After living in our house for 27 years we decided to update and upgrade our original single pain to double pane conservation construction. Yes they had become an eye sore and pain. While it would be nice to put those dollars into a Roth retirement savings account we decided to invest in improving the aesthetics and energy efficiency of our home instead. Since buying our home in 1990 we became more frustrated with window issues and the restricted view due to the aging solar film and divided pane look. We were also concerned about the inefficient single pane windows that allow the outside air and weather to greatly influence our inside air condition and temperature. In the summer it was too hot and in the winter moisture condensation would run off the windows and make a mess. The windows had become another disappointing feature about our home. New windows would be: a better investment, more enjoyable, more energy efficient and more appealing to a future buyer. Therefore we decided to replace over half of the original inefficient single pain to double pane windows.

Window & PlantEven our children have double pane windows in their homes that are energy efficient and look great. When we see newer homes with the eco friendly and green building innovations we quickly realize how outdated our home had become. Newer homes in newer neighborhoods have added updated and upgraded appliances, attics, central AC & heating, designs, features, lighting and windows so it made our decision easier in order to maximize the efficiency and modernize the visual appeal of our home.

As I learn information about eco construction and green building strategies for planning our Belize Eco Village project it became easier to embrace ideas and innovations to implement for our house. The global economy, energy issues and environmental concerns are helping more people look for better building options. Unfortunately many people lack the information, incentive and insight to implement better building materials and standards. Our home is our sanctuary and affects our happiness, harmony and health. We decided it was a wise investment to update and upgrade our windows now to make the house more energy efficient and enjoy extra energy savings.

As we began looking for new windows we focused on durability, efficiency, longevity, price, reputation, quality and warranty. A key concern was finding a contractor using high quality windows and skilled installers. We had heard stories about contractors that delivered lower quality results. Many companies advertise and promote nice looking brochures but how well they perform is an important consideration. As a result of our investigation, interviews and research we chose Conservation Construction of Texas for our energy efficient environmentally friendly window makeover.

People are spending a lot to replace their single pain to double pane windows without doing the due diligence on the quality of the manufacturer, materials and methods used. This can lead to major emotional, financial, health and stress issues over the wrong choice. This information is intended to help educate, inspire and motivate people to make better choices for creating a more eco friendly and greener home with efficient double pane windows. The challenge is to place more focus and importance on the manufacturer to built a better product with a warranty to back it up.  When people make health and home a top priority they will help stop wasting energy and money. This post will share simple suggestions to update and upgrade your windows for an even more happy and healthy home.

Buyers Beware

Replacement window ads and marketing are likely to over promise and under deliver. Too many contractors get people to focus on fancy and frill features when it would be better to focus on financial and functional facets first. As a result too many people are wasting their money on lower quality and higher cost windows. Spending your money on cheaper yet poor quality windows will impact your finances and future enjoyment. Here are some of the main factors to consider when making a decision to update and upgrade windows:

Window FrameA lack of quality controls combined with outdated building methods and standards result in windows that can be problematic. Cutting corners on the windows can cause excessive energy bills for cooling and heating a home. Lower quality materials deteriorate faster and require more maintenance, repair and replacement. Cheap and low quality caulk and paint can cause problems around the window.

Check your Covenants and Deed Restrictions. Our First Colony Community restrictions require a divided light (colonial pane) look in the front which is more expensive. It costs more to replace the original single pane to double pane windows because of a required pane look in front. These panes are a financial pain for me and causing many people to hesitate replacing them even though they will look better and offer long term energy savings.

Buyers who realize there is a direct correlation between a well built healthy home and the long term health of the residents will make the right choice. Lesser quality materials and workmanship can lead to financial consequences and frustrations. Remember a home is a castle and calls for a quality contractor to provide better design, efficiency, materials, safety, sustainability and workmanship. We must invest the energy, money and time to find quality window installation and manufacturing. References and research will help you determine the best window contractor and manufacturer. It will be great to use the same window manufacturer for our Belize Eco Village homes if possible.

Buy Better

This is a summary of the benefits and highlights for choosing Amerimax Windows & Doors and Conservation Construction for our energy efficient windows and installation.

1) 1/8 ” panes of glass on both sides. Windows have a safety lock feature when open and unique opening feature for easy cleaning.
2) Argon & Krypton gas is used between panes of glass instead of air to increase insulation and energy efficiency. Argon is cheaper but Krypton is a better insulator because of its higher density​.
3) Glass coated with triple microscopic layers of silver using dielectic layers​.
4) Virgin vinyl provides a higher quality frame and prevents breakdown at higher temps. They are also easier to unlock and open than the aluminum frames we had encouraging people of open them for fresh air.
5) Mineral reflectant on the frame is  Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) and very durable.
6) Foam filled frames offer higher insulation value.
7) Steel reinforced frames are stronger.
8) NEAT coatings help to keep the glass clean.
Den Window9) Maximize UV protection: The coated and tinted double pane windows block 95 % of UV light which reduces outside temperature transfer.
10) Reduces sound transmission and outside noise levels in the house.
11) Enhances the aesthetics and beauty of the home.
12) Investing to update and upgrade the home improves future resale values while reducing energy costs now.
13) Lifetime warranties on windows including 20 years of labor is transferable to the next home owner.
14) Accidental glass and screen breakage warranties that include labor and service fees.
15) Superior condensation resistance helps to prevent water condensation which can lead to mildew and mold.
16) Screens are treated with Microban to prevent mildew and mold.
17) Doubles Energy Star Ratings help reduce energy consumption all year which is a large portion of the cost for maintaining a home.
18) Exceeds Harris County (Houston) heat coefficient values.
19) The craftsmanship and professional installers were amazing to work with.
20) The representative was helpful explaining the choices, handling the HOA filings and inspecting the completed work. Thanks Jeffry.
This blog offers a summary of my suggestions and thoughts to benefit people choosing energy efficient environmentally friendly windows. As you do your homework to determine the best choice for going from single pain to double pane windows at the best price remember it is important to pick a great contractor you can trust. A home is one of the biggest cost of living expenditures and financial drains and requires a strategic investment of energy, money and time. We must focus on finding the best products and services to create affordable, eco friendly and sustainable housing.

Healthy Habits & Habitats

In 2017 Morningstar NEWS will focus 50% on Healthy Habits and 50% on Healthy Habitats and Sustainable Systems. As we educate people on building better habitats we are researching and role modeling proven principles. Our Belize Eco Village vision is to attract a wide variety of conscious and passionate people to help design, build and live in our earth friendly, healthy homes and sustainable community. Being healthy as we invest, live, retire, travel, visit and work results from a happy, healthy and heavenly lifestyle. We invite your ideas, insights and inspiration to help us focus on more planning, planting and progress.  Our posts share solutions, strategies, suggestions and systems for better construction.

Where is Your Gap?

What actions, behaviors, beliefs and decisions regarding your habits and habitats are harming your happiness and health? What will it take to better provide your family with a healthy home?  The energy, money and time you invest to learn more about conservation construction is a wise choice.

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

It is well documented that our daily habits and habitats greatly impact our happiness and health. What are you willing to do differently to protect your self with better housing? A healthy code of conduct and mastery action plan will help enhance ones quality of life. Happiness and health depends on choices, so are you ready to update and upgrade old habits and habitats? What does your earth friendly healthy home look like and what must happen for you to manifest it? Learn more about the benefits of LEED conservation construction.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding healthy habits and habitats? Are you ready to learn more and join our terrific team?

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