How great would it feel to build a beautiful and eco friendly Stabilized Compressed Earth Block construction dream home while saving a fortune on building, financing and living expenses? Imagine building a virtually mortgage free home and putting the dollars you saved building your eco dwelling into a retirement account for your future financial freedom. You can own this dream home by building a Stabilized Compressed Earth Block (SCEB) home. You might be asking what is a SCEB house and how will it help me be financially free so read on to learn more. Most houses people buy in a city or town are not as great an investment as they hope for. They can become a big money pit draining dollars for construction, mortgage, maintenance, repairs, taxes and utilities. There is a better way to live the Dream Life with stabilized compressed earth block construction.

Many builders cut corners with low cost labor and builder grade materials that will cause the owners issues in the near future. People invest big bucks to buy a house and then invest a fortune to cover the operational costs. If our building codes and standards focused on long term conservation construction, energy efficiency and quantum quality we would all be living in a healthy home with a better lifestyle.

House in ConstructionMost new homes start out with design flaws and lack of eco friendly and green building innovations. Architects are designing fancy floor plans which will result in energy, maintenance and repair issues in the near future. They focus on what looks good instead of what is good long term. Conservation construction and green building comes from implementing the ideas, information and innovations for designing a healthy home that will last for over 100 years and require minimal maintenance and upkeep. The global economy, energy issues and environmental concerns are forcing us to think differently for better building options. Unfortunately many people in the US lack the information, incentive and insight to demand better building materials and higher quality standards. A house is usually the largest single investment most people ever make and when built right, provide the perfect place for happiness, health and harmony for generations to come.

When you decide to build for durability, efficiency, longevity and quality a SCEB construction home is a smart choice. With conservation construction, proper planning and quality questions a home should be built to last over a hundred years and be there for future generations. This means we must avoid building with harmful chemicals and toxins and filling it with furnishings that contain more harmful chemicals and toxins which can affected us by off gassing toxins for decades. Eco friendly homes would help stop the rise in health challenges, immune issues, inflammation and sickness resulting from to the harmful and toxic compounds in most homes.

In my opinion the vast majority of apartments, condos, houses, modular homes, prefabs, town homes and trailer homes are built to look nice but will not last long enough to justify the high mortgage payments and price tag. People are spending a fortune on a place to live that is a chemical health hazard and quickly become a money pit due to maintenance, payments, repairs and renovations.   This is leading to major emotional, financial, health, stress and wellness issues. The challenge is to place more focus and importance on building healthy homes with affordability, durability, eco friendly. efficiency and sustainable standards. The solution is to build smaller homes and use compressed earth block construction. This information is intended to help educate, inspire and motivate people in the US and everywhere to make living in a eco friendly green and healthy home an integral part of their identity and lifestyle.

Bricks & Sticks Buyer Beware

Compressed Earth Block

A compressed earth block by Dwell Earth.

Big houses with big price tags result in big mortgages and big bills to maintain. Too many people fantasize about a big fancy house and then enslave themselves to pay for it and take care of it. Too many people are wasting their money on low quality and high cost homes which turn out to be hazardous to their health. Most people spend the majority of what they earn for their home, maintenance and mortgage payments. Most homes start falling apart long before it is paid off and turns out to be a poor investment long term. The financial drain robs people of their financial freedom and future retirement. I wrote previously about the financial and health hazards in US housing here.

A lack of quality materials combined with outdated building methods and standards results in homes today that are not built or designed to last 100+ years so they will cost the owner a fortune in excess energy, maintenance and repairs.

As mentioned in previous blog posts most people are brainwashed and hypnotized into believing the ads and marketing hype promoting new, rental and used home choices. We must invest the energy, money and time to  educate our selves and demand better conservation construction and design standards. The last two years of research and travel for better fitness, health, nutrition and wellness practices has helped me gain great ideas, insights and inspiration  for developing and designing SCEB homes for our Belize Eco Village.

Stabilized Compressed Earth Block Construction is Better

As people invest in conservation construction and sustainable standards for happy, holistic and healthy homes and lifestyle the global economy will improve. By avoiding unhealthy habits and habitats people will improve the health of their country and themselves.

A lack of awareness about conservation construction and sustainable communities prevents countries and people from creating a more eco friendly, prosperous and sustainable economy. As more people understand the benefits of building and living in Compressed Earth Block (CEB) healthy homes they will discover how most conventional homes hurt their finances, health and lifestyle.

Compressed Earth Blocks

The making of compressed earth blocks by Dwell Earth.

There are proven principles for building better buildings and a big need in the US for education on eco friendly, efficient, green and sustainable housing. The best way to get educated and excited about SCEB construction is to learn directly from the experts. Check out this video by James Hallock who has over 20 years experience building with SCEB construction. Then visit my friends Adam and Bob De Jong at the Dwell Earth website for networking and training with proven experts in building with SCEB construction.

This blog offers simple strategies to help people convert to conservation construction and provide quality housing around the globe. We must set the intention to use conservation construction to provide healthy homes and sustainable shelters for all. As we do our homework to determine the long term financial cost to people and the planet we quickly learn it is essential we embrace  conservation construction to build and design houses. Housing is one of our biggest cost of living expenditures and financial drains and requires a massive investment of energy, money and time to maintain. Creating affordable, energy efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable healthy homes will benefit all people and help stop pollution, poverty and wars.

Healthy Habits & Habitats

In 2017 Morningstar NEWS will focus 50% on Healthy Habits and 50% on Healthy Habitats and Sustainable Systems. As we research and role model proven principles for our future Belize Eco Village and wellness center we want to share the wisdom. Our vision is attracting a wide variety of conscious and passionate people to help design, build and live in our eco friendly, healthy and sustainable community. Being healthy as we invest, live, retire, travel, visit and work results from a happy, healthy and heavenly lifestyle. We invite ideas, insights and inspiration to help us focus on planning and progress. Sharing solutions, strategies, suggestions and systems will help all or us design and develop better eco communities.

Where is Your Gap?

What actions, behaviors, beliefs and decisions regarding your habits and habitats are harming your happiness and health? What will it take to better protect your family and self from the health hazards of unhealthy homes that cost a fortune? Does building a SCEB healthy home interest you to invest in conservation construction? Your investment of energy, money and time will help you join the Transition Towns movement for environmentally friendly and sustainable living.

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

Our daily habits and habitats impact our happiness and health. There is a wealth of wisdom showing the benefits of building with SCEB as a healthy habitat and wise choice. What are you willing to do differently to protect your family with better housing choices? Creating a healthy habitat code of conduct and mastery action plan will enhance the quality of life now and in the future. We cannot sustain our happiness and health without healthy changes and choices. Are you ready to update and upgrade your old habitat to build the dream healthy home you deserve and desire? Learn more about the benefits of Stabilized Compressed Earth Block construction to enhance your quality of life.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding healthy habits and habitats? Are you ready to learn more and join our terrific team?

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