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7 08, 2020

Adrenal, Pancreas and Thyroid Protection Prevents Pandemic Panic

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Significant evidence indicates the high incidence of adrenal, pancreas, and thyroid problems seem to be major contributing factors to the pandemic panic currently impacting many countries and people. There are many environmental and lifestyle factors that appear to be the main contributing factors for people being more susceptible to life-threatening infections.  As a result, tens [...]

3 01, 2020

Top Eleven Tennant Therapies

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I was very fortunate to hear Dr. Jerry Tennant speak recently. As a medical doctor who had to overcome his own personal health challenge, it was inspiring and motivating to hear how diligently he researched and resourced a variety of health and immune enhancements to regain his health. By sharing some of his messages my [...]

4 07, 2013

Travel Tensions, Troubles and Toxins

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The previous Great NEWS post covered Walking Well or Walking Woes and today we turn to Travel Tensions, Troubles and Toxins. Have you ever felt sad, sick, stressed or tired while traveling or after returning home? This post will share some simple strategies and life lessons learned from 50+ years of dealing with Travel Tensions [...]

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