12 06, 2020

Energy Psychology A-Z, Applied Kinesiology and Aromatherapy

By |2020-09-15T17:16:15-05:00June 12th, 2020|Healthy Lifestyle|0 Comments

How well do you understand Energy Psychology and the many benefits it offers for enhancing your happiness, harmony, and health? One of my main fascinations over the last few decades and now a passion focus for my blog is the benefits of various forms of Energy Psychology. Applied Kinesiology and Aromatherapy are two more examples [...]

22 10, 2015

Amazing Acupressure – The Gate to Heaven  

By |2015-11-30T10:24:31-06:00October 22nd, 2015|Improving Health|0 Comments

The 2015 Great NEWS posts share Healthy Habits to enhance our emotional, mental and physical health. Today’s post on Amazing Acupressure - The Gate to Heaven will offer some simple ideas for improving our overall health while reducing anxiety, fatigue and stress. Acupressure has been known for centuries to be a very powerful therapy and treatment [...]

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