Gut Discomfort

Are more bad bacteria or good guys growing in your gut? There seems to be a lot of evidence that many adults and children are suffering many gut and general health issues because the bad bacteria have become more dominant than the good ones. An overgrowth of unhealthy bacteria, pathogens, and viruses in your gut may be a major factor in a person being more susceptible to this crazy coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic instead of the ability to stay healthy and immune to it. Many environmental and lifestyle factors influence our gut health and for many, this appears to be the main contributing factor for people being more susceptible to serious and even life-threatening diseases and infections.

Many people are spending thousands of dollars on medical bills and unaware that healthy gut microbiome is essential for our health and immunity because our gut health is the foundation for our immune system. Many millions of people are suffering from health issues. because they have allowed their gut health and immune function to become vulnerable and weak. Constipation and less than one bowel movement a day are signs your gut health may be less than optimal. Maybe now is a great time for you to learn some basic lifestyle steps to rebuild, restore, and revitalize your health and immune system.

Unhealthy Microbiome

Millions of people are sad, sick, and stressed because they have a damaged and dysfunctional gut microbiome and know they are at a significantly higher risk for an encounter with cancer, COVID-19, and other health challenges. There are many reasons so many people are living an unhealthy lifestyle and making unhealthy choices which are weakening their digestive and immune systems. Our gut bacteria play key roles for our digestion and immune functions and now is the perfect time to learn and apply simple steps to protect and repair your digestion and immune systems during this crazy coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

Unhealthy Gut Habits

Once we identify and understand the role the gut plays in our health we can then focus on an action plan to stop the health hazards and unhealthy habits harming our gut and start healthy habits to restore our gut and microbiome. Recently we identified many of the major health hazards harming our endocrine system which also harms our gut and today we share suggestions for a healthy microbiome and lifestyle to restore gut health.  There is a wealth of education and new information on our microbiome that has become available in the last several years to make better choices and decisions that can boost your emotional, mental, and physical health.

Prescription Antibiotics

Excessive use of antibiotics, chemicals, and medicines combined with unhealthy lifestyle and nutrition choices are sabotaging our gut health. When we disrupt our external and internal environment we shift the balance of bacteria, pathogens, and viruses that live in and on us from friendly to unfriendly.  While we know intellectually it is important to eat healthy whole foods, exercise, maintain a healthy weight, reduce stress, and sleep soundly most people do not follow a healthy blueprint and that results in them having an unhealthy lifestyle.  It takes the appropriate education, information, and motivation to make the choices and decisions which will lead to longterm well being. This blog is dedicated to sharing simple steps to boost our good guys and gut health to boost our immune system.

Gut Healthy Habits

The previous two blogs shared some of the most harmful health hazards that are causing massive endocrine and gut problems and resulting in massive healthcare issues for people around the world. To recover our gut health we must first stop the poisons, prescriptions, and problem foods that harm us and then start the simple solutions that help restore our gut health. Here is a blueprint to build a strong foundation for great gut health.

We start by replacing antibiotics (against life) with probiotics (for life) to improve our health and treat an overgrowth of unhealthy microbes in our gut.  Prebiotics help feed probiotics the good fiber, materials, and nutrients they need to help build the digestion and immune system so that our microbiome produces more healthy bacteria and viruses to help control and dominate the unhealthy ones. This helps promote strong colonies of the healthy microbiota that digest our foods and protect our gut while it also helps prevent the unhealthy microorganisms from morphing into superbugs that are antibiotic-resistant.

Here are some specific suggestions on how to feed, nourish, and protect your gut, mouth, and skin in order to build a better body using healthy ingredients that are natural, organic, and safe. Nature provides all the compounds and ingredients our body and gut needs to be healthy and resilient:

  • First thing in the morning after waking it is important to brush and clean our gums, teeth, and tongue. Avoid the chemical toothpaste and gently brush with a natural combination of baking soda, coconut oil, and essential oil or simply sea salt, coconut oil, and essential oil. Good essential oils are diluted cinnamon, clove, mint, myrrh, neem, peppermint, rosemary, or spearmint.
  • Gargling and rinsing with a mixture of activated charcoal, baking soda, essential oil, and warm water is a great way to finish cleaning and refreshing the mouth. The typical mouthwash is made with many health hazard chemicals and alcohol which gets absorbed into your gums and mouth and then into your bloodstream plus some are swallowed and ends up in your gut.
  • Use a neti pot with a pinch of sea salt and warm water to clean and rinse out your sinus cavities to open up your breathing and get more oxygen into your body and the nasal passage which is vital for a healthy microbiome and nasal system.
  • When you shower or wash your face avoid chemical soaps and use a gentle mixture of Castille soap diluted in water with a small amount of essential oil like lavender or peppermint. Anything chemical you put on your skin is absorbed as if you ate it so choose gentle and natural products wisely. When you use natural products on your body, hair, and skin you protect the natural protective barrier system we have both externally and internally to stop harmful pathogens from penetrating our defenses. Within a short while of following these recipes, you will feel and see great results as you treat your body and skin with the Tender Loving Care TLC it deserves. You will also save a lot of money as you avoid and eliminate expensive and unhealthy chemical products and source the natural ones.
  • The next thing to consider is consuming a little calcium bentonite clay or activated charcoal or both suspended in water. This is a good way to remove health hazards from the digestive tract. Both of these products are well known for neutralizing and removing harmful pathogens from our intestinal tract. Both can also be good on your skin to deal with skin issues such as bug bites, irritated skin, poison plants, and rash. They also make a nice beauty masque to clean and rejuvenate the skin of clogged pores and excess oil.
  • Then it is time for a healthy beverage to alkalize and hydrate. Water with baking soda, herbal teas, or green powders is a great way to start the day and feed your digestive system healthy things and avoid the sugar and synthetic things that harm your gut health.
  • Using natural organic products on your skin will avoid the many unhealthy products sold and protect the diverse protective organisms that live on our skin which make up our dermal microbiome. When you put things on your body or face they can be absorbed as if you ate them.
  • Using alternative, complementary and holistic dental and medical practices, and protocols will help us build and maintain our digestion system and natural microbiome. The following natural health practices have a very long history of helping humans with effective, and natural protocols that boost our gut health. Acupuncture, Acupressure, Ayurveda, Colon hydrotherapy Herbal medicine, Homeopathic remedies, Naturopathic, and Traditional Chinese Medicine have been used effectively for thousands of years.
  • Our ancestors discovered many natural plants, protocols, and remedies we could be using to boost our digestion, gut health, and microbiome. Almost all botanicals, herbs, medicinal mushrooms, and spices have benefits for maintaining our digestion and immune system. Adding cultured and fermented foods is an ancient nourishing tradition to boost our gut health and microbiome diversity.
  • Avoiding man-made disruptive Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) should be a part of your lifestyle to protect your health. Cell phones, cordless phones, and wifi can affect and harm our cell’s DNA, mitochondria, and the microorganisms that make up our microbiome.
  • When we avoid unhealthy and unnatural foods we improve our gut health and microbiome. Healthy foods provide a premium source of fuel, maintenance, and medicine. Providing our body with healthy, natural and organic whole foods helps boost our digestion and gut health. Buying from organic farmers markets or growing your own organic food in gardens with native flowers, herbs, and veggies help boost the diversity of microorganisms in and on your body for a more diverse microbiome. There are many edible flowers, herbs, and sprouts that benefit our gut health and microbiome. Organic foods and products protect babies and children to help them maintain healthy digestion and immune system.
  • Avoiding all Genetically Engineered (GE) and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) helps protect our gut and immune system. Did you know that most corn in the US is Bt corn, genetically engineered to produce a toxin harmful to certain insects? Also, most GE crops and the majority of conventional crops are sprayed with herbicides like Roundup which is a health hazard that is a patented potent antibiotic, cleaning agent, and weed killer. Avoid these as your health and life depended on it… because it does. We need a wide variety of natural and nutrient-dense foods to boost the diversity, and resilience of our microbiome. Our common sense and gut intuition know that if God or Mother Nature created our food naturally it is normally safe for us.
  • Our digestive tract contains a wide variety of microorganisms like bacteria, protozoa, and viruses that are part of the circle of life we need to digest food and serve as our immune system. We need to maintain a healthy microbiome to maintain our health. Mother Nature offers a complex and diverse menu from around the world that can coexist safely in our digestive tract. We must be sure to avoid all the synthetic antibiotics, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides possible to protect our diverse microbiome. Many people brainwashed by biotechnology believes it can outdo Mother Nature but you risk your health and life if you buy that Bogus Story (BS).
  • Organic raw berries, fruits, nuts, seeds, and veggies can provide a wide variety of natural fiber, microorganisms, and nutrients to feed the good guys in our gut. Avoid any foods that contain health hazards like synthetic chemicals. Mother Nature knows how to best provide the balance and blend for our digestive environment to create a happy and healthy ecosystem.
  • Avoiding and eliminating heavy metals is important to boost our gut health and immune function.  Minimize exposure to aluminum, cadmium, lead, mercury, and nickel in products that can harm your body, brain, and biota.
  • Fungus and mold is a major problem causing many health issues. They can be found in beverages, buildings, and foods. They release mycotoxins that can harm our digestive and endocrine system. Harmful mycotoxins can disrupt our body, brain, and gut health.
  • Avoid petroleum products and plastics that can disrupt your microbiome. Use ceramic, glass, or stainless steel instead.
  • Antibiotics and prescription drugs are synthetic health hazards that disrupt and harm our natural gut microbiome and should be replaced by healthy and natural alternatives. Healthy habits and lifestyles combined with natural medicine can boost and protect our body, brain, and microbiome. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Remember to remind your dentist, doctor, pharmacist, and all healthcare professionals about the Hippocratic Oath that states “Do no harm” before they recommend something with harmful side effects.
  • Radiation can affect our health and immune system so it is essential to do whatever it takes to eliminate and minimize it to the extent possible.  Nuclear medicine and radiation can cause serious damage and disruption to your microbiome so extreme caution is advised.
  • Emotional and relationship issues can play a beneficial or detrimental role in our health and immune system.  We must resolve our emotional and relationship issues so they do not harm the quality and quantity of our life.  Emotional, mental, and physical happiness and health plays a major factor in our digestion and gut health so we must make healthy lifestyle choices. We can boost our gut health and lifestyle with a regular practice of meditation and yoga. What if a daily hug, meditation, and yoga kept the doctor away?
  • Sleep is essential for health and proper digestion. Without good sleep, we impact all aspects of our health and well being. Sleep deprivation starts a chain reaction that can cause our body and digestion to start breaking down and eventually fail us. Digestion requires a lot of energy so eating less often and boosting our digestion with enzymes, fiber and probiotics can provide more energy and nutrition with less effort.
  • Chemicals and compounds in tobacco products are health hazards. Replacing these with an action plan to alkalize, breathe, meditate, relax, and do yoga to self soothe will benefit your health and microbiome. Energy psychology and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) are easy, fast, and therapeutic ways to stop the addiction and start healing the gut.
  • Stress is contributing to people feeling sad, sick, stressed, and stuck. It can impair digestion and lead to ulcers and other digestion issues.  When we live in balance and harmony with our biorhythms and nature we can reduce stress and enjoy more happiness and health. Meditation, mindfulness, and yoga are simple steps to help improve our immune health and reduce our stress.
  • Chemical toxins are health hazards that can harm our gut health and microbiome. We must eliminate these health hazards to boost our gut and immune health.
  • Poverty, violence, and war directly impact our gut and immune health. Emotional, mental, and physical trauma from these events can have major complications and consequences and leave people very sick and vulnerable to disease and infections. Energy Psychology and Emotional Freedom Techniques can help people deal with the harmful effects but we must do more to prevent them from occurring.
  • Vitamins and supplements are important to boost your immune system and microbiome health. Organic whole foods should be our first source and then it is imperative we use high-quality whole food supplements and vitamins to boost our gut health and immune function. We all need minerals, vitamins, and supplements to protect our digestive system and microbiome.
  • Dehydration and water pollution are major issues around the world. We must focus on hydration and stopping water pollution. Millions of people do not have enough clean and safe water to drink yet we continue to poison one of our most important and precious resources. For most people, it is important to use a water filter or you become the water filter and absorb many of the harmful chemicals including agriculture, body care products, chemicals, cleaners, fertilizers, fluoride, industrial waste, medicines, pesticides, and sewage. Water is the most abundant material in the human body and makes up about 75% of our body.  Water is vital to digestion and elimination so we must consume enough water.

Common sense and a commitment to our digestion and immune health can improve and protect our health for the long term We mus stop the health hazards that harm our digestion and microbiome and start the healthy habits outlined in this blog post.

Get more Good Guys Growing in Your Gut

When we clean up our environment and food we can improve our gut health and microbiome.

“Improving your digestion system will boost your health and immune function and make you less susceptible to disease and infections like the crazy coronavirus COVID-19.” — Michael Morningstar

With the great education and information in this and my other blog posts, you can make better choices and decisions to heal and protect our gut health and microbiome to prevent problems in the future. Dr. Zach Bush M.D. and Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum are leading microbiome researchers and offer a wealth of education and information to help you further.

Passion and Purpose

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS blogs are to condense many hours of research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration for a healthy body, mind, and spirit. We coach people to avoid health problems and adopt a healthy lifestyle and mindset.

Remember, it is up to each of us to learn about the health hazards that threaten our gut health and make better choices and decisions every day to be happy and healthy. You are the president of your life and only you can determine your destiny and direction so it is time to start choosing wisely to avoid gut health hazards and adopt gut-healthy habits.

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