy Beverages to help make better choices that support our happiness and health.

The Great NEWS Coach blog Health Hazards series is designed to alert us to health hazards that can harm our happiness and health. Acidic Unhealthy Beverages are some of the most damaging and destructive health hazards we consume on a consistent basis. Drinking the popular yet poison acidic caffeine energy drinks, latte coffee, sodas and sports drinks are slowly harming our happiness, harmony and health,

Coffee and Mug

When we quit drinking black tea, caffeine, caffeinated energy drinks, coffee, colas, sodas and sports drinks for that “pick me up and keep me up buzz” we will free ourselves of a terrible addiction.

Today we uncover the real risks and shocking story of the acidic unhealthy beverages people are consuming on a regular basis without realizing the terrible toll they are taking on their bank account, body and brain. The goal is to help you stop consuming acidic unhealthy beverages and start consuming alkaline healthy beverages instead. While an occasional unhealthy beverage will not harm you quickly, drinking them on a consistent and regular basis without alkalizing countermeasures may significantly shorten your life and quality of life. When we quit drinking black tea, caffeine, caffeinated energy drinks, coffee, colas, sodas and sports drinks for that “pick me up and keep me up buzz” we will free ourselves of a terrible addiction.

If you are feeling sad or safe because your beverages have not been mentioned yet hold on to your glass or sports bottle and get ready as we expose the dangers of baby formula, box flavored drinks, box juice, Crystal light, fruit drinks, fruit juices, Gatorade, Kool-Aid, milk, Powerade, Propel, Tang, Vitamin water and other acidic unhealthy beverages.

When we learn to consume alkaline healthy beverages and live a happy and healthy lifestyle we can discover amazing amounts of creativity, energy and enthusiasm without the caffeine buzz. While you may not feel or see the immediate harm from acidic unhealthy beverages it is simply a matter of time before they eat away at our health and quality of life. Yes, they can even sabotage our behavior, learning and relationships as well as weaken our brain, hormones, immune system and organs so read on to discover the real story the unhealthy beverage industry does not want you to know about.

By now a nerve has been hit with every reader around the globe that will swear that their chosen unhealthy beverage is not that unhealthy and there is a special scientific study funded by the manufacturer to prove it. Milk does the body good? Right? Gatorade replaces lost electrolytes. Right? Orange juice is good. Right? The answers are wrong, wrong and more wrong.

Acidic Unhealthy Beverages

Milk and Cookies

The majority of the world’s population is lactose intolerant.

Milk that is homogenized and pasteurized is unhealthy for several reasons. Homogenization creates tiny fat molecules that permeate the gut wall and cause problems with our immune system and inflammation. Pasteurization kills off the bacteria in commercial milk but also destroys the important enzymes needed to properly digest milk. Most dairy cows are unnaturally manipulated to keep producing milk way past the normal period which causes disease and infections and requires antibiotics. Milk causes mucus and contains antibiotics and hormones. Cow milk has too much fat and protein for humans because it is designed to help a baby calf of 50 pounds grow to several hundred pounds within 6 months. The majority of the world’s population is lactose intolerant. Organic raw milk is another story for another time and is considered healthy by many.

Gatorade, Powerade and Propel use synthetic colorings, electrolytes and flavorings that are not healthy for our body. The sugar used is not health either.

Fresh juice is believed by most people to be healthy and safe to drink and they give to babies and children. Wrong again. Fresh juice is a concentrated sugar with the fiber and pulp removed. This overloads our blood sugar and causes us to secrete insulin to lower the blood sugar back down. Over time this action leads to Syndrome X and eventually diabetes. This excess sugar turns to fat and also leads to obesity. Babies are becoming addicted to sugar early and many are staying addicted for life.

Box juice and fruit drinks are even worse because they contain GMO High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), GMO sugar beets or other harmful refined sugars. They also contain artificial colorings and flavorings. In addition the bags, boxes, cans and packaging create extra trash and waste that drains our finances as it fills our land fills.

Colourful Beverages

No matter how you look at them sugary drinks are not healthy and are contributing to kids being hyped up.

Kool-Aid, Crystal Light and Tang are powder drink mixes with artificial colorings and flavorings. They use a lot of artificial sweetener or sugar. No matter how you look at them they are not healthy and are contributing to kids being hyped up on excess sugar. Even lemonade and limeade are high doses of sugar with a little citrus flavoring.

Colas and sodas are not soft drinks. They are hard drinks because they are hard on the bank account, body and brain. Also because they are given to children early as a reward and special treat conditioning them to associate a special beverage to feeling good and having a good time. Children become addicted to this excessive caffeine and sugar. This special treat is meant to hook them early until they are old enough to move up to alcohol, beer and wine. The caffeine and sugar (frequently HFCS) over stimulates their body and brain resulting in behavior, health and learning issues. Not convinced? Take their sodas away for 6 months and see what happens during the withdrawal period and then after it.

Alcohol, beer and wine have been covered before in previous posts so there is no need to belabor the point they are acidic unhealthy beverages. Not to mention the fact that our liver has to work overtime to breakdown the alcohol and most people have overworked and weakened livers from too many other harmful substances that are absorbed or consumed. Alcohol is an addictive substance and has many direct and indirect consequences. It affects the liver and nervous system and is responsible for many accidents and deaths. Producing alcohol requires a large number of resources to grow, manufacture and distribute these products. Wine comes from grapes many of them grown with large amount of chemicals, fungicides and pesticides which end up in the wine. Alcohol is a very concentrated acid and very hard for the liver to process. Beer is made from fermenting various grains and contains alcohol but is considered by some to be the least harmful of the “spirits” when consumed in moderation. There is also non alcoholic beer.

The category of energy drinks is a real misnomer. They are really just super saturated caffeine drinks with flavorings and sugar that are the latest unhealthy beverage invention to take the world by storm. These are not energy drinks at all but high octane, high priced caffeine and sugar stimulant drugs.

Handle of Coffee Mug

While some may argue that caffeine in moderation can be a healthy antioxidant, the problem is the quality and quantity of these unhealthy beverages being consumed.

Now it is time to discuss the two most sacred cows to those who love them. Black tea and coffee are extremely popular and both yield a strong dose of caffeine. While some may argue that caffeine in moderation can be a healthy antioxidant, the problem is the quality and quantity of these unhealthy beverages being consumed. Many people drink several cups a day as an artificial stimulant to kick start their body and brain. This combined with our already stressful life can over stimulate our adrenal glands to the point of exhaustion or adrenal burn out in addition to our endocrine system.

When you consider the ingredients added to black tea and coffee such as artificial flavorings, artificial sweeteners, HFCS and sugar we quickly see a toxic cup of brew. To make matters worse most coffee is non organic which means it came from trees treated with chemicals and fungicides that end up in your cup of java. These chemicals are quite toxic and really do a harmful number on the body and brain. Decaffeinated coffee is often produced by a chemical process that is also harmful.  Unfortunately for the tea we enjoy many of the tea bags produced today use harmful chemicals and plastics that can also be a health hazard.

Alkaline Healthy Beverages

Now you may be asking what is left to drink that is healthy and safe. Water? Yes water is what our bodies desperately need and want. Our body consists of about 70 to 75% water so “water does the body good.”

Most people think of water as only one choice that is boring and has no taste. If you are one of those people thinking that right now consider this may be a sign of just how addicted and conditioned you are to drinking acidic unhealthy beverages. When someone is addicted to caffeine and sugar of course water will taste bland and boring. Read further and learn some easy ways to make water more enjoyable, fun and tasty.

Water Bottle and Glasses

Water is the ultimate food and fuel for life.

Lets start with pure and simple H2O first. The H stands for Hydrogen which is a key component of every cell in our body. Without the Carbon and Hydrogen bonds there is no life on earth. The O stands for Oxygen which is the essential fuel for energy and life. Oxygen is just as essential for our cells to bathe in as it is for our cells to breathe in. Water is the ultimate food and fuel for life.

When it comes to water not just any water will do. We want the most pure water we can find. Our first choice is pure spring water. Spring water is highly praised for its clean taste, energy properties and being alive and moving water source. When you find a clean spring protect it and treat it as the Fountain of Youth because it is.
Pure artesian well water is be our next choice. Clean and deep protected aquifers are also a great source of good quality water. Unfortunately these sources are being depleted for commercial irrigation and use as well as being polluted. This water should be protected and only used for human consumption. Lakes and rivers should be used for agriculture and everyday use.

While some lakes and rivers are clean water sources most are polluted with agriculture and chemical run off. Fortunately and unfortunately cities and municipalities are adding chlorine to our water supplies to kill bacteria in an effort to have clean public water. While these chemicals do kill the bad bacteria they also affect us with a small dose of poison. Fluoride is another toxic chemical waste added to water with the mistaken belief that it is good for our teeth even though it is really bad for our body.

Unfortunately due to waste water and down stream contamination most water is contaminated with hundreds of toxic industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals. It is therefore imperative that you have a water filter system to remove the harmful chemicals. A combination ceramic filter and carbon filter is relatively low cost and highly efficient. While reverse osmotic systems are popular unfortunately they waste too much water to be considered a good choice. Calcium bentonite clay is also a great way to clean water that has some contamination.

Avoid plastic water bottles due to the plastic leaching into the water and plastic waste which is polluting the world. Use a ceramic, glass or stainless steel water bottle and refill it with filtered water.

Flavored Healthy Beverages

One of the easiest steps to take is consuming pure water with a green powder or super green powder. All you do is mix in a small amount of concentrated green powder super foods and shake of stir. Now you have a great alkaline healthy beverage that is low cost and great for you.

Drinking Milk

It is easy to make delicious and nutritious nut and seed milks that are less expensive and healthier than traditional milk or even soy milk products.

Many people would like to know how to replace the unhealthy milk they have become addicted to drinking. It is easy to make delicious and nutritious nut and seed milks that are less expensive and healthier than traditional milk or even soy milk products. All one needs to do is soak some nuts or seeds in water over night, drain the water in the morning and blend on super high speed in a little water. Then add some additional water and natural sweetener such as banana, berries, coconut sugar, date, fruit, honey or stevia for a fantastic raw nut or seed milk. It is best to consume it the same day.

A healthy energy sports drink can be made with pure water, fresh lemon or lime juice, sea salt and coconut sugar, honey, stevia or similar natural sweetener. Adding some superfood ingredients like acai berries, barley greens, chlorella, goji berries, maca, medicinal mushrooms, moringa, sea buckthorn berries, spirulina, sprouts, super greens or wheatgrass will give the body a super shot of holistic health and natural nutrition without the harmful side effects.

Since coffee is very acidic and has the caffeine there are numerous alternatives to support our health. A healthy substitute for commercial coffee is chicory, dandelion root, herbal coffee, yaupon and yerba mate which is popular in Brazil. At a minimum use organic coffee and consider drinking less without all the unhealthy additives. After all if you need to add the artificial flavorings, artificial sweeteners, cream, milk and sugar to mask the true taste of coffee maybe your body would be better off without it.

Herbal teas are popular with consumer for their antioxidant properties, flavor and medicinal benefits. Great herbal teas can be made with flowers, herbs, roots and spices. Have you heard of burdock, cacao, cardamom, chamomile, chai, cinnamon, clove, clover, comfey, dandelion, echinacea, Essiac, ginseng, ginger, hibiscus flower, kava, lemon grass, mint, neem, nettle, noni, peppermint, redbush, rooibos, rose hips, sassafras, spearmint, St Johns Wort, tamarind, tulsi or valerian teas? These are just a small sampling of the many varieties of delicious and nutritious teas served around the world.

Tea Drinker

Herbal teas are popular with consumer for their antioxidant properties, flavor and medicinal benefits.

To help save on energy simply place the ingredients into a tea ball and place the jar of water in the sun for making a sensational sun tea. A solar oven can be made with foil to capture the suns rays more efficiently and heat the water even faster. Or if there is no sun you can use a kettle to heat the water. Avoid using the microwave which changes the molecular structure of the water.

Instead of drinking fruit juice or the fake fruit drink juices consider eating the whole fruit instead. The additional fiber and seeds will help fill you up faster as well as slow down the sugar absorption into our blood stream to avoid spiking your insulin levels. We can easily drink several glasses of juice but few people would drink the equivalent number of fruit that it takes to produce that fruit juice. Eight ounces of orange juice may take 3 to 4 oranges to produce it.

By the way, there are minor exceptions such as raw apple cider vinegar and fermented vegetable juices which are acidic and healthy in moderation.

As you can see there are many alkaline health beverage alternatives to the acidic unhealthy beverages to choose from. Start by eliminating the acidic unhealthy beverages that contain the most harmful ingredients and cost the most. This way you get rapid results saving money and starting yourself back on the path to happiness and health.

This Great NEWS post focused on Alkaline Healthy Beverages or Acidic Unhealthy Beverages to help educate people regarding the hype and ingredients used by the unhealthy beverages industry. When we stop consuming acidic unhealthy beverages and start consuming alkaline healthy beverages our life will transform. Alkaline healthy beverages help promote our emotional, mental and physical health because they energize and revitalize our blood and body. We must remain slightly alkaline for health and vitality. Alkaline beverages and foods are the key to unlock the secret door to vibrant health and longevity. Acidic beverages and foods are the trap door to pain and suffering. This Alkaline Healthy Beverages or Acidic Unhealthy Beverages post may not be the most popular with many people and yet we can all agree we know it is important to be aware of the facts in order to make better choices.

What is your current Gap?

What acidic unhealthy beverages are harming your health?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What mastery action plans will help you stop consuming acidic unhealthy beverages and start consuming alkaline healthy beverages instead? To really understand the power of clean water read “The Hidden Messages in Water” by Dr Masaru Emoto or “The Body’s Many Cries for Water” by Dr Batmanghelidj.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding healthy beverages and unhealthy beverages? How many ways will you implement these healthy habits to help your health?

Next week the Great NEWS blog will share:

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