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How are your beliefs, energy, and psychology holding up during this crazy coronavirus pandemic? There are over one hundred modalities linked to Energy Psychology methods to help enhance your happiness and health.

Today our goal is to share the powerful benefits associated with understanding the Biology of Beliefs and Biofeedback to promote a healthy lifestyle. Beliefs and Biofeedback are powerful modalities that can benefit and influence your emotional energy and positive psychology to help improve your body, mind, and spirit. Everything around us and in us consists of energy and information which influences our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well being. Energy psychology can help us learn new ways to improve our health as we tune in to the wild wonderful world around us.

Energy Psychology is the collection of body-mind modalities to improve human functioning and understanding about how we act, feel, and think. By focusing more on our beliefs, behaviors, and thoughts we can better direct our daily actions, habits, and routines for even more happiness and peak performance. We all deserve to be even more happy and healthy by accessing all of our resources. The two Energy Psychology A-Z modalities to contemplate this week are the Biology of Beliefs and Biofeedback.

Biology of Beliefs as Energy Psychology

Quantum Physics

Biology of Beliefs is the name of a book by Dr. Bruce Lipton Ph.D. He is an expert on cellular biology and quantum physics. We can all learn a great deal from him about the power of our beliefs and how it shapes and steers our lives. Every feeling, thought, and word you express establishes subtle energy and information that influences the destiny and direction our your life. You can be happier and healthier or you can be sadder and sicker depending on the emotions and experiences you choose to hold in your consciousness. Whether we are an adult or a child… remember thoughts become things. When you focus on anxiety, fear, and worry you can stress your body and manifest dis-ease. When you focus on gratitude, healing, and love you can manifest happiness and health.

Our beliefs can trigger a body-mind action and connection that can be healing and helpful or harmful and hurtful. The mental process combined with the physical actions activates a multitude of complex systems to synchronize many different factors and functions. Our beliefs can create something out of nothing or nothing out of something. The thinker and thoughts make the imagined or invisible become real and visible. The subconscious mind directs a total connection of body, mind, and spirit that produces something of benefit or something of detriment for the person. Dr. Lipton proved these concepts when he took a cancer cell from a “sick” body and transferred it to a healthy environment, cell recovered quickly and behaved normally.

Do you believe if he can then you can too?

Emotional Balance

Dr. Lipton is well known for his research and thoughts on genetics and epigenetics. Many experts and laypeople believe that our genetics determine the majority of our disease, health, and longevity factors. They believe if you have a certain gene for cancer, diabetes, or obesity than it is predetermined and there is not much you can do about it but to accept it and deal with it. Dr. Lipton believes that epigenetics trumps genetics and is primarily within our control and direction based on conscious choices. He feels our actions and beliefs determine the vast majority of the expression of our genes. He would encourage you to always be having more directing thoughts for making better choices and decisions with the intention of helping you be more aware of all your external and internal influences. Doing this will help you be able to better direct your actions and reactions to manifest more of what you deserve and desire in life. He would encourage us to be mindful as we go about our day to choose and think carefully and wisely. The world is greatly influenced by every little thing you do and think either negative or positive.

Dr. Lipton believes you can turn your genes off and on by your conscious state of being and mindfulness that you embody on a consistent basis. Our conscious and unconscious thoughts are a powerful process and we can consciously choose to have our body and mind co-create, collaborate, and cooperate for better outcomes. We can direct our inner feelings, thoughts, and wisdom to direct our actions, behaviors, and habits which will then express who we believe we are and what we want to feel. Many people attest to receiving major benefits by expressing positive actions, feelings, and thoughts that result in significantly greater chances of positive results. Many times our beliefs become self-evident and manifest in a range of emotions and feelings and have powerful influences on our mental and physical well being. Many people have been able to improve their emotional, mental and physical well being by simply manifesting a healthy habits lifestyle to focus more on being happy, holistic, and hopeful and modifying their unhealthy habits to be less directing and dominant.

When we align our emotional, mental, and physical energy fields we can create and manifest more ways to optimize our health and well being. When we decide to be empowered and excited in our beliefs and expressions of our desires, feelings, and thoughts we connect to our inherent healing abilities. Dr. Lipton wants you to know that your genes do not control your life, you control it based on your choices and perception of the environment. Remember your beliefs play a major role in the expression of your energy and psychology so coach yourself to minimize your negative thoughts and maximize your positive thoughts.

Biofeedback as Energy Psychology

Biofeedback & Neurofeedback

We all know that too much stress too often is not good for our health and well being. Biofeedback is an effective self-help therapy to bring awareness and assist in behavior modification to help us be more relaxed. Using biofeedback can be an easy and effective way to learn and link behaviors and beliefs to help us modify certain health-related variables. Understanding different emotional, mental, and physical measurements can be a great way to better direct or modify aspects of our breathing, heart rate, or thought patterns to improve our happiness, health, and harmony. When we are sad, stressed, or suffering certain patterns emerge in our breathing, heart rate, and mental activity. There are many devices to assist the user in bringing awareness to the measurements and patterns associated with the unhealthy emotional state in order to create new patterns that help us shift to a healthy emotional state.

Some devices use the temperature of the fingers to bring awareness to reduced circulation and cold fingers that may be due to stress factors. Other devices measure the heart rate and breathing rate to help a person better control their breath and heart rate with slow rhythmic breaths. Meditation can be a form of biofeedback to help one calm their mind and focus on deep belly breathing and relaxation. Some devices use lights or sounds to indicate stress and help you adjust your body to see a different color or hear a different tone

Applied kinesiology is a form of energy psychology that can help one identify and test various circuits and information within our body and state of wellness. Thermography is a form of biofeedback that shows patterns and temperatures in different parts of the body to indicate healthy or unhealthy patterns. Pranayama, QiGong, Reiki, and Tai Chi can be forms of biofeedback and therapy. Music can be a simple biofeedback method that shifts our emotional state with uplifting music and songs. Many times the biofeedback device is measuring aspects of the vagus nerve activity to help people become aware of whether they are in a sympathetic (stressed) or parasympathetic (relaxed) state. See my blogs on vagus nerve support here: Tips Vagus Nerve 1 and Tips Vagus Nerve 2

There are many devices that can diagnose and scan your body for disruptions and energy blockages and then send pulsed energy back to help the body heal itself. The AO scanner and SCIO biofeedback device are just two of the many biofeedback devices that can help with biofeedback and Frequency Corrective Therapy. The AO Scanner is used for a non-invasive digital body analysis without harmful radiation and can then transmit signals back to the areas that can benefit from a little biofeedback and guidance to self-correct. The SCIO device is used for diagnostics and therapy to help the body identify issues and then send signals to help it heal itself.

There are many great biofeedback devices, practitioners, and resources to help you learn more about the many benefits and uses of biofeedback to boost your energy psychology and healthy lifestyle.

Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hours of research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and mindset. People can benefit from using the Biology of Beliefs and Biofeedback to maintain and manifest better happiness and health via their lifestyle. How will you apply these energy psychology strategies to help you in 2020 and beyond?

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