The Hearts of Healthcase Professionals Summit

Are you a healthcare professional or know someone who is and could benefit from learning how to thrive in real-time in the midst of the current crazy pandemic? Family and friends can also benefit.

Free Online Summit

Check out this FREE online 14-day summit with over 21 expert speakers, including myself, sharing their best strategies and life hacks to help you keep body, mind, and soul together and offer amazing hope for your resilience!

No matter what your role is in the healthcare team you each are touched and changed by this experience. Families and friends also have compassion but may be lost to how to help.

This FREE series is for you – ready to pour into how best to pull through and support each other! Join us beginning August 19, 2020

Energy Psychology

My presentation is on the benefits of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) a form of Energy Psychology that is an Easy Fast Tapping Therapy. Learn how Acupressure works like Acupuncture but without the needles.

Many people are feeling sad, sick, and stressed with our current crazy pandemic and eager for easy tips to restore their well being. This summit can help anyone with anything at any time and anywhere.

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