My experience and research indicate that adrenal, pancreas, and thyroid problems are big parts of the pandemic panic running rampant in developed countries currently.

Unfortunately, a complex combination of many environmental and lifestyle factors are the main contributing factors.

This is resulting in tens of millions of people suffering emotional, mental, and physical health issues and even accelerating into massive pain and suffering.

The dental problems and procedures I posted previously appear to have contributed to my adrenal and thyroid health issues and possibly for millions of others as well. It is now time to share what I have learned about the sabotage and subversion of our health and the steps we must take to rebuild, recover, and restore our adrenal, pancreas, and thyroid health.

After extensive reading, researching, and restless nights during this crazy coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, it is apparent that millions are struggling and suffering because they intuitively know they are at greater risk with a weakened immune system. Our adrenals, pancreas, and thyroid play key roles in our health and immune function. When people are pulled or pushed to that life-changing final “line in the sand” they find the desire and determination to face their fears head-on and make a decision to do something about it. Therefore now seems like a great time to identify the “Inconvenient Issues” that seem to be dragging down the global human race. Decades of learning about various health issues seem to link back to our complex adrenal, pancreas, and thyroid systems that are under abusive assault and in dire distress.  My focus is on identifying the factors of most concern and then sharing a massive action plan to take back control of our health by stopping the health hazards and starting the healthy habits to restore our happiness and health.

Pharmaceutical DrugsIdentifying the adrenal, pancreas, and thyroid problems have been difficult detective work because too many doctors, health professionals, and medical institutions have a vested interest in protecting their patents, procedures, and profits so they keep us in the dark, drugged and dumb. It now seems very apparent we have been brainwashed and misled by many people in the regulatory agencies and associations like the ADA, AMA. CDC, EPA, FDA, HHS, NIH, and USDA because their paychecks, pensions, and powers depend on us being sad, sick, and stressed.

They promote drugs, fake foods, machines, and vaccines as the only solutions to our diseases when in reality it is the toxic environment, foods, and lifestyle they endorse which is our real pandemic problem. This is a great time to share some education and information that can save you a lot of money, pain, and suffering. The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is really an emotional, mental, and physical health pandemic that is robbing us of our ability to maintain and sustain our health and well being.

Danger Signs

Healthy Vegan Food Choices“We keep hearing the same stories about social distancing, washing our hands, and wearing a mask. Where are the recommendations to boost our immune system, eat healthy whole foods, exercise, improve our sleep, maintain a healthy weight, and reduce stress?” — Michael Morningstar

It is imperative we start to educate ourselves about the importance of holistic happiness, harmony, and health for our longevity, resilience, and well being. There is so much more we can do that will help us boost our health with a chemical-free home, healthy lifestyle, and organic whole foods. Unfortunately, this is not a message you are likely to hear from the highly regulated and restricted government bureaucrats, medical profession, and wall street funded media.

This blog is dedicated to sharing some of the dirty sell-outs and secrets regarding the Bad, Big and Bullying by Agriculture, Biotech, Chemical, Cosmetics, Fake Food, Medical, Pharma, Plastics, Technology, and the government agencies they now control with their Big Bucks. This group has joined forces to dictate your options even if it harms your adrenal, pancreas, and thyroid health and robs your of your wealth. As a result of their deception, decisions, and dominant power they are causing many health problems for millions while making billions.

Danger Zones

Here are some of the most harmful health hazards that are causing massive adrenal, pancreas, and thyroid problems and each one truly rates as a pandemic all by itself. Before you can recover and restore your health you must stop the poisons and problems from harming you:

  • Antibiotics used for animals raised in CAFO factory farms and on agriculture crops are promoting antibiotic-resistant superbugs. Antibiotics mean “against life” so are they really good for you when abused and overused.
  • Body care products are frequently made with many health hazard chemicals that cause endocrine system disruptions.
  • Chemicals by the tens of thousands are polluting our air, buildings, cars, clothes, homes, land, and water and harming our endocrine glands.
  • Cosmetics contain many harmful health hazards and are basically nonregulated when it comes to safety standards. Google for more.
  • Dental and Medical agencies and policies are dictating practices, procedures, products, and protocols that are often harmful and health hazards without giving alternative, complementary and holistic practices, and protocols a fair chance. Many of these natural health practices have a very long history of helping without the dangerous and harmful side effects of “modern medicine”.
  • Drugs are adulterated synthetic chemical compounds and our body does not deal well with artificial chemicals. Read the disclaimers and warnings carefully and out loud and then do your homework on the adverse reactions and side effects statistics. Almost all drugs originally came from plants that our ancestors discovered so maybe that is a strong clue where we should be getting our medicine.
  • Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) and Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) pose a risk to all life on earth. All electronic devices have health hazards that few know about or fully understand. The electronics manufacturers claim they are safe but their disclaimers warn of dangers.
  • Fake, Fast, and Frankenfoods are making us sad, sick, and stressed. Some would even say stupid. This is a lifestyle choice but the advertising and ingredients are deceptive and difficult to understand in order to make an educated and informed choice. Food should be fuel, maintenance, and medicine. Unfortunately, many times it is promoted as good, healthy, and natural when in reality they are poisoned, polluted, and processed products that lead to pain for you and profits for the big food conglomerates.
  • Genetically Engineered (GE) and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) are a major risk to all animal and plant species on the planet. Common sense says if God or Mother Nature created it naturally it is safe. If man-made it in a lab or factory with artificial additives, coloring, dyes, fillers, flavorings, and preservatives we should avoid it like the plague.
  • Harmful pathogens and superbugs are a major source of health problems in the US and many developed countries. Often our animal CAFO factory farmed products are contaminated with E Coli and Salmonella to name just a few of the worst. Due to many of our unhealthy practices and procedures, we are contributing to the antibiotic and chemical resistance of pathogens which results in the creation and evolution of “Super Bugs”. Some biological laboratories s are even experimenting with pathogens to create or genetically engineer super-strong varieties. There are hundreds of these Bio Labs around the world doing dangerous experiments and modifications to pathogens. They are raising our risk significantly even while claim they are reducing our risk by doing this research.
  • Health Hazards like fungicides, herbicides (Glyphosate), insecticides, and pesticides are chemical warfare poisoning people and the planet.
  • Heavy Metal toxicity from Aluminum, Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Plutonium, Strontium, and Tin are wreaking havoc on our endocrine and immune system.
  • Mold is a major problem due to cheap construction materials and methods. Some experts estimate that 80% of buildings in the US have mold problems that can be toxic to our adrenals, pancreas, and thyroid.
  • Petroleum products and plastics are polluting our air, land, and waters. They are even showing up in animals and humans. Dolphins, fish, turtles, and whales are dying from ingesting plastic. Plastic microbeads are a major ecological disaster and pandemic of pollution.
  • Prescription drugs are being prescribed like candy and many are harmful health hazards with long lists of adverse reactions and side effects. Prescription and OTC drugs are polluting our waters and this contaminated water is being consumed by all of us.
  • Radiation from many harmful sources is creating massive damage, dangers, and death risks affecting our human survival. Nuclear medicine, nuclear power, and radioactive waste are serious safety and security situations that are downplayed in spite of many accidents and exposures that occur.
  • Relationships are one of the most important aspects of a healthy community. Unfortunately, there seems to be a steady decline in the quality and quantity of real relationships people can depend on and thrive on. As real relationships are struggling and in trouble, while social media relationships are getting crazier we are seeing more people than ever dealing with anxiety, depression, fear. loneliness and sadness. These start a vicious cycle of emotional, mental, and physical declines which then leads to unhealthy lifestyle choices which then leads to more adrenal, pancreas, and thyroid issues. This can be referred to as a crazy eight cycle of pain and suffering.
  • Sleep quality and quantity problems is a major pandemic around the world and seem to be getting worse. Without quality sleep, our system starts to bottom out, breakdown, and eventually fail. Remember… if you do not get enough sleep now… you may be accelerating your timeline to the day when you will go to sleep… sleep forever and never ever wake up again. Is that worth your thinking time?
  • Smoking and other tobacco products seem to be a drug that acts as a slow suicide as it robs our health and wealth. Statistics show that total tobacco product usage is increasing especially when you consider the rapid rise in vaping.
  • Stress is causing us to feel sad, sick, stuck, and stupid. Stress can and does kill us even though our lifestyle choices create most of our perceived stress. When we live our of balance and harmony with our circadian rhythm and nature we will experience more sickness and stress.
  • Toxins such as Amalgams, Benzene, BPA, BPS, Fabric softeners, Fire retardants, Fragrances, PCB’s, stain-resistant chemicals, Teflon, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are health hazards and the man-made version of Kryptonite that is harming our health.
  • Violence and war are the evil twins of the Dark Side that want to dominate humans and resources for control, greed, and power. The emotional trauma from these events leaves people hurt, sad, traumatized, vulnerable, and weak. They affect families and people for many generations.
  • Vitamins and supplements are often made with artificial ingredients and cheap binders and fillers that can harm your endocrine system and health even when you are trying to protect yourself. Most big name brand vitamins are actually cheap ingredients with expensive advertising. “Caveat Emptor” means “Buyer Beware”. It is imperative you take high-quality whole food vitamins or you may be doing more harm than good.
  • Water pollution is a major danger all around the world. Not only are there many pollutants in the water but municipalities are even adding Fluoride a known toxic compound to the water. Millions of people do not have enough clean and safe water to drink yet we continue to allow companies and municipalities to poison one of our most precious resources.

What do all these issues have in common? They are all known to destroy, disrupt, and distress our normal adrenal, pancreas, and thyroid functions.

Danger Warnings – People Poisoned for Potential Profits

Profits Over People's HealthUnfortunately, the bad news is that most companies and government agencies seem to care more about patents, profits, and protecting their future cash flow, pension, and potential profits than they do patients and people that are suffering from adrenal, pancreas, and thyroid issues. Digging deep you find that they have been setting policies and procedures that are detrimental to our health and wealth. While many caring people and whistleblowers are trying to speak up many of them are being censored, persecuted, and silenced. The laws and rules have been bought with big bucks from pirates, power brokers, and public corporations interested in their own agenda of more profits and power.

I could write in greater detail about the dark side of the entities that are contributing to our adrenals, pancreas, and thyroid problems but my passion and purpose are to focus more on solutions that empower people and expand our consciousness with positive energy and light.

This information may be a bit hard to believe let alone process in a short period of time because there are so much disinformation and misinformation that is keeping us confused and in the dark.  However, it is imperative that all adults, children, and especially parents find education and information before they make major mistakes with their health and cause pain and suffering for the rest of their life.

Passion and Purpose

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense many hours of research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration for a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Remember, it is up to each of us to learn about the health hazards that threaten our adrenals, pancreas, and thyroid systems and make better choices and decisions each and every day in order to be want to be happy, healthy, and holistic. You are the CEO of your life and only you can determine the path and destiny of your life so it is time to start choosing wisely about the health hazards and your healthy habits.

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