Significant evidence indicates the high incidence of adrenal, pancreas, and thyroid problems seem to be major contributing factors to the pandemic panic currently impacting many countries and people. There are many environmental and lifestyle factors that appear to be the main contributing factors for people being more susceptible to life-threatening infections.  As a result, tens of millions of people are suffering from emotional, mental, and physical health issues. because they have allowed their immune system to become compromised, vulnerable and weak  If you are really ready now is a great time to begin adrenal, pancreas, and thyroid lifestyle strategies to rebuild, recover and restore your health ad immune system.

Extensive reading, researching, and restless nights before and during this crazy coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic reveal that millions of people are sacrificing their happiness and health chasing wealth and whatever shiny penny they encounter. Many millions are living an unhealthy lifestyle and making unhealthy choices which are weakening their digestive, endocrine, and immune systems creating the Perfect Storm to be Sad, Sick, Stressed, and Suffer.  Our adrenals, pancreas, and thyroid play key roles for our digestion, endocrine, and immune functions. Now is the perfect time to start specific steps and strategies to repair, restore, and revitalize our adrenal, pancreas, and thyroid systems.

We must identify and understand the key risk factors first in order to then focus on an action plan to stop the health hazards and start healthy habits to restore our well being.  Last week we identified the major health hazards harming your adrenals, pancreas, and thyroid and today we share the action plans and lifestyle suggestions to put you back on the path to wellness.  This education and information can save you from the anxiety, fear, stress, and worry that is ruining lives. The crazy coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic panic is really an emotional, mental, and physical health wake up call to make better choices and decisions to restore our health and immune system.

Healthy Hindsight in 2020

We cannot continue to social distance, wash our hands with chemicals, and wear a mask forever, nor can we control the environment and existence of bacteria, pathogens, and viruses. What we can do is educate ourselves on ways to boost our health and immune function naturally.  We know intellectually it is important to eat healthy whole foods, exercise, improve our sleep, maintain a healthy weight and reduce stress but most people have excuses, limiting beliefs and stories that prevent them from living and loving a healthy lifestyle.

It is time to stop the sad stories and start taking simple steps to empower ourselves with the education, information, and motivation to commit to our long term health, vitality, and well being. This blog is dedicated to sharing simple steps we can all take that will help boost our resilience with a chemical-free environment, healthy lifestyle, and organic whole foods.

“How many people would act differently if a hug a day, a kiss a day, and a massage a day kept the doctor away?” — Michael Morningstar

Healthy Priorities

Last week we shared some of the most harmful health hazards that are causing massive adrenal, pancreas, and thyroid problems causing a true pandemic panic and problems for healthcare systems and people around the world.  To recover your health you must first stop the poisons and problems that harm you and then start the simple solutions that help restore your health. Here is a blueprint to build a foundation for health:

  • Antibiotics can be replaced with prebiotics and probiotics to improve the health of animals, pets, people, and plants.  Probiotics help build the digestive system and immune system so that our microbiome produces more healthy bacteria and viruses to help control and dominate the unhealthy ones. This helps to prevent them from morphing into antibiotic-resistant superbugs. Probiotic means (for life) so they are really good for you when encouraged and used in a proactive and protective way.
  • Body care products can be made, sold, and sourced with healthy ingredients that are natural, organic, and safe.  These compounds found in nature have co-evolved with us so our body and endocrine system are not disrupted, distressed, or disturbed by them. Anything you put on your skin is absorbed as if you ate it so choose wisely. When you provide your body, hair, and skin with healthy nutrients from an external and internal delivery system you will feel and see great results and maybe eliminate more expensive and unhealthy body care products.
  • Chemicals that are polluting our environment can be eliminated or replaced by natural and organic compounds and products to avoid harming our body, brain, and endocrine system. Natural fibers like bamboo, cotton, hemp, silk, and wool can be used to make clothes and fabrics.  Natural essential oils can be used as cleaners and fresheners.  Essential oils make great natural fragrances to replace perfumes. Plants make great products that are renewable and sustainable.
  • Cosmetics, fragrances, and makeup made with chemicals can be replaced with natural organic products to avoid the many unhealthy products now being sold and used.  Setting high safety standards is important for anything you put on your face or body.  There are many natural organic skincare products on the market that use natural ingredients. My daughter recommends Honey Girl.
  • Dental and Medical agencies and providers must realize to Win at Wellness we must revise the unhealthy practices, procedures, products, and protocols with healthy ones. Using alternative, complementary and holistic practices, and protocols will help us all benefit and build a better lifestyle and lifetime together. There are so many natural health practices that have a very long history of helping humans with effective, natural, safe practices and protocols. Acupuncture, Acupressure, Ayurveda, Bush doctor, Colon hydrotherapy Herbalist, Homeopathy, Massage, Medicine man, Medicine woman, Midwives, Naturopathic, QiGong, Reflexology, Shamanism, and Traditional Chinese Medicine have been used effectively for thousands of years. They all have a place in our natural medicine bag.
  • Drugs made with synthetic chemicals can be replaced by natural compounding pharmacies and herbal medicines from nature and plants.  Most OTC and prescription drugs were discovered by learning about a plant compound and then creating a synthetic version. Our ancestors discovered many natural plants, protocols, and remedies we should be researching for our medicine and wellness protocols.
  • Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) and Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) made by man should be designed and delivered in ways that protect all life on earth and are safe. All electronic devices can be made in ways that minimize their health hazards and ensure the user understands the proper and safe methods of use. The electronics and telecommunications industry must make safe products that protect consumers.  All electronic batteries and devices must be ecologically, economically, and environmentally recycled in safe ways.
  • Fake, Fast, and Frankenfoods that are unhealthy and unnatural can cause us to be sad, sick, and stressed should be replaced with healthy choices. We deserve healthy food options with full disclosure and easy to understand ingredients and preparation methods in order to make educated and informed choices.  We must replace deceptive advertising with honesty and integrity.  Food should be a premium source of fuel, maintenance, and medicine. We deserve healthy, natural, and organic whole foods and must stop subsidizing all the poisoned and polluted products that lead to health problems.  Do business with food companies that deliver quality and value and earn your loyalty. We must also focus more on agriculture and food security being a national pride and priority.  Supporting more family farms, food coops, and generations of small farms are smart for a renewable and sustainable future. We must replace mono-crop farms that loose topsoil with regenerative practices. We can plant more gardens and yards with native flowers, herbs, and veggies. At a minimum, more people could grow some flowers, herbs, house plants, and sprouts. Organic protects babies, bees, birds, and butterflies.
  • Genetically Engineered (GE) and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) are unnatural health hazards and must be replaced with natural heirloom varieties to increase nutrient density, diversity, and resilience.  Diversity and variety help protect all animals, people, and plants on our precious planet earth. Our common sense knows that if God or Mother Nature created it naturally it is normally safe for us. If man-made it in a factory or lab warning alarms and lights should be warning us Danger.  Nature provides us with a bounty of foods with a wide range of natural aromas, colors, flavors, seasons, tastes, and textures to enjoy each day.
  • Parasites, pathogens, and protozoa are part of the circle of life. They become a major source of health problems in countries that follow unhealthy, unnatural, and unwise practices that create greater risks for animals and humans. When we follow the guidelines and master plan of Mother Nature we can all coexist together safely. When humankind tries to dictate and manipulate the natural order of the universe we end up with big problems. Synthetic antibiotics, fungicides, herbicides,  insecticides, and pesticides ultimately lead to Frankenstein’s superbugs and superweeds. Healthy practices and procedures contribute to maintaining the balance and symbiosis of nature. We must demand higher ethics and raise our standards to eliminate the bioengineering, biolabs, and biotechnology that thinks it can outmaneuver Mother nature one of the most powerful forces in the universe. When we stop the dangerous experiments and start learning from nature we can coexist much better ad safer.
  • Health Hazards like synthetic chemical fungicides, herbicides (Glyphosate), insecticides, and pesticides can be replaced with natural plant versions that will not poison people and the planet. As has been stated previously Mother Nature knows best how to balance and blend our environment to create happy, harmony, and healthy ecosystems.
  • Heavy Metal toxicity is a global problem causing major harm and health risks to animals and humans alike.  Heavy metals are wreaking havoc on our endocrine and immune system so we must identify ways to minimize our exposure. When we stop using aluminum cans, foil, and pans we start protecting our health.  Ceramic and glass containers are better choices than aluminum. When we stop using lead, mercury, and nickel in products that can enter our body and brain we start making smart solutions.  Metals in amalgam fillings, crowns, and braces can cause harmful consequences.  The more metals we use the more that our planet earth must be defaced and excavated. All metals should be carefully conserved and recycled to the fullest extent possible.
  • Mold is a major problem causing many health issues. We must replace cheap construction materials and methods with higher quality materials and building standards.  Experts estimate that 80% of buildings in the US have mold problems that can be toxic to our adrenals, pancreas, and thyroid.  Therefore we must make the education and information available to the public and begin a major makeover and reboot of our building codes, designs, and standards. With mold in many businesses, homes, and schools we are exposing our families to harmful mycotoxins that can harm many areas of our body and brain including our adrenals, pancreas, and thyroid.
  • Petroleum products and plastics have served a purpose up until now, but are poisoning and polluting our air, land, and waters. Now is the time to put incentives and ingenuity to work to replace them with renewable and sustainable alternatives.  Petroleum and plastic products have become a major ecological disaster and pandemic of pollution that we must phase out as quickly as possible. Biodegradable products are available and it is time to embrace the transition to them around the globe.
  • Prescription drugs are synthetic health hazards that can be mostly replaced by alternatives that are definitely more healthy and natural.  By using healthy habits and lifestyles combined with natural medicine we can stop polluting our bodies, brains, and bodies of water.  We should follow the wealth of wisdom from Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine who said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. When we think about it and the Hippocratic Oath we come to realize how many are violating their oath and being hypocrites.
  • Radiation that can affect our health and human survival must be eliminated and minimized to the extent possible. Nuclear devices and power is above the pay grade of human mortals and is best left alone. Look at the many major contamination and disasters that have occurred.  No real long term benefit comes from nuclear radiation that is worth the serious dangers and risks involved.  The world is full of natural alternatives and options when we commit our mind to the proper priority of safety and survival.
  • Relationships are key to healthy communities and countries. We must nurture our family and friends to build the quality and quantity of real relationships with people we can depend on. We must focus on real relationships rather than pretend social media relationships. Emotional, mental, and physical happiness and health come from close connections and healthy lifestyle choices. This is how we take charge of our health and life to heal our adrenal, pancreatic, and thyroid issues.
  • Sleep quality and quantity are essential for people around the world to have healthy adrenals, pancreas, and thyroids. Without good sleep, we impact our adrenals which then affects our pancreas and thyroid.  Being deprived of sleep starts a chain reaction that can cause our body to start breaking down and eventually fail. Remember… getting enough sleep regularly… is essential to our energy, longevity, and vitality…and to delay the day when we go to sleep forever.  This might be something important for more people to think about.
  • Smoking and tobacco products are addictions we allow to rob our health and wealth. Dealing with the emotional issues that lead to tobacco usage is one of the keys to unlock a healthier future. Alkalizing, breathing deeply, meditating, relaxing, and a rewarding routine to self soothe are key parts of why people use tobacco. When you understand energy psychology, peak performance, and personal power you are able to be the master of your destiny rather than a pawn and puffer.  There are many recipes and remedies to QUIT Smoking/ Tobacco Now. The harmful consequences and side effects of the toxic tobacco industry takes a huge toll on many families and individuals.
  • Stress is a consequence of a lack of understanding, limiting beliefs, and lots of conflicting thoughts which can lead us to feel sad, sick, stuck, and sometimes stupid. Stress can be minimized when we learn how to make better choices and decisions regarding our lifestyle.  When we learn to live in balance and harmony with our circadian rhythm and nature we will experience less stress and more happiness and health. Meditation, mindfulness, and yoga are simple steps to help us embrace joy and reduce our stress.
  • Toxins are all around us so it is imperative we receive the education and information to avoid them.  Tens of thousands of chemicals are in our daily space so learn to identify and remove them from your daily life.  People are buying health hazards and poisoning themselves.  When you and your tribe find the passion and power to eliminate health hazards and toxins you stop harming your body and start helping the world be a better place.
  • Violence and war seem to be a curse and the evils twins of the Dark Side and Darth Vader. Individually we can control our personal actions and beliefs to shine more light and love on the dark force that feeds on low vibration people.  The emotional trauma from these events leaves people hurt, sad, traumatized, vulnerable, and weak. Energy Psychology and Emotional Freedom Techniques can help people deal with the harmful fallout.
  • Vitamins and supplements are important to boost your endocrine system and health.  Big brand name vitamins are often the less healthy choice.  “Caveat Emptor” means “Buyer Beware”. It is imperative you take high-quality whole food supplements and vitamins to boost our health and immune function.  We all need minerals, vitamins, and supplements to protect our adrenals, pancreas, and thyroid systems.
  • Water pollution is a major issue around the world. We must all do everything we can to stop polluting our waters and start cleaning up the pollution sources.  Millions of people do not have enough clean and safe water to drink yet we continue to allow companies and municipalities to poison one of our most precious resources.  Agriculture is a major pollution source so going organic helps significantly. When we stop putting toxic body care products, chemicals, cleaners, fertilizers, fluoride, industrial waste, medicines, pesticides, sewage, and trash into our waters we start putting our happiness and health first. Water makes up about 75% of our body and is the most abundant material in the human body. We must consume clean water and protect all water to avoid poisoning ourselves.

With common sense and a commitment to health we can each do our part to improve our health and in doing so start to improve the health of everyone on the planet.  Stopping the health hazard insanity of things known to destroy, disrupt, and distress our normal adrenal, pancreas, and thyroid functions start with each one of us. Collectively and individually we can “Be accountable, do the right things, and be the positive change we want to see in the world”.

Healthy People Pets and Planet Promotes Healthy Profits

Federal Government

Companies and government agencies that care more about their patents, profits, and protecting their cash flow instead of caring about people and the planet will be replaced by conscious companies that add more value.  When we clean up our environment and improve our lifestyles we will reverse the health issues related to our adrenal, pancreas, and thyroid issues. We must vote with every penny we invest and spend to send clear messages, that we value policies and procedures that are affirming and supportive to our health and well being. The laws and rules of our federal and state governments must put people first and then profits will follow.

While the dark side seems to be waging war on our health and wealth we have the force of good and light to show us the way to a better future and holistic world.  With great education and information, we can make better choices and decisions to heal and protect our adrenals, pancreas, and thyroid in order to prevent problems. My passion and purpose are to focus on stopping the problems and starting the solutions that empower people and expand our consciousness with positive energy and light.

Passion and Purpose

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense many hours of research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration for a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Remember, it is up to each of us to learn about the health hazards that threaten our adrenals, pancreas, and thyroid systems and make better choices and decisions every day to be happy, healthy, and in harmony. You are the CEO of your life and only you can determine your destiny and direction so it is time to start choosing wisely to avoid health hazards and adopt healthy habits.

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