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31 08, 2017

Stabilized Compressed Earth Block Construction

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How great would it feel to build a beautiful and eco friendly Stabilized Compressed Earth Block construction dream home while saving a fortune on building, financing and living expenses? Imagine building a virtually mortgage free home and putting the dollars you saved building your eco dwelling into a retirement account for your future financial freedom. [...]

24 08, 2017

Single Pain to Double Pane Conservation Construction?

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After living in our house for 27 years we decided to update and upgrade our original single pain to double pane conservation construction. Yes they had become an eye sore and pain. While it would be nice to put those dollars into a Roth retirement savings account we decided to invest in improving the aesthetics [...]

17 08, 2017

Can US Convert to Conservation Construction?

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After paying off a 30 year mortgage it would be nice to save those payment dollars for retirement security and enjoy living in a mortgage free home. While it sounds like a pleasant dream many homes end up being nightmares. After owning our current home for 27 years it seems it was not as great [...]

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